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\¼À kn.]n. (2) 33196/2004              klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ B^okv,
                                          Xncph\´]pcw, XobXn 10.08.2004
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ
FÃm tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀamÀ¡pw
hnjbw : {]mYanI ImÀjnI ImÀjntIXc hmbv]m klIcW _m¦pIfn \n¶pw Poh\¡mÀ¡p \ÂIn hê¶ HmhÀ{Um^väv ]cn[n hÀ²n¸n¡p¶Xp kw_Ôn¨v
kqN\ : 1. cPnkv{SmdpsS 9.12.1996 se kn.]n. (2) 28462/96 \¼À I¯v
2. cPnkv{SmdpsS 24.10.86 se kn.]n. (4) 33383/86 \¼À I¯v
3. 21.7.04 Â _lp. klIcW hIp¸p a{´n hnfn¨p Iq«nb {]mYanI klIcW kwLw Poh\¡mcpsS tbmK Xocpam\w
klIcW kwLw Poh\¡mÀ¡v kqN\ 1 {]Imcw A\phZn¨p \ÂInbn«p­mbncp¶ HmhÀ{Um^väv ]cn[n 25,000/ cp] C¶s¯ kmlNcy¯n hfsc A]cym]vXamsW¶v I­Xn\mepw BbXnsâ ]cn[n DbÀ¯Wsa¶v {]mYanI hmbv]m klIcW kwLw Poh\¡mcpsS kwLS\m {]Xn\n[nIfpsS Bhiyw ]cnKWn¨v _lp. klIcW hIp¸p a{´n 21.7.04  hnfn¨p Iq«nb {]mYanI klIcW kwLw Poh\¡mcpsS kwLS\m {]Xn\n[nIfpsS tbmK¯n Poh\¡mcpsS HmhÀ{Um^väv ]cn[n 50,000 cq]bmbn hÀ²n¸n¡phm³ kqN\ 3 {]Imcw Xocpam\n¡pIbp­mbn. {]kvXpX Xocpam\¯nsâ ASnØm\¯n cPnkv{SmdpsS 24.10.96 se kn.]n. (4) 33383/86 \¼À I¯nse hyhØIÄ¡p hnt[bambn {]mYanI ImÀjnI / ImÀjntIXc hmbv]m klIcW _m¦pIÄ tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmdpsS AwKoImc¯n\mbn X¿mdm¡n kaÀ¸n¡p¶ D]\n_Ô\Ifn HmhÀ{Um^vänsâ ]camh[n XpI 50,000/- cq]bmbn \nÝbn¨p \ÂImhp¶XmsW¶v Adnbn¡p¶p. C{]Imcw D]\n_Ô\IÄ¡p AwKoImcw \ÂIpt¼mÄ HmhÀ{Um^vänsâ ]eni \nc¡v Ønc\nt£]§Ä¡p kwLw kzoIcn¡p¶ IqSnb ]eni \nc¡n \n¶pw c­p iXam\w Ipd¨p \ÂIp¶ Imcyhpw ]cnKWnt¡­XmWv.
Xm¦fpsS hnizkvX³
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ¡p th­n
(institutional development Department)
NABARD                   Two Decades of committed service to Rural Prosperity
No. NB L IDD. COOP. (ST) Pol./282/V-20/2004-05                                   01 July 2004
Circular No. 175/IDD 26/2004-05
The Managing Director / General Manager SCBs/ DCCBs. 

Dear Sir,
Charging or depreciation on computers -
Method and Rate there of
As you are aware Cooperative Banks have considerably increased their investiment in computers during the last few years, on account of adoption of modern technology in variuos areas of banking operations to meet customer needs and to improve the information flow.  In this context it is observed that there is no uniform practice among cooperative Banks in the method adopted for charging depreciation in respect of computers as well as rate of depreciation, applied.  In view of the rapid devil payments in technology, it is likely that the installed computers and related hardware may become outdated/obstacle within a short period, needing replacement/ upgradation. 
2.  Taking into account the facts mentioned above, it has been deciede that all State Cooperative Banks and DCCBs should, hence forth, charge depreciation on computers own as straight - line method at the rate of 33.33 percent per onium.  This would enable the banks to replace the outdated/absolute computers and related hardware within a period of three years. 
3.  Please acknowledge receipt of this circular to our Regional Office concerned. 
Yours faithfully
K. Premaraj
General Manager
\¼À : C.-_n. (4) 5695/04                 kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^ok,v
                                          Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw, XobXn 12þ2þ2004
kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 5/2004
hnjbw : kl-I-c-W-h-Ip¸v þ kl-I-cW kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^o-kn \n¶pw ]pd-s]-]-Sp-hn-¡p¶ kÀ¡p-e-dp-IÄ þ ]IÀ¸v kvs]jy Kh¬saâv ¹oUÀ¡v \ÂIp¶Xv þ \nÀt±iw ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶Xv kw_-Ôn-¨v.
kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^o-kn \n¶pw ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p¶ FÃm kÀ¡p-e-dp-I-fp-sSbpw Hcp ]IÀ¸v Fd-Wm-Ipfw AUz-t¡äv P\-d B^o-knse kl-I-c-W-hp-am-bn _Ô-s¸« kvs]jy Kh¬saâv ¹oUÀ¡v Ab¨p sImSp-t¡-­-Xm-Wv.
sI. tIi-h³
kl-I-cW kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ C³NmÀÖv

\¼À : Fw.-]n. (4) 40052/2003             kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^o-kv,
                                          Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw, XobXn 20-þ02-þ2004
kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 06/2004
hnjbw : kl-I-cW hIp¸v tIcfm tÌäv Câ-t{K-äUv amÀ¡-änMv Bâv t{]mk-knwKv  kl-I-cW kwLw (Inw-]vtIm) ¢n]vXw \¼À 4445 aäv kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä¡v Hmlcn FSp-¡p-¶-Xn\v A\p-hmZw \ÂIp-¶Xp kw_-Ôn-¨v
kqN\ : 1. Inw]vtIm `c-W-k-an-Xn-bpsS 22-þ12þ2003se 6þmw \¼À Xocp-am-\w.
2. I®qÀ PnÃm P\-d hn`mKw kl-I-cW kwLw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS 04-þ02-þ2004 se 27/04/F¨v.-Fw. \¼À I¯v
tIcfm tÌäv CâÀt{K-äUv amÀ¡-änMv Bâv t{]mk-knMv kl-I-cW kwLw ¢n]vXw \¼À 4445 (Inw-]vtIm) kqN\ H¶nse `c-W-k-anXn Xocp-am-\-{]-Imcw kl-I-cW kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS `cW \nb-{´-W-¯n-epÅ FÃm kl-I-cW kwL-§Ä¡pw Inw]vtIm-bpsS Hmlcn FSp-¡p-¶-Xn\v A\p-hmZw \ÂIp-hm³ A`yÀ°n¨v \ÂInb At]£ I®qÀ PnÃm P\-d hn`mKw kl-I-cW kwLw  tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ kqN\ c­nse I¯v {]Imcw Ab¨p X¶n-«p-­v.  Inw]vtIm-bpsS \nb-am-hen hIp¸v {i (2) {]Imcw kwØm\ PnÃm {]mY-anI Xe-¯n-epÅ aäv kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä¡v Inw]vtIm-bpsS _n ¢mÊv Hmlcn FSp-¡p-¶-Xn\v hyhØ sNbvXn-«p-­v.
Cu kml-N-cy-¯n kwØm\ kl-I-cW kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS `cW \nb-{´-W-¯n-epÅ FÃm kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä¡pw Bh-iy-sa-¦nÂ, AXmXv kwL-§-fpsS \nb-am-hen, `c-W-k-anXn Xocp-am\w F¶n-hbv¡p hnt[-b-ambn tIcfm tÌäv Cât{KäUv amÀ¡-änwKv Bâv t{]mk-knMv kl-I-cW kwLw ¢n]vXw \¼À 4445 (Inw-]vtIm) sâ Hmlcn FSp-¡p-¶-Xn\v CXn-\m A\p-hmZw \ÂIp-¶p.
sI. tIi-h³
kl-I-cW-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ C³NmÀÖv

\¼À Fkv. än.-F. (1) 19512/2004          kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^okv,
                                          Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw, XobXn 31-þ05-þ2004
kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 20/04
hnjbw : kl-I-cW hIp¸v þ tIc-f-¯nse kl-I-cW hIp-¸nsâ IognepÅ kl-I-cW kwL-§-fnse 2003 þ 2004 hÀjs¯ hmÀjnI ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IfpsS tiJcWw þ kw_Ôn¨v
2003 þ 2004 hÀjs¯ hmÀjnI ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ tiJ-cn¨v X¿m-dm¡n Ab-bv¡p-¶-Xnte¡v Bh-iy-amb \nÀt±i§Ä NphsS tNÀ¡p-¶p.
(1). 2003-þ2004 hÀjs¯ ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-I-fn 2003 G{]n amkw 1þmw XobXn apX amÀ¨v amkw 31-þmw XobXn hsc-bpÅ Ime-b-f-hnse hnh-c-§Ä BWv DÄs¸Sp-t¯-­-Xv.
(2). kwØm-\ kl-I-cW _m¦v, Pnà kl-I-cW _m¦p-IÄ, aäv A¸Ivkv kwL-§Ä F¶n-h-bpsS ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ Cu B^o-kn \n¶pw t\cn«v tiJ-cn-¡p-¶-Xm-Wv.
(3). kl-I-cW hIp-¸nsâ Iogn \ne-hn-epÅ kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma hnI-k\ _m¦v DĸsS asäÃm Øm]-\-§fp-tSbpw ({]-hÀ¯n-¡p-¶Xpw AÃm-¯-Xpw) ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ kÀ¡nÄ Xe-¯n Xs¶ tiJ-cn-t¡-­XmWv.
(4). ap³ hÀj-§-fn D]-tbm-Kn¨ AtX ]mT-§Ä Xs¶-bmWv 2003-þ2004 hÀj-t¯¡pw D]-tbm-Kn-t¡-­-Xv.ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ tiJcn¡p¶Xnte¡v Bh-iy-amb ^md-§Ä _Ô-s¸« kl-I-c-W-kwLw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\dÂ) amÀ Cu B^o-kn \n¶pw tiJ-cn¨v _Ô-s¸« kl-I-c-W-kwLw Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P-\-dÂ) amÀ¡p Ime-Xm-akw hcp-¯msX hnX-cWw sNt¿-­-Xm-Wv.
(5).  kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§-fpsS hmÀjnI ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ klIcW -kwLw Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P-\-dÂ) Npa-X-e-s¸-Sp-¯p¶ bq-Wnäv C³kvs]-IvSÀamÀ tiJ-cn-t¡-­-Xm-Wv.
(6). kl-I-cW kwL-§-fn \n¶pw ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ tiJ-cn-¡p¶ tPmen-bpsSbpw Npa-Xe _Ô-s¸« kl-I-c-W-kwLw Akn-Ìâv  cPn-kv{SmÀ (P-\-dÂ) bqWnäv C³kvs]-IvSÀamÀ¡p hoXn¨p \ÂtI-­Xpw C{]-Imcw hoXn-¡p-t¼mÄ Hmtcm DtZym-K-Ø\pw \nÝnX Xob-Xn-¡p-Ån Xs¶ hnh-c-§Ä tiJ-cn-¡p-hm³ Ign-bp-¶{X kwL-§Ä am{Xta \ÂIn-bn-«pÅq F¶v Dd¸p hcp-t¯-­-Xp-am-Wv.  Hmtcm DtZym-K-Ø\pw \ÂIn-bn-«pÅ kwL-§-fpsS t]cp hnhcw kqNn-¸n-¡p¶ \S-]Sn D¯-c-hnsâ ]IÀ¸v _Ôs¸« kl-I-c-W-kwLw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P-\-dÂ) amÀ¡pw, Cu B^o-kn-te¡pw 15-þ07-þ2004 \Iw FÃm kl-I-c-W-kwLw Akn-kn-äâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P-\-dÂ) amcpw Ab-¨p-sIm-Sp-t¡-­-Xm-Wv.
(7).  tiJ-cn-¡-s¸« hnh-c-§Ä Xmeq¡v Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ Xe-¯n Xs¶ t{ImUo-I-cWw \S¯nb tijw am{Xta kl-I-c-W-kw-Lw  cPn-kv{SmÀ Hm^o-kn-te¡p Ab-¡p-hm³ ]mSp-Åq. t{ImUo-I-c-W-¯n\v ap¼mbn  2003-þ2004 hÀjs¯ \¼À tÌävsaân DÅ FÃm kl-I-cW kwL-§-fp-sSbpw hnh-c-§Ä DÄs¸-Sp-¯n-bn-«p-s­¶pw FÃm tImf-§fpw ]qcn-¸n-¨n-«p-s­¶pw Ah icn-bmb coXn-bn Xs¶-bm-sW¶pw Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P-\-dÂ) amÀ Dd¸p hcp-t¯-­-Xm-Wv.
(8). Hmtcm kl-I-cW kwL-¯nsâbpw AwK-kw-Jy-bn ]«n-I-Pm-Xn, ]«n-I-hÀ¤w, h\nX F¶nh Xcw Xncn¨p \ÂtI-­-Xm-Wv.  FÃm tS_n-fp-Ifpw (Hmtcm C\w kl-I-cW kwL-¯n-sâbpw) kÀ¡nÄ Xe-¯n t{ImVo-I-cn¨v hnh-c-§Ä (B-sI) Fgp-Xp-hm³ {]tXyIw {i²n-t¡-­-Xm-Wv.
(9).  tS_nÄ 15 X¿m-dm-¡p-t¼mÄ {lkz-Ime (tjmÀ«v tSw) a[y-Ime (ao-Unbw tSw) ZoÀL-Ime (tem§v tSw) F¶n-h-bpsS hnh-c-§Ä {]tXyIw (aq¶p hn`m-Kw) tS_n-fp-I-fn X¿m-dm¡n Ab-t¡-­-Xm-Wv.
(10). 26, 28, 29, 34, 40 F¶o tS_n-fp-I-fn ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ X¿m-dm¡n Ab-¡p-t¼mÄ Hmtcm C\w kwL-§-fp-sSbpw hnh-c-§Ä {]tXyIw X¿m-dm-¡n-bn-«p-s­¶v Dd¸p hcp-t¯-­-Xm-Wv.
(11).  dnt¸mÀ«v sN¿p¶ IW-¡p-I-fpsS IrXyX Dd-¸p-h-cp-t¯-­-Xm-Wv.  ap³ hÀjs¯ dnt¸mÀ«p-ambn H¯p t\m¡p-t¼mÄ Akm-[m-cW hyXymkw {i²-bnÂs¸-«m AXn-\pÅ ImcWw ASn-¡p-dn-¸mbn \ÂtI-­-Xm-Wv.
(12).  hyà-X-bpÅ tÌävsaâp-IÄ am{Xta cPn-kv{SmÀ¡v Ab-¡p-hm³ ]mSp-Åq.  hmÀjnI ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ X¿m-dm-¡p-t¼mÄ XpI Bbn-c-¯n\v (1000) icn-bm¡n Ab-¡p-hm³ {]tXyIw {i²n-t¡-­-Xm-Wv.  bqWndvdv FÃm tS_n-fp-I-fnepw hyà-ambn Fgp-Xn-bn-cn-¡-Ww.
(13).  tS_nÄ 43 þ te¡pÅ  hnh-c-§Ä _Ô-s¸« kl-I-c-W-kwLw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (B-Un-äv) X¿m-dm¡n Ab-¨p-X-tc-­-Xm-Wv.
(14).  hmbv]m kwL-§-fpsS hmÀjnI ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ (tS_nÄ/10 apX 17 hsc) X¿m-dm-¡p-t¼mÄ {]mY-anI ImÀjnI hmbv]m kwL-§Ä, ^mÀtagvkv kl-I-cW kwL-§Ä, ]«n-I-PmXn kl-I-cW kwL-§Ä, ]«nI hÀ¤ kl-I-cW kwL-§Ä F¶n-h-bpsS hnh-c-§Ä {]tXyIw Xs¶ X¿m-dm-t¡-­-Xm-Wv.
(15).  kvIqÄ kl-I-cW kwL-§-fpsS hmÀjnI ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ kÀ¡nÄ BsI-bp-Å-Xnsâ 10% kwL-§fn \n¶p am{Xta tiJ-cn-t¡-­-Xp-Åq.  hnh-c-§Ä tiJ-cn-t¡­ kvIqÄ kl-I-cW kwL-§-fpsS ]«nI Cu B^oknÂ\n¶pw Ab¨p Xtc­XmWv. F¶m kÀ¡nfnepff FÃm tImtfPp klIcW kwL-§-fpsSbpw hmÀjnI  ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ tiJ-cn¨p tS_nÄ 34 þ  Ab-¨p-X-tc-­-Xm-Wv.
(16).  tS_n-fp-I-fn DÄs¸-Sp¶ IW-¡p-I-fpsS IrXyX ]cn-tim-[n-¡p-Ibpw sN¡p enÌnse \nÀt±-i-§Ä Hmtcm Xcw kl-I-cW kwL-§-fp-sSbpw Imcy-¯n icn-bm-sW¶v Dd¸p hcp-¯p-Ibpw sNt¿-­-Xm-Wv.
(17).  Hmtcm C\w kl-I-cW kwL-§-fp-sSbpw hmÀjnI ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ X¿m-dm¡n \ÂtI­ tS_n-fp-I-fpsS Hcp ]«nI CtXmsSm¸w Abíp¶p. Cu ]«nIbn ]cmaÀin¨n«pff tS_nfpIÄ Xs¶bmWv Hmtcm C\w kwL-¯n\pw D]-tbm-Kn-¨n-«p-Å-sX¶v Dd¸p hcp-¯nb tijambn-cn-¡Ww Ah Cu B^o-kn-te¡p Ab-t¡-­-Xv.
(18).  \¼À tÌävsaân ]cm-aÀin-¨n-«pÅ FÃm kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§-fp-sSbpw hmÀjnI ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ AS-§nb FÃm tS_n-fp-Ifpw 31-þ08-þ2004 \v ap¼mbn AXmXv Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P-\-dÂ) amÀ cPn-kv{SmÀ B^o-kn F¯n-t¡-­-Xm-Wv.  ap³ hÀj-§-fn hcp-¯nb Ime-Xm-akw C\nbpw BhÀ¯n-¡m-Xn-cn-¡m³ {i²n-t¡-­-Xm-Wv.
(19).  \¼À tÌävsaâpw kwL-§-fpsS enÌpw.
Hmtcm kÀ¡n-fnepw 31-þ03-þ2004 þ \v \ne-hn-epÅ kl-I-cW kwL-§-fpsS ]qÀ®-amb t]cv, cPn-ÌÀ \¼À, X]m taÂhnemkw, cP-kn-äÀ sNbvX XobXn F¶nh DÄs¸-Sp¶ enÌv C\w Xncn¨p X¿m-dm-¡n-bXpw \nÝnX t{]mt^mÀa-bn X¿m-dm-¡nb \¼À tÌävsaâpw Cu B^o-kn F¯n-t¡-­-Xm-Wv.  kwL-§-fpsS enÌn Hmtcm C\-¯n\pw {]hÀ¯n-¡p¶ kwL-§-fp-sS hnh-c-§Ä BZyw  \ÂIn-b-Xn\p tijw AXn\p sXm«p Xmsg Xs¶  {]hÀ¯\ cln-X-amb kwL-§-fp-sSbpw, enIzn-tU-j-\n XpS-cp¶ kwL-§-fp-sSbpw ]pXn-b-Xmbn cPn-ÌÀ sNbvX kwL-§Ä Ds­-¦n AhbpsSbpw hnh-c-§-Ä \ÂtI-­-Xm-Wv.  kwL-§-fpsS \¼À tÌäpsaâpw enÌpw 20þ07þ04 \p ap¼mbn Xs¶ Cu B^okn F¯nt¡-­-Xm-Wv.
(20).  taÂ{]-ImcapÅ ka-b-]-cn-[n¡p Xs¶ ØnXn hnh-c-¡-W-¡p-IÄ \ÂIp-¶p-t­m-sb¶v _Ô-s¸« tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P-\-dÂ)-amÀ Dd¸p hcp-t¯-­-Xm-Wv.  kÀ¡p-eÀ ssI¸-änb hnhcw Adn-bn-t¡-­-Xm-Wv.
sI. tIi-h³
kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ C³NmÀÖv

Xt±-i-kz-bw-`-cW (Un.-]n) hIp¸v
\¼À 9237/Un.-]n.1/2004/Xkz-`h                              2004 sk]väw-_À 18
hnjbw : Xt±i kzbw-`-cW hIp¸v þ hntI-{µo-Ir-Xm-kq-{XWw _Ô-s¸« hIp-¸p-I-fn \n¶pw kÀ¡p-e-dp-Ifpw  D¯-c-hp-Ifpw ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶Xv kw_-Ôn¨v \nÀt±iw ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶p. 
kwØm-\¯v hntI-{µo-Ir-Xm-kq-{XWw \ne-hn h¶-tXm-Sp-IqSn hnhn[ hIp-¸p-IÄ ssIImcyw sNbvXp h¶n-cp¶ ]e ]²-Xn-Ifpw Xt±i kzbw-`-c-W-Øm]\§Ä¡p ssIamdpIbp­mbn. F¶m Sn h-Ip-¸p-I-fnse DtZym-K-Ø-·m-cpsS FÌm-»n-jvsaâpw aäp Imcy-§fpw AXmXv hIp-¸p-IÄ Xs¶-bmWv ssIImcyw sN¿p-¶-Xv.  am{X-aà Sn hIp-¸p-I-fp-ambn _Ô-s¸« s{]mP-IvSp-IÄ Bhn-jvI-cn-¡p-¶Xpw Xt±i kzbw-`-cW Øm]-\-§Ä aptJ\ BbXv \S-¸n-em-¡p-¶Xpw AXmXv hIp-¸nse DtZym-K-ØÀ Xs¶-bmWv.  Ah-cpsS ta Xt±i kzbw-`-cW hIp-¸n\v bmsXmcp \nb-{´-W-hp-an-Ã.  F¶m  sk{I-t«-dn-tb-änse _Ô-s¸« hIp-¸p-IÄ Sn hnj-b-§Ä Xt±i kzbw-`-cW hIp-¸n\v ssIamdn F¶ ImcWw ]dªv _Ô-s¸« IS-em-kp-IÄ ssI¸-äm³ hnk-½-Xn-¡p¶Xmbpw CXv Xt±-i- kz-bw-`-cW hIp-¸nsâ kpK-a-amb {]hÀ¯-\s¯ {]Xn-Iq-e-ambn _m[n-¡p-¶-Xmbpw {i²-bnÂs¸-«n-cn-¡p-¶p.
hntI-{µo-Ir-Xm-kq-{XWw iàn-s¸-Sp-¯p-¶-Xv kw_-Ôn¨v 26-þ02-þ2004 þ  No^v sk{I-«dnbpsS A²y-£-X-bn IqSnb tbmKw Cu hnjbw hni-Z-ambn ]cn-tim-[n-¡p-I-bp-­mbn.  Sn tbmK-¯nse Xocp-am-\-¯nsâ ASn-Øm-\-¯n hntI-{µo-Ir-Xm-kq-{X-W-hp-ambn _Ô-s¸« hnhn[ hIp-¸p-I-fn \n¶pw hIp-¸nsâ {]hÀ¯-\-hp-ambn _Ô-s¸« kÀ¡p-e-dp-Ifpw  D¯-c-hp-Ifpw ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶Xpw kw_-Ôn¨v Xmsg ]d-bp¶ \nÀt±iw ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶p.
Xt±-i-kz-bw-`-cW hIp¸v Hcp t\mU hIp¸v am{X-am-Wv.  hntI-{µo-Ir-Xm-kq-{X-Whpambn _Ô-s¸« FÃm hIp-¸p-IÄ¡pw AXmXv hIp-¸nsâ {]hÀ¯-\-hp-ambn _Ô-s¸« D¯-c-hp-Ifpw kÀ¡p-e-dp-Ifpw ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡m-hp-¶-Xm-Wv.  F¶m C¯-cw kÀ¡p-e-dp-Ifpw D¯-c-hp-Ifpw ]©m-b¯v cmPv/ap\n-kn-¸m-enän BIvSp-IÄ¡pw N«-§Ä¡pw A\p-kr-X-am-bn-cn-t¡-­Xpw IqSmsX tIcf kÀ¡m-cnsâ A[n-Im-c-hn-tI-{µo-I-cW \b-¯n\v A\p-tbm-Py-am-bn-cn-t¡-­-Xp-am-Wv.
{][m\ Imcy-§Ä BsW-¦n _Ô-s¸« hIp-¸p-IÄ Xt±i kzbw-`-cW hIp¸v ^b I­-Xn\p tijw D¯-chv Cd-t¡-­-Xm-Wv.
C{]-Imcw ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p¶ kÀ¡p-e-dp-Ifpw D¯-c-hp-Ifpw FÃm-hcpw ]men-t¡-­-Xm-sW¶v \nÀt±-in-¡p-¶p.
]n. IamÂIp«n

\¼À F¨v. hn. (2) 14844/03                   kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{Smdm^n-kv,
                                              Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, XobXn 16-þ06-þ2004
kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 22/04
hnjbw : kl-I-c-W-h-Ip¸v þ kwØm-\s¯ h\nXm kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§-fnse `c-W-k-anXn AwK-§Ä¡v knänwKv ^okv {]kn-Uân\v tlmW-td-dnbw F¶nh A\p-h-Zn-¡p-¶Xv kw_-Ôn¨v D¯-chv ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶p
kqN\ : 1. Icn-sh-ÅqÀ s]cfw ]©m-b¯v h\nX kl-I-cW kwLw `c-W-k-an-Xn-bpsS 27-þ02-þ2002 1þmw \¼À Xocp-am-\w
2. P\-d hn`mKw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀam-cpsS A`n-{]m-bw
kwØm-\¯v {]hÀ¯n-¡p¶ h\nXm kl-I-cW kwL-§-fnse `c-W-k-anXn AwK-§Ä¡v knänwKv ^okv \ÂIp-¶-Xn-\pw, {]kn-Uân\v tlmW-td-dnbw \ÂIp¶-Xn\pw hyh-Ø-I-sfm¶pw \ne-hn-en-Ã.  h\nX kl-I-cW kwL-§-fpsS {]hÀ¯\w an¡ PnÃ-I-fnepw  sa¨-s¸« coXn-bn-emWv \S-¡p-¶-sX¶v tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ dnt¸mÀ«v sNbvXn-«p-­v.  kwL-§-fpsS {]hÀ¯-\-aq-e-[-\hpw hmbv] _m¡n \n¸pw, hmbvt]-Xc {]hÀ¯-\-§fpw {Iam-\p-K-X-ambn hÀ²n¨p hcp-¶p­v F¶v a\-Ên-em-¡p-¶p.  an¡ kwL-§-fnepw i¼fw ]äp¶ Poh-\-¡mÀ \ne-hn-en-Ã.  `c-W-k-an-Xn AwK-§-fmWv A{]-Im-c-apÅ kwL-§-fpsS {]hÀ¯\w \S¯n hcp-¶-Xv.  kwØm-\s¯ h\nXm kl-I-cW kwL-§-fnse `c-W-k-anXn AwK-§Ä¡v knänMv ^okv {]kn-U³U-dp-amÀ¡v tlmWtddnbw F¶nh \ÂIp¶Xn\v ]e kwL§fn \n¶v Bhiyw DbÀ¶p h¶n«p­v. ta kmlNcy¯n h\nXm klIcW kwL§fnse `cWkanXn AwK§fpsS tPmen`mcw IW¡nseSp¯pw C¯cw kwL§fpsS {]hÀ¯\w IqSpX Imcy£aam¡p¶Xn\pambn ]¯p e£¯n\pta Hmlcnaqe[\apff h\nXm klIcW kwL§fpsS {]knU­pamÀ¡v {]Xn-amkw 750 cq] \nc-¡n ss_em hyh-Ø-IÄ¡p hnt[-b-ambn tlmW-td-dn-b-hpw, `c-W-k-anXn AwK-§Ä¡v 50 cq] knänMv ^okpw \ÂIp-¶-Xn\v A\p-h-Zn¨v D¯-c-hm-Ip-¶p.
sI. tIi-h³
kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ C³NmÀÖv

\¼À C. _n. (1) 18343/2004                kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ Hm^okv,
                                           Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw, XobXn 22-þ06-þ2004
kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 23/2004
hnjbw : kl-I-c-W-h-Ip¸v þ Poh-\-¡mcyw þ PnÃm ]©m-b-¯p-IÄ¡v hn«p-sIm-Sp¯ Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ XkvXn-I-IÄ kl-I-cW hIp-¸n\v XncnsI \ÂIp-¶Xp kw_-Ôn¨v þ Fkv. kn. F.-kv. än hn`mKw kl-I-cW kwLw Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀam-cpsS tkh\w ^e-{]-Z-ambn hn\n-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶-Xn\v \nÀt±iw \ÂIn D¯-chv ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶Xp kw_-Ôn-¨v
]cm-aÀiw : 1. kÀ¡m-cnsâ 9899/F3/2002/kl. \¼-cnse 21-þ04-þ2004 se I¯v
2.  kl-I-cWkwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS 26-þ05-þ2004 se t\m«v HmÀUÀ
]cm-aÀiw (1) {]Imcw {]hÀ¯\ cln-X-amb ]«n-I-PmXn/hÀ¤-k-l-I-cW kwL--§sf ]p\ÀÖo-hn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn-\pÅ {]hÀ¯-\-§-fpsS taÂt\m«w hln-¡p-¶-Xn\pw A\y kmwkvIm-cnI t{kmX-Êp-I-fn \n¶pw e`yamImhp¶ ^­pIÄ e`y-am-¡p¶-Xn\pw Ah-bpsS ^e-{]-Z-amb hn\n-tbmKw Dd-¸m-¡p-¶-Xn\pw Sn Fkv.-kn. /Fkv. än. hn`mKw Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀamsc AXmXp PnÃn-I-fnse ]«n-I-PmXn/]«n-I-hÀ¤ kl-I-cW kwL-§-fpsS taÂt\m«w Ahsc amXrh-Ip-¸n-te¡v Xncn-¨-b-¡p-¶Xp kw_-Ôn¨ kÀ¡mÀ Xocp-am\w D­m-¡p-¶-Xp-hsc G¸n-¡p-¶-Xn\v kÀ¡mÀ \nÀt±-in-¨n-«p-­v.  Sn kml-N-cy-¯n Xmsg ]d-bp¶ \nÀt±iw ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶p.
\ne-hn PnÃm ]©m-b-¯p-I-fn tkh-\-a-\p-jvTn-¡p¶ Fkv.-kn./Fkv.än hn`mKw kl-I-cWkwLw Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ {]hÀ¯\ cln-X-amb ]«nI PmXn/]«n-I-hÀ¤ kl-I-cW kwL-§sf ]p\-cp-Öo-hn-¸n-¡p-¶Xp kw_-Ôn¨ {]hÀ¯-\-§-epsS taÂt\m«w hln-t¡-­Xpw A\y t{kmX-Êp-I-fn- \n¶pw e`y-am-¡mhp¶ ^­v e`y-am-t¡-­Xpw Ah-bpsS ^e-{]-Z-amb hn\n-tbmKw Dd-¸m-t¡-­-Xp-amWv.  Sn {]hÀ¯\w kw_-Ôn¨v kzoI-cn-¡p¶ \S-]-Sn-IÄ Sn Fkv. kn./ Fkv. än hn`mKw Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ IrXy-ambn kl-I-cW kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡v FÃm amkhpw aq¶m-as¯ {]hÀ¯n Znhkw _Ô-s¸« tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ aptJ\ dnt¸mÀ«v sNt¿-­-Xm-Wv.
Sn kl-I-cW kwLw Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{Smdn \n£n-]vX-am-bn-«pÅ Sn Npa-X-e-IÄ _Ô-s¸« P\-d hn`mKw kl-I-c-W-kwLw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ hne-bn-cp-t¯-­Xpw Sn \nÀt±iw IrXy-ambn ]men-¡p-¶-Xn\v ta t\m«w hln-t¡-­Xpw Sn \nÀt±iw  IrXy-ambn  ]men-¡p-¶p-s­¶v Dd-¸p-h-cp-t¯-­-Xp-am-Wv.  BbXv kw_-Ôn¨v Sn Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ kaÀ¸n-¡p¶ dnt¸mÀ«v _Ô-s¸«  tPmbnâv  cPn-kv{SmÀam-cpsS ip]mÀi klnXw Cu B^o-kn FÃm amkhpw A©m-as¯ {]hÀ¯n Znhkw dnt¸mÀ«v sNt¿-­-Xm-Wv.  Cu \nÀt±iw  PnÃ-bnse P\-d hn`Kmw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ ASn-b-´n-c-ambn {]m_-ey-¯n hcp-t¯-­-Xm-Wv.
sI. tIi-h³
kl-I-cW kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ C³NmÀÖv
\¼À :                                                kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{Smdm-^o-kv,
                                             Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, XobXn
kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À : 27/2004
hnjbw : Fkv.kn/Fkv.-än. s^U-td-j³ þ BbpÀ[mc ^mÀakyq«n ¡Âknsâ GP³kn FSp¡p¶Xn\p klIcW kwL§Ä¡p \nÀt±iw \ÂIp¶Xp þ kw_Ôn¨v
kqN\ : Fkv.kn/Fkv.-än. s^U-td-j³ Fw.-Un. bpsS 26-þ07-þ2004 se Pn. 672/04/7 kn. BÀ. \¼À I¯v.
tIc-f-¯nse ]«n-I-PmXn ]«nIhÀ¤ kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§-fpsS As¸Ivkv Øm]-\-amb tIcf kwØm\ ]«n-I-PmXn ]«n-I-hÀ¤ hnI-k\ kl-I-cW s^U-td-jsâ B`n-ap-Jy-¯n tI{µ-þ-kw-Øm\ kÀ¡m-cp-I-fp-sS-bpw, F³.-kn.-Un.-kn. bpsSbpw km¼-¯nI klm-b-t¯msS 2 tImSn cq] apS¡n XrÈqÀ, At©-cn-bn Øm]n-¨n-«pÅ BbpÀ[mc ^mÀa-kyq-«n-¡Âkv 250 ¸cw KpW-ta-·-bp-Å, Pn.-Fw.-]n. AwKo-Im-c-ap-Å-Xp-amb BbpÀtÆ-Z-Hu-j-[-§Ä D¸m-Zn-¸n-¡p-¶p.  FÃm kl-I-cW kwL-§Ä¡pw BbpÀ[mc GP³kn A\p-h-Zn-¡p-¶-Xn-\pÅ Hcp {]tXyI ]²Xn s^U-tdj³ Bhn-jvI-cn-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p.  Sn ]²-Xn-bnse \n_-Ô-\-Ifpw GP³kn e`n-¡p-¶-Xn-\pÅ At]-£bpsS amXr-Ibpw A\p-_-Ô-§fpw CtXm-sSm-¶n-¨v DÄs¸-Sp-¯n-bn-cn-¡p-¶p.
kwØm-\s¯ kl-I-cW kwL-§-fp-sSbpw tIcf kwØm\ ]«n-I-PmXn/]«n-I-hÀ¤ hnI-k\ s^U-td-jsâ B`n-ap-Jy-¯n \S-¯p¶ BbpÀ[mc acp-¶p-I-fpsS GP³kn FSp-¡p-¶-Xn\p CXn-\m A\p-h-Zn-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p.
kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ C³NmÀPv
No. Fin. A(2) 38300/04                Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,
                                                      Thiruvananthapuram, dated 20.9.2004
CIRCULAR No. 36/04
Sub : Co-operative Department – Government dues Arrears of loans, retirement of share capital contribution – Audit fees, cost of staff/Audit cost, Dividend and guarantee commission due from Co-operative Institutions. Intensive collection drive during the period from 1.10.04 to 31.12.04. Instructions issued
Ref : Government’s “100 days Action Programme” Decision in the meeting held by the Registrar dated 7.9.04
1.The State Government is providing substantial financial by way of loan, share capital contribution etc.; to co-operatives for implementing various development schemes. Necessary rules have also been framed for repayment of loans, retirement of share Capital Contribution and payment to penal interest for belated repayment of dues to Government. The arrears due to Government towards loans, retied pension of share (direct participation), Audit fees, and cost of staff posted under Rule 156, part 1, K.S.R. have increased considerably in the past few years due to various reasons. The negligence on the part of departmental officers in persuading the societies to remit Government dues is one of the reasons for the accumulation of heavy arrears. It has been brought to my notice that the Assistant Registrars (general) in the Taluks are not taking proper action to see that the dues are remitted by societies promptly. The Joint Registrars (General) are also not seen taking any effective steps for collection of arrears of Government dues. The Joint Registrars (General) and Assistant Registrar (General) are personally responsible for collection of above said Government dues.
2. In the conference of the section Superintendent/officers held on 7.9.2004 it was decided to launch a Special Collection Drive for the realization of all arrears due to Government from the Co-operatives. (Vide para 6 of the minutes of the conference).
3. Taking into accounts of all those facts it has been resolved to lunch a Special Collection Drive during the period from 1.10.2004 for the collection of all arrears due to Government from the Co-operatives.
4. The Joint Registrars (General) should convene the conference of Assistant Registrars (General) and Inspectors on the Circles and apprise them of the necessity and importance in the collection has reached an alarming stage. The target fixed for collection drive period is 100% of the outstanding arrears of Government dues as on 30.9.2004. On the basis of the above target Joint Registrars (General) shall fix the target for the Assistant Registrars (General) in each circle under their control and the Assistant Registrars (Planning in the office of the Joint Registrars (General) will be in-charge of collection drive. The Joint Registrars should be in overall charge of the operation in the district and he may provide the maximum possible facilities for the collection drive. Statement showing the progress achieved in Special Collection Drive should be prepared by Co-operative Societies on or before 25.1.2005 in form A to F (Specimen Copy enclosed) without fail. The details of Government loans and share and NCDC loans and share may be furnished in separate forms.
5. It has been noticed that there is lack of proper monitoring of repayment of National Co-operative Department Corporation loans/shares by the beneficiary societies to the State Government. The repayment of the loans received from National Co-operative Development Corporation and payment of its interest are being made by the State Government promptly. There it is must that National Co-operative Development cooperation loans/share are repaid by the beneficiary societies to State Government promptly without making any arrears at any time. But it is noticed with serious concern there are substantial arrears of National Co-operative Development Corporation loans/shares. This sorry state affair has to be changed forth with. In order to achieve this the Joint Registrar (General) Should ensure that all arrears of National Co-operative Development Corporation loans/shares are cleared fully during the special collection Drive period.
6. As regards the collection of Cost to Auditors under Rule 156, Part1, K.S.R. it is noticed that there are arrears pending collection in various districts even though the cost of adult should be collected in advance. The Joint Registrars (Audit) in the districts as well as Assistant Registrars (Audit) in Taluks are personally responsible for the collection of Government dues in this regard from Co-operative Institutions in the districts including Apex Institutions. The Joint Registrar (Audit) should see that 100% of the arrears are collected and advance collection are made as per the furnished progress achieved during the Special Collection Drive period in proforma. C.D. and E (Specimen Copy enclosed) to the Registrar Co-operative Societies on or before 25.1.05 without fail.
7. The time-limit fixed the submission of progress of statement should be strictly adhered to.
Receipt of the Circular should be acknowledged.
K. Kesavan,
Registrar of Co-operative Societies in Charge

\¼À : kn.-F-kv. (3) 47855/04                kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dm-^o-kv,
                                              Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, XobXn 31-þ12-þ2004
kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 48/04
hnjbw : \oXn tÌmÀ kvIow \S-¸n-em-¡p-¶-Xn-\mbn kwL-§sf Xnc-sª-Sp-¡p-¶-Xn\pw {]hÀ¯-\-\m-\p-aXn \ÂIp-¶Xpw kw_-Ôn-¨v
kqN\ : 1. kÀ¡m-cnsâ 11-þ06-þ97 se Pn.-H. (Fw.-F-kv.) \¼À 79/97/kl-þmw  \¼À D¯-c-hv
2. Cu Hm^o-knse 05-þ06-þ97 se kn.-F-kv. (3) 9703/97-þmw \¼ÀI-¯v
kqN\ H¶nse kÀ¡mÀ D¯-chpw Cu Hm^o-knse kqN\ c­nse I¯p {]Im-chpw kwØm-\¯v {]mY-anI ImÀjnI hmbv]m kl-I-c-W- kw-L-§Ä aptJ\ \oXn-tÌm-dp-IÄ A\p-h-Zn-¡p-¶-Xn\v PnÃm P\-d hn`mKw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{Smd³amÀ¡vIv \nÀt±iw \ÂIn-bn-cp-¶p.  F¶m ]e PnÃ-I-fnepw {]mY-anI ImÀjnI hmbv]-m klIcW kwL§Ä AÃm¯ klIcW kwL§Ä¡pw \oXn tÌmdn\v A\phmZw \ÂIp¶Xmbn {i²bn s]«n-«p-­v.  kqN-\-bnse kÀ¡mÀ D¯-chpw amÀ¤-\nÀt±-i-§fpw A\p-k-cn¨v \oXn tÌmdp-IÄ¡v A\p-hmZw \ÂIm³ {i²n-t¡-­-Xm-Wv. 
sI. tIi-h³
kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ C³NmÀÖv

No.S.C.T.(2) 28456/04                Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,
                                                     Thiruvananthapuram, dated
Circular No. 33/2004
Sub : Co-operation – Establishment – Assistant Registrar (SC/ST) – Duties and functions – Consolidated – regarding
Ref : (1) Circular No.67/83 dated, 30.05.88 of Registrar of Co-operative Societies
(2) Circular No. SCT(2) 480/88 of Registrar of Co-operative Societies
Government of Kerala as per order No.G.O.(Rt) 64/83/AD dated 25.10.1983, accorded sanction for the creation of Assistant Registrars (SC/ST) in Districts for the effective implementation of various programs and schemes for the betterment of SC/ST co-operatives. Accordingly their duties and responsibilities were fixed in the circulars referred to as 1st and 2nd paper above. Recently more funds were poured to the SC/ST co-operatives under Macro-management policy adopted under centrally sponsored schemes for the revitalisation and revamping of the weak SC/ST societies. In the circumstances, it is imperative to ix duties and responsibilities of Assistant Registrar (SC/ST) by way of consolidating the duties prescribed in the earlier circulars and adding more duties for the effective enforcement for the smooth function of SC/ST societies as well as for the effective implementation of plan schemes to these societies. Accordingly following duties and responsibilities are prescribed.
1.Implementation and monitoring of Plan funds shall be attested by the Assistant Registrars (SC/ST). This includes watching of effective implementation of Plan fund and proper utilisation there of.
2. All statutory and administrative matters relating to SC/ST co-operatives will be duties of Assistant Registrars (SC/ST). They will take up the inspection of SC/ST co-operatives in the District. The Assistant Registrars (SC/ST) should conduct one detailed inspection and two surprise inspections in a month. The form of inspection report should contain additional details regarding utilisation of financial assistance given. Each scheme assisted should be examined separately with reference to the commercial viability, recovery proposals, generating of employment and guarantee of wages of the societies. He should also assist these societies for preparation of projects for financial assistance under various plan scheme. The Plan proposals/Project of societies having positive net worth shall be prepared and recommended for assistance under ICDP/NCDC and projects in the case of all SC/ST societies having negative net worth shall be prepared and forwarded for assistance under Macro-management policy. (C.S.S 90%).
5.Assistant Registrar (SC/ST) shall furnish D.O narrative reports to the Joint Registrar (SC/ST) office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies not later than 5th of the succeeding month with review report of Joint Registrar (General) of the District.
6. The Assistant Registrar (SC/ST) shall visit at least 10 societies in a month and should be reported in the D.O narrative and should conduct one seminar in the Taluk level with the assistance of the respective Circle Co-operative Union. All these will be reviewed by the Joint Registrar (SC/ST) in the State Level at every month. He will furnish review report to Registrar of Co-operative Societies of further action.
7. Assistant Registrar (ST) should take initiative in organizing SHGs exclusively under each SC/ST co-operatives in the active assistance of the concerned ICDPs, SC/ST Federation and NABARD to make the SC/ST societies self reliant and member driven.
The Joint Registrars (General) of District should ensure that the Assistant Registrar (SC/ST) and field staff are discharging the above mentioned duties strictly.
Registrar of Co-operative Societies in charge

No. 88/42/E3/04/Vig                                                        Vigilance (E) Department,
Thiruvananthpuram, dated 15.09.2004
Sub : Vigilance Department Review of Suspension of Officers involved in Vigilance, Trap cases revised guidelines-issued
Ref :  1.Circular No.9713/01/91/Vig. Dated 21.5.1992
2. Circular No.1373/E3/04/Vig. Dated 22.3.2004
 As per the existing guidelines issued in circular 1st and 2nd cited suspension shall be revoked without prejudice to the pending proceedings in all vigilances cased including trap cases if the officers had been under suspension for more than 2 years even if the cases have not been charges sheeted except in cases where the Director. Vigilance & Anti-corruption Bureau, furnished sufficient reasons to prolong the period of suspension beyond 2 years.
2. It has been come to the notice or the Government that it is for warning proposals for review by Director, Vigilance & Anti-corruption Bureau to Government in such cases on Director, Vigilance & Anti-corruption Bureau, seems to have not adopted a uniform procedure in recommending revocation of suspension. So in order to formulate a uniform yardstick for one reinstatement of employee, who are under suspension in connection with Vigilance cases/Vigilance trap cased the following revised guidelines are issued for review on suspension of officers involved in Vigilance trap cases.
A. In respect of successful trap cased the accused officers who are under suspension for more than two years and whose cased have been on along will be reviewed by the suspension Review Committee and recommendations made to Government.
B. In cases where the orders or suspension were issued by other Department of the Secretariat. Heads of Departments etc. in successful trap cases the cases may be review by the suspension Review Committee only after two years of completion of suspension. Orders may be issued by the concerned only after getting the review of the Vigilance Department.
C. In cases of successful trap cases in which the charges sheets have not been filed before courts after completion of 2 years of suspension, the suspension review Committee will review the cases with recommendations of Director, Vigilance & Anti-Corruption Bureau on the point whether AOs can be reinstated and if so the specific reasons justifying the reinstatement. If the Director, Vigilance & Anti-corruption Bureau, is not recommending the reinstatement even after completion of two years of suspension, in such cases the Director, Vigilance & Anti-Corruption Bureau, will have to report specific reason justifying the prolonged suspension.
D. In cases or the successful trap cases and other Vigilance Cases which cannot be charge sheeted before the Court, but only departmental action/Vigilance Tribunal Enquiry is possible, the existing practice of review by the Vigilance after six months of completion of suspension will continue.
E. In all trap cases the recommendation of Director, Vigilance & Anti-Corruption Bureau, for suspension of AOs. May specifically state whether the trap is a successful or unsuccessful one.
M. Ramakrishnan
Principal Secretary to Government   


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