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 No.G(1)30771/05                                                   Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,

Thiruvananthapuram, Dated 20-1-2006.


Sub: Co-operation Department –Passing of resolution by Circulation in Co-operatives –Restricted –Regarding.

Ref: 1. NABARD letter No. 3668/DOS-30/2002-03 dated 25-7-2002 and No. 4744/DOS 30/04/05 dated 6-9-2004.

2. Government letter No. 5984/B1/05/Co-op. dated 15-11-05

In the letter 1st cited, NABARD has informed that in the bye-laws of Kerala State Co-operative Bank and certain District Co-operative Banks in the state, provisions have been included for “passing of resolution by circulation” and many business decision having financial implication are taken by the Board of Co-operatives through resolution passed by circulation and not in regular Board meeting.

As a matter of abundant precaution in dealing in financial matters and to protect the institutions from possible collusion between Chairman/Board members with other agencies in financial dealings and that the practice of passing resolution by circulation is not in the interest of the financial institution, NABARD has suggested to make/incorporate necessary rules to prevent such a practice.

Government, in the letter 2nd cited, have instructed to issue circular instructions restricting resolution by circulation by the Board of Directors of Co-operative Institutions.

In the above circumstances, the following instructions are issued.

Int the case of co-operative institution coming under the administrative control of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Powers to be exercised by the Board on behalf of the institutions involving financed implication such as power to borrow money, power to invest funds, power to make loans, and other activities having financial

implication and the power to admit members and allotment of shares shall only be passed at the regular Board meeting and not by circulated resolutions.





1. All Apex Co-operative Institutions.

2. All Federal Co-operative Institution.

3. All District Co-operative Banks

4. All Officers in this offices

5. All Joint Registrar (General)

6. All Joint Registrar (Audit)

7. Deputy General Manager, NABARD (with C.L)

8. Concurrent Auditors of All Apex Co-operatives.

9. Concurrent Auditors of All District Co-op. Banks.

Copy to:

1. Stock file

2. Circular book



 No.G(1) 40332/2005                                                Office of the Registrar of Co-operative societies

Thiruvananthapuram, DatedO 23.2.2006


Sub: Right to Information Act 2005 – Implementation regarding

Ref: 1. Right to Information Act 2005 (Central Act No. 22 of 2005)

2. G.O. (Rt) No.8026/05/GAD dated 19.10.2005

3. Proceedings of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies No. G(1) 40332/2005 dated 11.11.2005

The Right to Information Act 2005 (Central Act No 22 of 2005) came into existence with effect from 21.6.2005. As per sub-section (1) of section 5 of the said Act, the Registrar of Co-operative Societies has issued orders designating public Information Officers/Assistant Public Information Officers at various levels in this department as per the reference 3rd cited. Government have fixed the rate of fees to be levied from the public for the purpose, as per the referecnce second cited. The following further guidelines are issued for the proper discharge of duties by the public Information Officers/Assistant Public Information Officers, as the case may be.

1. Every public has the right to access any “Information” as defined under Sub Section (f) of section 2 of the said Act.

2. The public Information Officer/Assistant Information Officer, as the case may be, are bound to give the required “Information” to the applicant with the time limit stipulated under S: 7 of the said Act, except those “Information” specified under S: 8, 21, 22, 23 and 24 of the said Act.

3. If the required “Information” is not given within the time limit or refuses to entertain any request or application for “Information” or give incorrect “Information” shall be liable to be punished as per S: 20 of the said Act.

4. The Information Officer or Assistant Information Officer may seek the assistance of any officer equal to or below his rank as he or she consideres it necessary for the proper discharge of his duties as provided under Sub-Section (4), (5) of 3:5 of the said Act.

5. The application or request for “Information” shall be entertained by the Public Information Officer or the Assistant Public Information Officer, as the case may be on receipt of the application fee (It is Rs.10 at persent) in form No. TR.5 and the “Information” shall be supplied to the applicant after having received the additional fee in form No.TR-5, as specified in the Government Order 2nd cited and the total amount so collected shall be remitted to the treasury in the head of a account specified in the Government Order 2nd cited. The receipt and the remittance of such amounts shall be entered in the common cash book maintained in the offices and shall be produced for audit etc. The public may be allowed, if they so desire, to remit the required fee in any treasury and to produce the original chellan along with the application.

6. Separate files shall be opened for each such application. A register shall be maintained in each section/office in the prescribed proform such as tapal I number Name of applicant/s, Natue of information required, Date of application, Date of receipt of appolication, Details of fees remitted with receipt number and date, Date of “Information” supplied, signature of the receipient with date, signature of the Informat Officer with date etc. The Information Officers concerned shall ensure that such register is properly and promptly written up.

7. If the application for “Information” is rejected under sub-section (1) of S:7, the procedure prescribed under S:8 of the said Act shall be followed.

8. A copy of the Said Act and the Government order in the reference Ist and 2nd cited respectively are hereby communicated along with this circular and it is strictly instructed that the copy of the said Act and the Government order shall be kept in the office always and shall be included in the stock Register of Registeres and Books and in cases where the present Information Officers are transferred, promoted or retired, the Said Act and the Government order referred shall be handed over to the relieving officer/officer taking charge and they should be produced for inspection by Superior Officers of this office.

9. As far as the office of the Registrar is concerned, any application/request submitted either by post, electronic media or directly, the public Information Officer (Joint Registrar Vigilance) or the Assistant Public Information Officer (Deputy Registrar Administration) shall entertain them and shall be referred to the section, to which the subject matter or information relates, and the Section Superintendents/Assistant Registrars/Section heads, as the case may be, shall expeditiously take necessary steps, by seeking the assistance of this subordinate, for the speedy disposal and to give information to the applicant within the time limit stipulated under S:7 of the Act. The required “Infromation” from the concerned sections, signed by the Section heads, shall be presented to the Public Information Officer or Assistant Public Information Officer who shall countersign the same before giving it to the public. The Information Officers concerned shall attest the Register as specified in para 6 above before delivery of information to the public.

10. All other guidelines specified in para 1 to 8 shall also be applicable to Information Officers as the case may be, and all section heads/superintendents in this office.

11. A separate Tapal Register assigning Tapal number shall be maintained in the tapal section of the office of Registrar of Co-operative Societies which shall contain Tapal number, Name and place of applicant, section to which the application referred to, signature and name of officer receiving the application with date etc.






1. P.A. to Registrar of Co-operative Societies

2. All Additional Registrars in this office

3. All Joint Registrars in this office

4. Deputy Registrar (Administration) in this office

5. Deputy Registrar (Administration) Office of the Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies (General) all Districts.

6. Joint Registrar (General) in all Districts

7. Joint Registrar (Audit) in all Districts

8. Assistant Registrar (Audit) Office of the Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies (Audit), all Districts

9. Assistant Registrar (General), all circles (62)

10. Assistant Registrar (Audit), all Circles (62)

11. All sections in this office

Copy to:

1. Sahakarana Veedhi

2. Circular book

3. Stock file

4. Spare


For Registrar of Co-operative Societies.

 \¼À: Pn.(1) 4363/05.                                                   kl-I-cWkwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ Hm^o-kv,

Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, 27.2.2006.

kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À. 11/2006.

hnjbw: kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§-fnse sXc-sª-Sp¸v \S-¯p¶ dnt«-WnwKv Hm^o-kÀ, Ce-Iv{S Hm^o-kÀ F¶n-hÀ¡pÅ {]Xn-^e XpI hÀ²n-¸n¨psIm­pw, \nP-s¸-Sp-¯ns¡m­papÅ kÀ¡mÀ D¯-c-hv.

kqN\: kÀ¡mÀ D¯-chv (km[m) \¼À 31/2006/kl./XobXn 20.1.2006

kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§-fnse sXc-sª-Sp¸v \S-¯p-¶-Xn-\mbn \ntbm-Kn-¡-s¸-Sp¶ dnt«-WnwKv Hm^o-k-dpsS {]Xn-^-e-XpI ]cn-jv¡-cn-¨p-sIm­­­­­pw, Ce-Iv{S Hm^o-k-dpsS {]Xn-^e XpI \nÝ-bn¨p sIm­­p-apÅ kqN\ {]Im-c-apÅ kÀ¡mÀ D¯-c-hnsâ ]IÀ¸v CtXm-sSm¸w Ab-bv¡p-¶p. Cu hIp-¸nse taep-tZym-K-ØÀ C¡mcyw FÃm Poh-\-¡m-cp-sSbpw {i²-bn sIm­p-h-cp-hm³ XmXv]-cy-s¸-Sp-¶p.


hn. cLp-\m-Yv,

kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ (C³-þ-NmÀPv).

1. cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS tai-¸p-d-¯v.

2. Cu B^o-knse FÃm AUo-j-W cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ¡pw.

3. Cu B^o-knse FÃm tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ¡pw.

4. tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) FÃm PnÃ-IÄ¡pw.

(Bh-iy-amb ]IÀ¸p-IÄ kÀ¡nÄ Xe-¯n IqSn Ab¨p sImSp-t¡­Xm-Wv.)

5. tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (BUn-äv) FÃm PnÃ-IÄ¡pw (And-hn-te-bv¡m-bn).

6. sk{I-«-dn, kwØm\ kl-I-cW Ce-£³ I½o-j³ (And-hn-te-bv¡m-bn).

7. kl-I-cW hoYn.

]IÀ¸v: (1) tÌm¡v ^bÂ. (2) kÀ¡p-eÀ _p¡v. (3) kvs]bÀ.



kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡p th­n.

tIcf kÀ¡mÀ


<><> <><> <><> <><>

kl-I-c-W-h-Ip¸v þ Poh-\-¡mcpw þ sXc-sª-Sp¸v DtZym-K-Ø-·mÀ¡pÅ ]pXp-¡nb {]Xn-^e \nc-¡p-IÄ A\p-h-Zn¨v D¯-chv ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶p. kl-I-cW (F) hIp¸v

kÀ¡mÀ D¯-chv (km[m.) \w: 31/2006/kl. Xob-Xn, Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, 20.1.2006.

]cm-aÀiw: (1) Pn.H (BÀ.-än) \w: 19/98/kl. Xob-Xn. 15/1/1998

(2) kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS 3.1.03, 11.10.2004, 11.7.2005 F¶o Xob Xn-I-fnse Pn1/1456/02, Pn 1/4363/05 \¼À I¯pIÄ.

kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS ]cm-aÀiw 2þse I¯nse \nÀtZiw kÀ¡mÀ hni-Z-ambn ]cn-tim-[n-¡p-Ibpw, kl-I-c-W-kwLw sXc-sª-Sp-¸n\v \ntbm-Kn-¡-s¸-Sp¶ kl-I-c-W-kwLw DtZym-K-Ø-·m-cn hc-Wm-[n-Im-cn-bpsS {]Xn-^ew D¯-chv XobXn apX 300/-þ (ap¶qdv cq] am{Xw) cq]-bmbn DbÀ¯n-s¡m­pw Ce-IvS-d Hm^o-k-dpsS {]Xn^ew 300/þ (ap¶qdv cq] am{Xw) cq]-bmbn \nP-s¸-Sp-¯n-s¡m­pw D¯-chv ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶p.

Sn \nc-¡p-IÄ {]Im-c-apÅ sNe-hp-IÄ AXXp kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§Ä/kl-I-cW _m¦p-I-fpsS ^­n \n¶pw hln-t¡­-Xm-Wv.

(KhÀW-dpsS D¯-c-hn³ {]Imcw)


AUo-j-WÂ sk{I-«-dn.

kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ, Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw.

{]n³kn-¸Â A¡u­âv P\-d (BUn-äv) tIc-f, Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw.

A¡u­âv P\-d (F&C) tIc-f, Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw.

tÌm¡v ^bÂ/Hm^okv tIm¸n.

D¯-c-hn³ {]Imcw


sk£³ Hm^o-kÀ.

\¼À : ]n.än (1)4022/06                                                kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^o-kv,

Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, 1.3.2006.

kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 12/2006

hnjbw: kl-I-c-W-hIp¸vþsXm-Sp-]pg kÀ¡nÄ kl-I-cW bqWn-b³-þ-sI-«nS \nÀam-W¯n\p kw`m-h\ kzoI-cn-¡p-¶-Xn-\pÅ At]£ A\p-aXn kw_-Ôn-¨vþ

kqN\: CSp¡n P\-d hn`mKw tPmbâv cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS 25.1.06 se kn.BÀ.-_n. 324/06 \¼À I¯v.

sXmSp-]pg kÀ¡nÄ kl-I-cW bqWn-b³ BØm\ aμnc \nÀam-W-¯n\v CSp¡n PnÃ-bnse kl-I-c-W-Øm-]-\-§-fn \n¶v kw`m-h\ kzoI-cn-¡p-¶-Xn\p A\p-aXn \evI-W-sa¶ sXmSp-]pg kÀ¡nÄ kl-I-cW bqWn-bsâ At]£ CSp¡n P\-d hn`mKw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ ip]mÀi sNbvXn-«p­v. sXmSp-]pg kÀ¡nÄ kl-I-cW bqWn-bsâ At]-£-bpsS tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) CSp¡nbpsS ip]mÀibpw ]cn-tim-[n¨v NphsS ]cm-aÀin-¡p¶ \nÀtZ-i-§Ä ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶p.

sXmSp-]pg kÀ¡nÄ kl-I-cW bqWn-b\v kz´-am-bpÅ Øe¯v sI«nSw ]Wn-bp-¶-Xn-\m-h-iy-amb ^­v kzcq-]n-¡p-¶-Xn\v kl-I-cW kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS `cW \nb-{´-W-¯n-epÅ sXmSp-]pg Xmeq-¡nse kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§sf kwLw ss_em¡pw kl-I-cW N«-§Ä¡pw hnt[-b-ambn sXmSp-]pg kÀ¡nÄ kl-I-cW bqWn-b\p kw`m-h\ \evIp-¶-Xn\v A\p-aXn \evIp-¶p.

tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) CSp¡n Cu kÀ¡p-e-dnsâ ]IÀ¸v Xmeq-¡nse FÃm kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä¡pw \evtI­-Xm-Wv.



kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ (C³NmÀPv)


1. sXmSp-]pg Xmeq-¡nse FÃm kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä¡pw kl-I-c-W-kwLw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ), CSp¡n aptJ-\)

2. tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ/BUn-äv), CSp¡n

3. P\-d amt\-PÀ, PnÃm kl-I-cW _m¦v, CSp-¡n.

4. Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ)/sk{I-«-dn, kÀ¡nÄ kl-I-cW bqWn-b³, sXmSp-]p-g.

5. Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (BUn-äv), sXmSp-]p-g.

6. kvs]bÀ/tÌm¡v ^bÂ.


kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡p th­n.

\¼À. Pn.]n.(5)11910/2006.                                               kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^okv

Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, 6/5/06

kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 18/2006

hnjbw: kl-I-cW kwL-§-fpsS cPn-kvt{S-j³/ss_em t`Z-KXn þ A-t]-£-tbm-sSm¸w At]£m ^oknsâ sNÃm³ (AÊÂ) \ÂIp-¶Xv \nÀtZi-§Ä ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶Xv kw_-Ôn-¨v.


kl-I-cW kwL-§-fpsS cPn-kvt{S-j³/ss_em t`Z-KXn AwKo-I-cn-¡p-¶-Xn-\mbn e`n-¡p¶ Nne At]-£-I-tfm-sSm¸w \nÝnX ^okv {Sj-dn-bn HSp-¡n-b-Xnsâ sNÃm³ (AÊÂ) DÅ-S¡w sN¿p-¶-Xn-\mbn ImWp-¶n-Ã. sNÃm³ ]IÀ¸pIÄ am{Xw DÅ-S¡w sNbvXv At]£ e`n-¨m A¯cw At]-£-IÄ ]cn-K-Wn-¡m³ Ign-bn-Ã. Bb-Xn-\m cPn-Ì-dnwKv AtXm-dn-än-bmb cPn-kv{SmÀt¡m/tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀt¡m At]£ \ÂIp-t¼mÄ \nb-am-\p-kr-X-apÅ cPn-kvt{S-j³ ^okv {Sj-dn-bn HSp-¡n-b-Xnsâ sNÃm³ (AÊÂ) klnXw am{Xta cPn-Ì-dnwKv AtXm-dn-än-ap-¼msI At]£ kaÀ¸n-¡m³ ]mSp-Åp-sb¶pw, AÃm-sX-bpÅ At]-£-IÄ ]cn-K-Wn-¡n-söpw Adn-bn-¡p-¶p. Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ/tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ ap¼msI e`n-¡p¶ At]-£-IÄ tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ/cPn-kv{SmÀ F¶n-hÀ¡v \ÂIpt¼mÄ AÊ sNÃm³ At]-£-tbm-sSm¸w DÅ-S¡w sN¿p¶p F¶v Dd-¸p-h-cp-t¯­-Xm-Wv.



kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ C³NmÀPv.

FÃm tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ/BUnäv)amÀ¡pw.


1. FÃm {]mY-anI ImÀjnI, ImÀjn-tI-Xc kl-I-cW kwL-§Ä¡pw/_m¦p-IÄ¡pw (tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) aptJ-\.

2. FÃm Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ/BUnäv)amÀ¡pw, (tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ aptJ\)

 \¼À:kn.FÂ.-än(3)1244/2006. kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^okv

Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, 10.4.2006

kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 20/2006

hnjbw: kl-I-c-W-h-Ip¸v þ tIcf kwØm\ kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma hnI-k\ _m¦pw {]mY-anI kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma-hn-I-k\ _m¦p-Ifpw ]en-i-bn³ta ]eni CuSm-¡p-¶Xv XS-ªp-sIm­pÅ \nÀtZiw kw_-Ôn-¨v.

kqN\: 1. 8.7.2002Â kn.FÂ.-än(3) 7895/02 \¼-cmbn kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ sI.F-kv.-kn.-F.-BÀUn.-_n. amt\-PnwKv Ub-d-IvSÀ¡-b¨ I¯v.

1. 19.5.2003 se kn.FÂ.-än(3) 7895/02 \¼-cn-epÅ kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS I¯v.

2. kÀ¡m-cnsâ kl-I-cW (_n) hIp-¸n \n¶pw 22.12.  ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn¨ Pn.H.(BÀ.Sn) \¼À 712/2005 tImþHm]v \¼À D¯-c-hv.

tIcf kwØm\ kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma-hn-I-k\ _m¦pw {]mYanI kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma hnI-k\ _m¦p-Ifpw hmbv]-I-fn³ta IpSp-ÈnI ]en-i-bv¡p-ta ]ng ]eni CuSm-¡p-¶-Xn-s\-Xnsc ^b sNbvX A¸o XoÀ¸mWv kÀ¡mÀ ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn¨ 20.3.2002se Pnb-H. (BÀ.än) \¼À 79/02 kl. \¼À D¯-c-hnsâ ASn-Øm-\-¯n ]en-i-bv¡p-ta ]ng CuSm-¡-cp-sX¶pw C{]-Imcw CuSm-¡nb XpI XncnsI \evIp-Itbm hmbv]-Im-csâ A¡u­n hchv shbv¡p-Itbm, ]n¶o-Sp­m-Ip¶ _m[y-X-bn {Iao-I-cn-¡p-Itbm sN¿-W-sa¶pw kqN\ (1) {]Imcw \nÀtZiw ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¨n-«p­m-bn-cp-¶p.

F¶m Sn _m¦p-IÄ kzoI-cn¨ ]en-i-bn ta ]enibn\-¯n-epÅ XpI-IÄ AXmXv hÀj§fnse BUnäv ]qÀ¯n-bm-¡n-¡-gn-ª-Xn-\m {Iao-I-cn-¡p-hm³ Ign-bn-söv tIcf kwØm\ kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma hnI-k\ _m¦v And-bn-¨-Xnsâ ASn-Øm-\-¯n IpSp-ÈnI ]en-i-bn³ta ]ng-]-eni CuSm-¡pw. \S]Sn \nÀ¯-em-¡p-Ibpw F¶m \mfn-Xp-hsc Snbn-\-¯n CuSm-¡nb XpI-IÄ hmbv]-¡m-cpsS A¡u­n {Iao-I-cn-¡-W-sa-¶pÅ \nÀtZiw \S-¸n-em-t¡­-Xn-te¡v kqN\ (2) {]Imcw \nÀtZiw \evIn-bn-cp-¶p.

CXn-s\-Xnsc Xncp-hà {]mY-anI kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma hnI-k\ _m¦v _lp. sslt¡m-SXn ap¼msI ^b sNbvX dn«v s]äo-j-\nÂta ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn¨ D¯-c-hnsâ ASn-Øm-\-¯n C¡mcyw kÀ¡mÀ XoÀ¸p Iev]n-¡m³ \nÀtZ-in-¡p-I-bpw, Bb-Xnsâ ASn-Øm-\-¯n kÀ¡mÀ ]cn-tim-[n¨v D¯-chv ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-Ibpw, Sn D-¯-c-hn ]en-i-bv¡p-ta ]ng CuSm-¡p-¶Xv \ymbn-I-cn-¡p-hm-\m-hp-¶-X-söpw CXv kw_-Ôn¨v kl-I-cW kwLw cPnkv{SmÀ kqN\ {]Imcw \ÂInb 8.7.02 se \nÀtZiw icn-sh-bv¡p-Ibpw CuSm-¡nb XpI XncnsI \ÂtI­-Xn-sö kqN\ (2) se kl-I-cW kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS \nÀtZiw ]n³h-en-¨-Xmbn IW-¡m-¡p-hm\pw D¯-c-hm-bn-«p­v.

ta kml-N-cy-¯n ]en-i-bv¡p-ta ]ng]-eni CuSm-¡p-¶Xv kw_-Ôn¨v kl-I-cW kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS kqN\ (2) {]Im-c-apÅ 19.5.2002 se \nÀtZiw ]n³hen-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p. tIcf kwØm\ kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma-hn-I-k\ _m¦pw {]mY-anI kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma hnI-k\ _m¦p-Ifpw ]en-ibv¡p ta ]eni CuSm-¡p-hm³ ]mSnsÃ-¶Xpw C¯-c-¯n ]eni XncnsI \evIp-Itbm hmbv]-Im-csâ IW-¡n {Iao-I-cn-¡p-Itbm sN¿-W-sa-¶Xp-amb kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS 8.7.2002 se kn.FÂ.än (3) 7895/02 \¼À \nÀtZiw IÀi-\-ambpw ]men-t¡­-Xm-sW¶v \nÀtZ-in-¡p¶p.

ta \nÀtZiw kwØm\ kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma hnI-k\ _m¦pw {]mY-anI kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma hnI-k\ _m¦p-Ifpw ]men-¡p-¶p-sh¶v _Ô-s¸« tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀamcpw Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ/hmep-th-j³ Hm^o-kÀamcpw BUn-äÀamcpw Dd¸p hcp-t¯­-Xm-Wv.



kl-I-cWkwLw cPn-kv{SmÀþC³NmÀPv.


1. FÃm tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀamÀ¡pw (P\-dÂ/BUnäv).

2. FÃm AknÌâv cPnkv{SmÀamÀ¡pw (P\-dÂ/BUnäv).

(tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ aptJ\)

3. tIcf kwØm\ kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma hnI-k\ _m¦v, Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw

4. Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ/hmep-th-j³ B^o-kÀ………

ImÀjnI {Kma hnI-k\ _m¦v.

5. FÃm {]mY-anI kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma hnI-k\ _m¦v sk{I-«-dn-amÀ¡pw.

6. Cu B^o-knse FÃm sk£³ kq{]­vamÀ¡pw.

7. FUn-äÀ, kl-I-cW hoYnþ {]kn-²o-I-c-W-¯n-\m-bn.

8. FUn-äÀ, kl-I-cW tPÀW þ {]kn-²o-I-c-W-¯n-\m-bn.

9. tÌm¡v ^bÂ.


kl-I-cWkwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡p-thn

Pn (1)46059/2004                                                        kl-I-c-aWkwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^o-kv,

Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, 19/5/2006.

kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 21/2006

hnjbw: apX-e-aS kvt\lw Nmcn-ä-_nÄ {SÌv, ]me-¡mSv kl-I-c-W-Øm-]-\-§-fpsS s]mXp-\-·-^­n \n¶pw kw`m-h\ \ÂIp-¶Xp

kqN\: {SÌv sNbÀam³ {io.]n.-kp-\n Zmknsâ 10þ11þ2001 se At]£

]me-¡mSv PnÃ-bnse AhnI-knX {]tZ-i-amb apX-e-aS ]©m-b-¯nse km[p-¡-fmb P\-hn-`m-K-§Ä¡v Blm-cw, ]mÀ¸nSw BXp-c-tk-h\w, hnZym-`ymk kuI-cy-§Ä F¶nh kuP-\y-ambn e`y-am¡n {]hÀ¯n-¡p¶ Hcp [Àa-Øm-]-\-amWv Ah-cpsS D¶-a\w e£y-am¡n {]hÀ¯-\-§-fp-ambn apt¶m«v t]mIp-¶Xn\v kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§-fnse s]Xp\· ^­n \n¶pw DZm-cambn kw`m-h\ \ÂIp-¶-Xn\v ]me-¡mSv PnÃ-bnse kl-I-c-W-Øm-]-\-§Ä¡v Bh-iy-amb \nÀtZ-i-§Ä \ÂI-W-sa¶v kqN\ {]Imcw At]-£n-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p. At]£ ]cn-K-Wn¨pw {]kvXpX {SÌv kaq-l-¯n\v kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§Ä \S-¯p¶ hnhn[ tkh-\-§Ä XpSÀ¶v \ÂIp-¶-Xn\v klm-bn-¡p-¶-Xn-\mbpw tIcf kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§Ä Xob-Xn-bnse hIp¸v 56 (2) (Un) {]Imcw kzcq-]n-¨n-«pÅ s]mXp-\· ^­n \n¶pw apX-e-aS kvt\lw Nmcn-ä-_nÄ {SÌn\v kw`-hm\ \ÂIp-¶-Xn\v kl-I-cWkwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS `cW \nb-{´-W-¯n {]hÀ¯n-¡p¶ ]me-¡mSv PnÃ-bnse kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä¡v A\p-aXn \ÂIn sIm­v D¯-c-hm-Ip-¶p.



kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ (C³NmÀPv)

1. sNbÀam³, apX-e-aS kvt\lw Nmcn-ä-_nÄ {SÌv, ]me-¡mSv 678507.

2. tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) ]me-¡mSv

3. Akn-Ìâv cPnkv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) (BUnäv) ]me-¡m-Sv, Hä-¸mew, NnäqÀ, Be-¯qÀ, a®mÀ¡m-Sv.

4. tÌm¡v ^bÂ.


kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡p th­n

Pn1/40332/05                                                             kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^o-kv,

Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, XobXn: 01þ06þ2006

kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À. 23/2006

hnjbw: hnh-cm-h-Im-i-\n-bawþ2005þk-l-I-c-W-Øm-]-\-§Ä ]_vfnIv AtXm-dnänF¶ \nÀh-N-\-¯n DÄs]-Sp-¶-Xv.

kqN\: kÀ¡m-cnsâ 5.5.2006se 3159/]n.F-kv. 1/06/kl: \¼À I¯v.

2005þse hnh-cm-h-Im-i-\n-b-a-¯nse hIp¸vþ5, D]-h-Ip¸v 1,2 {]Imcw FÃm ]_vfnIv AtXm-dn-än-bpw, Cu \nbaw {]m_-ey-¯n h¶ XobXn apX 100 Znh-k-§Ä¡Iw Bh-iy-ap-Å-S-t¯mfw ]_vfnIv C³^Àta-j³ B^o-kÀam-tcbpw Cu \nb-a-¯nsâ Dt±-iy-¯n-\mbn Øm\-\nÀWbw sN¿-W-sa¶v hyhØ sN¿p-¶p­p. \nb-a-¯nse hIp¸v 2(F¨v) {]Imcw ]_vfnIv AtXmdnän F¶m GsXms¡ Øm]-\-§Â DÄs¸-Sp-sa¶pw \nÀh-Nn-¨n-«p­v. {]kvXp \nb-a-¯nse hIp¸v 2(F¨v) (kn)bn kwØm\ \nb-a-k` ]mÊm-¡nb GXp \nb-a-{]-Im-cwhpw cq]o-Ir-X-amb Øm]-\-§fpw ]_vfnIv AtXm-dnänbn DÄs¸-Sp-sa-¶-Xn-\m kwØm-\s¯ kl-I-cW cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS `c-W-\n-b-{´-W-¯n-epÅ FÃm kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§fpw ]_vfnIv AtXm-dnänF¶-Xn DÄs¸-Sp-sa¶v kqN\ {]Imcw kÀ¡mÀ And-bn-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p.

ta kml-N-cy-¯n Xmsg-¸-d-bp¶ \nÀtZ-i-§Ä \evIp-¶p.

1. kwØm-\¯p kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS `c-W-\n-b-{´-W-¯n hcp¶ FÃm kl-IcW Øm]-\-§fpw 2005þse hnh-cm-h-Im-i-\n-baw (2005þse 22þmw \¼À tI{μ \nb-aw) A\pk-cn¨p ]_vfnIv AtXm-dnänBbn-cn¡pw {]kvXpX \nb-a-¯n hyhØ sN¿p¶ FÃm hnh-c-§fpw At]-£-I\p \evIp-¶-Xn\p kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä _m²y-Ø-am-bn-cn-¡pw. A{]-Imcw \evIm-¯-]-£w, \nb-a-¯n A\p-im-kn-¡p¶ in£bv¡p hntZ-b-cm-tI­n-h-cpw. FÃm kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§fpw CXn-\mbn ]_vfnIv C³^Àta-j³/Akn-Ìâv ]_vfnIv C³^Àta-j³ B^o-kÀamsc DS-\Sn \nb-an-t¡­Xpw BbXv kÀ¡mÀ sh_vssk-än {]kn-²-s¸-Sp-t¯­-Xp-am-Wv.

2. At]£IÀ¡v hnh-c-§Ä e`y-am-¡p-¶-Xn\p 19þ10þ2005þse kÀ¡mÀ D¯-chp (km[m) \¼À 8026/05/s]mXp-`-cW hIp¸p {]Im-c-apÅ hyh-Ø-IÄ _m[-I-am-Imw. Hmtcm At]-£bv¡pw 10 cq] {Ia-¯n ^okv CuSm-¡mw. IqSmsX, 1.4.06þse kÀ¡mÀ D¯-chv (km[m) \¼À 2383/06 s]mXp-`-c-W-h-Ip¸v {]Im-c-apÅ hyh-Ø-Ifpw ]men-t¡­-Xm-Wv.

3. 2005þse hnh-cm-h-Imi \nb-a-¯nsâ ]qÀWcq]w kÀ¡mÀ sh_vssk-än ( AYhm (right to………………….) e`y-am-Wv. CXp kw_-Ôn-¨pÅ aäv hnh-c-§fpw kÀ¡mÀ sh_vssk-än e`y-am-Wv.

4. C\n apX kl-I-c-W-Øm-]-\-§-fn \n¶pw e`y-am-t¡­ hnh-c-§sf kw_-Ôn¨ At]-£-IÄ Cu hIp-¸nse C³^Àta-j³ B^o-kÀamÀ kzoI-cn-t¡­-Xn-Ã. F¶m A{]-Im-c-apÅ At]-£-IÄ e`n-¡p¶ ]£w BbXv Imc-aWk-lnXw tcJm-aqew aS-¡n-\-evIp-Itbm _Ô-s¸« kl-I-c-W-Øm-]-\-§Ä¡v Bh-iy-amb \nÀtZiw klnXw ssIam-dnb tijw hnhcw At]-£-Is\ tcJm-aqew Adn-bn-¨n-cn-bv¡p-Itbm sNt¿­-Xm-Wv. C¡m-cy-¯n ka-b-]-cn[n IrXy-ambn ]men-¡p-hm³ \nÀtZ-in-bv¡p-¶p.

5. ta hnh-c-§Ä FÃm kl-I-c-W-Øm-]-\-§-fp-sSbpw ASn-b-´n-c-{i-²-bn sIm­p-h-cp-hm³ _Ô-s¸« tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ/Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ kXz-c-\-S-]-Sn-IÄ kzoI-cn-bvt¡ ­-Xm-sW¶p \nÀtZ-in-¡p-¶p. kzoI-cn¨ \S-]Sn Hcm-gvN-bv¡Iw Cu B^o-kn And-bn-t¡ ­-Xm-Wv. 1.4.06þse 2383/06 \¼À kÀ¡mÀ D¯-c-hnsâ ]IÀ¸v IqSn AS¡w sN¿p-¶p.



kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ (C³NmÀPv)

1. FÃm A¸Ivkv kl-I-c-W-Øm-]-\-§Ä¡pw

2. FÃm s^U-d kl-I-c-W-Øm-]-\-§Ä¡pw

3. FÃm PnÃm kl-I-c-W-_m-¦p-IÄ¡pw

4. FÃm kl-I-c-W-kwLw tPmbn³cv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ¡pw (P\-d Bâv BUn-äv)-amÀ¡pw

5. FÃm kl-I-c-WkwLw Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-d Bâv BUn-äv)-amÀ¡pw

6. FÃm PnÃm/ss{]adn kl-I-c-W-Øm-]-\-§Ä¡pw (tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ/Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ aptJ-\)

7. Cu B^o-knse FÃm sk£-\p-IÄ¡pw

8. kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS ]¡v

9. Cu B^o-knse FÃm AUo-j-W cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ¡pw

10. Cu B^o-knse FÃm tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ¡pw

11. kl-I-c-W-hoYn

12. tÌm¡p ^bÂ

13. kvs]bÀ


kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡p th­n

\¼À:kn._n.(1) 26259/2006                                            kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^o-kv,

tIc-f, Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, XobXn: 03þ07þ2006

kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À: 28/2006

hnjbw: kl-I-cW hIp¸vþkw-Øm\ kl-I-cW _m¦v/PnÃm kl-I-cW _m¦p-IÄ/{]mY-anI ImÀjnI hmbv]m kl-I-cW _m¦p-IÄ/kwL§Ä F¶n-Hà \ÂIn-h-cp¶ ImÀjnI hmbv]-I-fpsS ]eni \nc¡p-IÄ ]pXp-¡n \nÝ-bn¨v \nÀtZiw ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-bv¡p-¶Xvþkw_-Ôn¨v

kqN\: 1. Cu B^o-knse 18þ11þ2003se 63/03þmw \¼À kÀ¡p-eÀ

2. \_mÀUnsâ 1þ6þ06se F³.-_n.-]n.-kn.Un (H.]n.-BÀ)/377/Fþ1 Pn.C.-F³ (BÀ.-]n)/06þ07þmw \¼À I¯v.

3. 19þ6þ06 Xncp-h-\-´-]p-c¯v tNÀ¶ kl-Im-cn-I-fpsS tbmKw.

 2006þ2007 hÀjs¯ tI{μ _U-P-än _lp: [\-Im-cy-h-Ip¸p a{´n cmPys¯ IÀj-IÀ¡v {lkz-Ime ImÀjnI hmbv]-IÄ 7% \nc-¡n e`y-am-¡p-sa-¶pÅ tI{μ Kh-s×âv Xocp-am\w {]Jym-]n-¡p-Ibpw AXn-\-\p-kr-X-ambn \_mÀUv2006þ2007 hÀj-¯n ]p\À hmbv] ]²Xn {]Imcw {lkz-Ime ImÀjnI hmbv]-IÄ 2.5% hmÀjnI ]eni \nc-¡n kwØm\ kl-I-cW _m¦n\v e`y-am-¡p-sa¶v kqN\ (2) {]Imcw Adn-bn-¨n-«p­v. Cu kl-N-cy-¯n {lkz-Ime ImÀjnI hmbv] ]eni \nc-¡p-IÄ Hmtcm _m¦pw CuSm-t¡­Xv Xmsg ]dbpw {]Imcw ]p\À\nÀWbw sNbvXn-cn-¡p-¶p.

<><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><>

 {Ia \¼À

hmbv] XpI

kwØm\ kl-I-cW _m¦v PnÃm _m¦p-I-fn \n¶pw

PnÃm kl-I-cW _m¦v {]mY-anI kl-I-cW kwL-§-fn \n¶pw

{]mY-anI ImÀjnI hmbv]m kwL-§Ä AwK-§-fn \n¶pw


1 e£w cq] hsc





1 e£w þ3 e£w cq] hsc




]pXnb ]eni \nc¡v Cu kÀ¡p-eÀ XobXn apX {]m_eyw D­m-bn-cn¡p-¶-Xm-Wv.


hn. cLp-\mYv

kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ (C³NmÀPv)


1. amt\-PnwKv Ub-d-IvSÀ, kwØm\ kl-I-cW _m¦v, Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw

2. amt\-PnwKv Ub-d-IvSÀ, kwØm\ kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma hnI-k\ _m¦v, Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw

3. P\-d amt\-PÀamÀ, FÃm PnÃm kl-I-cW _m¦p-Ifpw

4. FÃm tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ/BUn-äv)-amÀ¡pw

5. FÃm {]mY-anI kl-I-cW ImÀjnI hmbv]m kwL-§Ä¡pw (tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ aptJ\)

6. FÃm Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ/BUn-äv)-amÀ¡pw (tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ aptJ-\)

7. sk{I-«-dn, kwØm\ kl-I-cW bqWn-b³, Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw

8. Ub-d-IvSÀ, ]_vfnIv dnte-j³kv hIp¸v (D]-cn-]{Xw kln-Xw)

9. FUn-äÀ, kl-I-cW hoYn/kl-I-cW tPÀWÂ

10. Cu B^o-knse FÃm B^o-kÀamÀ¡pw

11. tÌm¡v ^bÂ


kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡v th­n

\¼À kn._n (1)26259/2006                                            kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^o-kv,

tIcf, Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, XobXn: 03þ07þ2006

kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À: 29/2006

hnjbw: kl-I-c-W-h-Ip-¸v-þ-{l-kz-Ime ImÀjnI hmbv]-I-fpsS ]eni \nc¡v Ipd-¨-Xn-s\-¯p-SÀ¶v ImÀjnI hmbv]-I-fpsS Zpcp-]-tbmKw XS-bp-¶-Xn-\pw, ImÀjnI DXv]m-Z\w IqSp-¶-Xn\v Bh-iy-amb hmbv] e`y-am-¡p-¶-Xn-\pw, t_m[-h-XvI-cWw \S-¯p-¶Xpw kw_-Ôn-¨v-þ-\nÀtZ-i-§Ä ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-bv¡p-¶p.

kqN\: 1. 19þ6þ2006 Xncp-h-\-´-]p-c¯v tNÀ¶ kl-Im-cn-I-fpsS tbmKw

2. cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS 28/2006 \¼À kÀ¡p-eÀ

kwØm-\s¯ {lkz-Ime ImÀjnI hmbv]m ]eni \nc-¡p-IÄ kqN\ (2) kÀ¡p-eÀ {]Imcw ]pXp¡n \nÝ-bn-¡p-I-bp­m-bn-«p­v. CXp {]Imcw Hcp e£w cq] hsc-bpÅ ImÀjnI hmbv]-IÄ 5.5% \nc-¡nepw, Hcp e£w cq] apX 3 e£w cq] hsc-bpÅ hmbv]-IÄ 6% F¶ \nc-¡nepw \ÂIp-¶-Xn\v D¯-chv ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¨n-«p­v. F¶m C{]-Imcw Ipdª ]en-ibv¡v ImÀjnI hmbv] \ÂIp-t¼mÄ Sn hmbv] Zpcp- ]-tbmKw XS-bp-¶-Xn\pw ImÀjnI Bh-iy-¯n\p Xs¶-bmWv hmbv] D]-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶- sX-¶pw Dd-¸p-h-cp-t¯­-Xp­v. Bb-Xn-te-bv¡mbn NphsS ]cm-aÀin-¡p¶ \nÀtZ-i- §Ä ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶p.

(1) kl-I-cWkwL-§-fnÂ/_m¦p-I-fn \n¶pw \ÂIp¶ {lkz-Ime ImÀjnI hmbv]-IÄ Irjn Bh-iy-¯n\v Xs¶-bmWv hn\n-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶-sX¶v _Ô-s¸« kwLw sk{I-«dn, kwL-¯nsâ Npa-X-e-bpÅ kl-I-c-W-kwLw bqWnäv C³kvs]-IvSÀ AsÃ-¦n Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ Npa-X-e-s¸-Sp-¯p¶ C³kvs]- IvSÀ, PnÃm kl-I-cW _m¦v C³kvs]-IvSÀ F¶n-hÀ Iq«mbn ]cn-tim-[n¨v Hmtcm hmbv]-sbbpw kw_-Ôn-¨pÅ hn\n-tbmK dnt¸mÀ«v cPn-kv{SmÀ \nÝ-bn¨p \ÂIp¶ amXrIm t^md-¯n Hcp ]IÀ¸v kwL-¯n-\pw, Hcp ]IÀ¸v Xmeq¡v Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ(-P-\-dÂ)\pwkaÀ¸n-t¡­-XmWv.

(2) Hmtcm amkhpw ]cn-tim-[n-¡p¶ hmbv]-I-fpsS F®hpw, XpIbpw ]cn-tim-[n¨ DtZym-K-Ø-cpsS t]cpw ]cn-tim-[\m ^ehpw, Hmtcm amkhpw 10þmw Xob-Xnbv¡v ap¼v, Xmeq¡v Xe-¯n-epÅ hnh-c-§Ä Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ¡v kaÀ¸n-t¡­-Xpw, Xmeq¡v Xe-¯n hnh-c-§Ä t{ImUo-I-cn¨v PnÃm-Sn-Øm-\-¯n-epÅ hnh-c-§Ä ASp¯ amkw 15þmw Xob-Xnbv¡v ap¼v tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ, cPn-kv{SmÀ¡v kaÀ¸n-bvt¡­-Xp-am-Wv.

(3) ImÀjnI Bh-iy-¯n\v Ipdª \nc-¡n FSp-¡p¶ hmbv], ImÀjn-tI-Xc Bh-iy-¯n-\mWv D]-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶-sX-¦nÂ, A¯cw hmbv]-IÄ hmbv] ssI¸-

änb XobXn apX Xs¶ ImÀjn-tI-Xc hmbv]-bmbn IW¡m¡pI-bpw, ImÀjn-tI-Xc hmbv]bv¡v CuSm-¡p¶ ]en-i-\n-c-¡nÂ, Sn hmbv]bv¡v CuSm-¡p-¶-Xp-am-sW¶v kwL-§Ä F{Kn-saânÂ/Pmay-¡-S-¸-{X-¯n hyhØ DÄs¸-Sp-t¯­-Xm-Wv.

(4) skÂ^v sl¸v {Kq¸p-IÄ/IpSpw-_{io bqWn-äp-IÄ, Ab¡q-«-§Ä XpS-§n-bh aptJ\ ImÀjnI hmbv]-IÄ hnX-cWw \S-¯p-¶-Xn\v hmbv] \ÂIn-bn-«p-s­-¦n A¯cw hmbv]-I-fp-sSbpw hn\n-tbmKw ]cn-tim-[n-bvt¡­-Xm-Wv.

(5) Hmtcm amk-hpw Xmeq¡v Xe-¯n \S-¯p¶ {]mY-anI ImÀjnI hmbv]m kl-I-cW kwL-§-fpsS {]Xn-amk tbmK-§-fn C¯cw Imcy-§fpw ImÀjnI hmbv]m hnX-c-W-¯nsâ ]ptcm-K-Xnbpw hne-bn-cp-¯p-¶-tXm-sSm¸w Xs¶, hmbv]m hnX-cWw DuÀPn-X-am-¡p-¶-Xn\v \S-]-Sn-IÄ kzoI-cn-t¡­-Xp-am-Wv.

(6) Hmtcm aq¶p amkv¯n-sem-cn-¡epw bqWnäv C³kvs]-IvSÀamÀ, PnÃm _m¦v C³kvs]-IvSÀamÀ, kwLw sk{I-«-dn-amÀ F¶n-h-cpsS tbmKw PnÃm Xe-¯n cPn-kv{SmÀ hnfn-¨p-Iq-«p-¶-Xpw, Ah-tem-I\w \S-¯n-b-tijw kÀ¡m-cn-tebv¡v dnt¸mÀ«v \ÂIp-¶-Xp-am-Wv.

(7) ImÀjnI hmbv]-IÄ ^e-{]-Z-ambn hn\n-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶p-sh¶v Dd¸phcp-¯p-¶-Xn-\mbn ]©m-b¯v Xe-¯n Xmsg ]d-bp¶ AwK-§-f-S-§nb ImÀjnI hmbv]m Ah-tem-I\ I½nän cq]o-I-cn-¡p-¶-Xn\v tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ \S-]-Sn-IÄ kzoI-cn-t¡­-Xp-am-Wv.

<><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><>


]©m-b¯v {]kn-Uâv



kÀhokv kl.-kwLw/_m¦v {]kn-Uâv

sshkv sNbÀam³


Sn ]©m-b¯v {]tZ-is¯ {]Xn-\n-[o-I-cn-bv¡p¶ t»m¡v ]©m-b¯v AwKw



Irjn B^o-kÀ



PnÃm _m¦nsâ Hcp `c-W-k-anXn AwKw



kÀhokv kl.-kwLw/_m¦v sk{I-«dn



_Ô-s¸« ]mS-ti-Jc kanXn I¬ho-\À



PnÃm kl-I-cW _m¦v {_m©v amt\-PÀ/FIvkn-Iyq-«ohv B^o-kÀ



kwLw t\man-t\äv sN¿p-¶Xpw, kwL-¯n \n¶v hmbv]-sb-Sp¯v ImÀjnI hmbv]m hnX-cWw sN¿p-¶Xpw \¶mbn {]hÀ¯n-¡p-¶-Xp-amb kzbw klmb kwL-§-fpsS {]Xn-\n-[n-IÄ



bqWnäv C³kvs]-IvSÀ


C{]-Imcw cq]o-I-cn-¡p¶ ImÀjnI hmbv]m Ah-tem-I\ I½n-änbv¡v NphsS ]cm-aÀin-¡p¶ Npa-X-e-IÄ D­m-bn-cn¡pw

(1) Irjn hmbv]-IÄ, ImÀjnI Bh-iy-¯n\p Xs¶ D]-tbm-Kn-¡p¶p F¶p Dd¸p hcp-¯p-I.

(2) hmbv]-IÄ bYm-k-abw \ÂIp-¶p-sh-¶pw, cPn-kv{SmÀ \nÝ-bn¨p \ÂIn-bn-«pÅ ]eni am{Xta ImÀjnI hmbv]bv¡v CuSm-¡p-¶p-sh-h-¶pw, hnf-sh-Sp¸v ka-b-¯p-Xs¶ hmbv]-IÄ Xncn-¨-S-bv¡p¶p F¶v Dd-¸p- h-cp-¯pI.

(3) ImÀjnI DXv]m-Z\w hÀ²n-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn-\m-h-iy-amb \nÀtZ-i-§Ä Irjn hIp-¸p-ambn _Ô-s¸«v \ÂIp-I.

(4) Irjn-¡mÀ¡n-S-bn Bh-iy-amb t_m[-h-XvI-cWw \S-¯p-I.

(5) kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§Ä aptJ\ am{Xw hmbv]-IÄ FSp-¡p-hm-\pw, CS-]m-Sp-IÄ \S-¯p-¶-Xn\pw Irjn-¡msc t{]cn-¸n-¡p-I.

(6) Irjn hmbv]m hnX-cWw Sn {]tZ-i¯v DuÀPn-X-s¸-Sp-¯p-¶-Xn-\m-h-iy-amb ip]mÀi-IÄ kwL-¯n\v \ÂIp-Ibpw kÀ¡m-cnsâ {i²-bnÂs¸-Sp-¯p-Ibpw sN¿p-I.

Sn I½nän c­p amk-¯n-sem-cn-¡Â IqtS­-Xm-Wv.

ImÀjnI hmbv]m hnX-cWw DuÀPn-X-s¸-Sp-¯p-¶-Xn-\pw, IÀj-Isc ]c-am-h[n klm-bn-¡pI F¶ e£y-t¯mSp IqSnbpw, ImÀjnI DXv]m-Z\w hÀ²n-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn-\pw, ImÀjnI hmbv]-IÄ Zpcp-]-tbmKw sN¿-cp-sX¶v IW-¡n-se-Sp¯pw ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¨n-«pÅ Cu kÀ¡p-e-À \nÀtZiw FÃm kwL-§-fp-sS-bpw, DtZym-K-Ø-·m-cp-sSbpw {i²-bn sIm­p-h-cp¶Xn\pw, Bh-iy-amb \S-]-Sn-IÄ kzoI-cn-¡p-¶-Xn\pw hIp¸v DtZym-K-Ø-·mÀ \S-]-Sn-IÄ kzoI-cn-t¡­-Xm-Wv.


hn. cLp-\mYv

kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ (C³NmÀPv)


1. FÃm tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ/BUn-äv)-amÀ¡pw

2. FÃm PnÃm _m¦v {]kn-Uâv/P\-d amt\-PÀamÀ¡pw

3. amt\-PnwKv Ub-d-IvSÀ, kwØm\ kl-I-cW _m¦v, Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw

4. FÃm {]mY-anI kl-I-cW ImÀjnI hmbv]m kwL-§Ä¡pw

(tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ aptJ-\)

5. FÃm Akn-Ìâv cPnkv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ/BUn-äv)-amÀ¡pw

6. sk{I-«-dn, kwØm\ kl-I-cW bqWn-b³, Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw

7. Ub-d-IvSÀ, ]_vfnIv dnte-j³kv hIp¸v (D]-cn-]{Xw kln-Xw)

8. FUn-äÀ, kl-I-c-W-hoYn/kl-I-cW tPÀWÂ

9. Cu B^o-knse FÃm B^o-kÀamÀ¡pw

10. tÌm¡v ^bÂ


kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡v th­n.

^n³.-^n³.-F.(4)19447/06                                                kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^nkv

Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, 1.9.06

kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À. 37/06

hnjbw: kl-I-cW hIp¸v sI.F-kv.-BÀ.-H¶mw `mKw dqÄ 156 A\p-k-cn-¨pÅ \nb-a\w þ Bh-tdPv tImÌv ]pXp¡n \nÝ-bn-¨Xv kw_-Ôn-¨v.

kqN\: 25.3.06þse (]n)145/06/^n³.-\-¼À kÀ¡mÀ D¯-c-hv.

19.8.06þse (BÀ.än) 370/2006/kl-I-cWw \¼À kÀ¡mÀ D¯-c-hv.

 kwØm\ Poh-\-¡m-cpsS i¼fkvsIbn-ep-IÄ kqN\ (1)se D¯-chv {]Imcw ]pXp¡n \nÝ-bn-¨-Xnsâ ASn-Øm-\-¯n kl-I-c-W-h-Ip-¸nse \ne-hn-epÅ Bh-tdPv tImÌv kqN\ (2)se D¯-chv {]Imcw 1.4.2005 apX NphsS tNÀ¯n-cn-¡p¶ \nc-¡n ]pXp¡n \nÝ-bn-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p.

<><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><>

{Ia \¼À


]pXp-¡nb \nc¡v



Pq\n-bÀ C³kvs]-IvSÀ/BUn-äÀ

cq]. 10,460/þ


ko\n-bÀ C³kvs]-IvSÀ/BUn-äÀ

cq]. 12,350/þ


Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ/FUn-äÀ-þ-Iw-þ-{]Êv dnte-j³kv Hm^o-kÀ/]n.F.-Sp. kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ

cp]. 14,760/þ


sU]yq«n cPn-kv{SmÀ

cq]. 16,025/þ


sU]yq«n cPn-kv{SmÀ (lbÀ t{KUv)

cq]. 17,155/þ


tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ

cq]. 19,925/þ


AUo-j-WÂ cPnkv{SmÀ

cq]. 23,650/þ

ta kqNn-¸n-¡p¶ \nc-¡p-IÄs¡m¸w Bh-tdPv tImÌnsâ 25% FÂ.-F-kv.-Bâv.-]n.-kn. C\-¯n AS-¸n-bvt¡­-Xm-Wv.

kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ C³ NmÀPv

1. tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) (BUnäv).

2. FÃm sk£-\p-IÄ¡pw.

3. tÌm¡v ^bÂ.

\¼À: kn.]n. (1) 36685/06                                               kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^okv

Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, 02.09.2006.

kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 39/06

hnjbw: kl-I-cW hIp-¸vþ {]mY-anI ImÀjnI hmbv]m kl-I-cW kwL-§Ä/kÀhokv kl-I-cW _m¦p-IÄ/aäv hmbv]m kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§Ä (_m¦nwKv dKp-te-j³ BIvSn-sâ) ]cn-[n-bn hcm-¯-Xv) imJ-IÄ Xpd-¡p-¶Xv kw_-Ôn¨v

kqN\: kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 17/81.

kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS `cW \nb-{´-W-¯n-epÅ {]mY-anI ImÀjnI hmbv]m kl-I-cW kwL-§Ä/kÀhokv klI-cW _m¦p-IÄ F¶n-h-I-fpsS imJ Xpd-¡p-¶Xv kw_-Ôn¨v kqN\ {]Imcw \nÀtZ-i-§Ä ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¨n-«p­v. F¶m kl-I-cW kwL-§fpsS {]hÀ¯-\-¯nepw aäpw D­mb sshhn-²y-h-XvI-c-W-¯n-sâbpw hfÀ¨-bp-sSbpw ASn-Øm-\-¯nÂ, Sn kÀ¡p-e-dnse hyh-Ø-I-fn amäw hcp-t¯­-Xm-sW¶v kl-Im-cn-I-fn \n¶pw Bh-iy-ap-bÀ¶ kml-N-cy-¯n Sn kÀ¡p-e-dn `mKo-I-amb t`Z-KXn hcp¯n NphsS ]cm-aÀin-¡p¶ \nÀtZ-i-§Ä ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-bv¡p-¶p.

(1) {]mY-anI ImÀjnI hmbv]m kl-I-cWkw-L-§Ä/kÀhokv kl-I-cW _m¦p-IÄ F¶nh imJ-IÄ¡pÅ At]£ Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) aptJ\ PnÃm kl-I-cW kwLw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ¡v kaÀ¸n-t¡­-Xm-Wv.

(2) At]£ e`n-¡p¶ apdbv¡v PnÃm tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ), tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (BUn-äv) F¶n-hÀ kwbp-à-ambn imJ {]hÀ¯n-¸n-bv¡m³ Dt±-in-¡p¶ Øe¯v Hcp kÀth \S¯n, imJ-bpsS hnP-b-km-²yX, Sn {]tZ-i¯v _m¦nsâ \ne-hn-epÅ {]hÀ¯\w ImÀjnI hmbv]m hnX-c-Ww, imJ Bcw-`n-¨m IqSp-X hmbv]m hnX-cWw sN¿p-¶-Xn-\pÅ km²yX, imJ \S-¯p-¶-Xn-\pÅ sI«n-S-¯nsâ e`yX, kpc-£n-XXzw, Poh-\-¡m-cpsS hn\ym-kw, \nt£]w e`n-¡m-\pÅ km²yX, imJ kzbw ]cym-]vX-ambn {]hÀ¯n-¡p-¶-Xn-\pÅ km²yX, aäv {]hÀ¯-\-§Ä¡pÅ km²yX XpS-§nb hnh-c-§Ä DÄs¡m-Ån¨v hni-Z-amb Hcp kÀth dnt¸mÀ«v tPmbnâv cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS dnt¸mÀ«v klnXw kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡v kaÀ¸n-t¡­-Xm-Wv.

imJbv¡v At]£ kaÀ¸n-¡p-¶-Xn-\pÅ kwL-§Ä kqN\ kÀ¡p-e-dnse \n_-Ô-\-IÄ¡v ]pdsa kwLw Ipd-ªXv 20% F¦nepw Sn km¼-¯nI hÀjtam, AXn\v sXm«v ap¼pÅ hÀjtam ImÀjnI hmbv] \evIn-bn-cn-t¡­-XmsW¶v hyhØ IqSn ]men-bvt¡­-Xm-Wv.

kqN\ kÀ¡p-e-dnse aäv \n_-Ô-\-IÄ bmsXmcp amähpw IqSmsX XpS-cp-¶-Xm-Wv.



kl-I-c-WkwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ (C³NmÀPv)

1. FÃm tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ/BUn-äv)-amÀ¡pw

2. FÃm Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ)-amÀ¡pw

(tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) aptJ-\)

3. P\-d amt\-PÀ, PnÃm kl-I-cW _m¦v

4. FÃm {]mY-anI hmbv]m kl-I-cW kwL-§Ä¡pw (tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ aptJ\)

5. tÌäv tImþ-Hm-¸-td-äohv bqWn-b³

6. FUn-äÀ, kl-I-cW hoYn

7. Cu B^o-knse FÃm B^o-kÀamÀ¡pw


kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡p th­n.

 kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À. 40/2006

hnjbw: hnh-cm-h-Imi \nbaw 2005 þ kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§-fnÂ/_m¦p-I-fn \S-¸n-em-¡p-¶Xv

kqN\: kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS 1.6.06þse 23/06 \¼À kÀ¡p-eÀ.

kqN\ kÀ¡p-e-dnse (4)þas¯ JÞn-I- Xmsg ]dbpw {]Imcw CXn-\m amäw hcp-¯n-bn-cn-¡p-¶p.

(1) kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§Ä/_m¦p-IÄ {]tXyIw ]»nIv AtXm-dnänBb-Xn-\m Ah-bp-ambn _Ô-s¸« hnh-c-§Ä \ÂtI­Xv AXXv Øm]-\-§Ä Xs¶-bm-Wv. F¶m C¯-c-¯n-epÅ hnh-c-§Ä Bhiy-s¸«v Cu hIp-¸nse GsX-¦nepw B^o-knÂ/]»nIv C³^Àta-j³ B^o-kÀ¡v At]£ e`n-¡p-I-bm-sW-¦nÂ, {]kvXpX hnh-c-§Ä Sn B^o-kn \n¶pw \ÂIm³ Ign-bp-¶n-sÃ-¦n At]£ bmsXmcp Imc-W-h-imepw \nc-kn-¨p-sIm­v At]-£-I\v aS¡n \ÂIm³ ]mSn-Ã. {]kvXpX hnh-c-§Ä \ÂIp-hm³ \nÀtZ-in-¨p-sIm­v _Ô-s¸« kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä¡v At]£ Ab¨p sImSp-¡p-Ibpw Sn hnhcw At]-£-Is\ tcJm-aqew Adn-bn-t¡­-Xp-am-Wv (hIp¸v 6 (3). kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä At]£ \nc-kn-¨p-sIm­pÅ Xocp-am-\-¯n-s\-Xn-sc-bpÅ A¸o-ep-IÄ AXXv Øm]-\-§-fnse A¸veäv AtXm-dnänBWv XoÀ¸m-t¡­-Xv. {]kvXpX A¸o-ep-IÄ Cu hIp-¸nse DtZym-K-ØÀ kzoI-cn-t¡­-Xn-Ã. {]kvXp A¸o-ep-IÄ e`n-¡p-I-bm-sW-¦n C¡mcyw A¸o \ÂIp¶ Bfns\ tcJm-aqew Adn-bn-¡-Ww. AXXv Øm]-\-§-fn H¶m-as¯ A¸o \ÂInb tijw ]cn-lmcw ImWp-hm³ Ign-ªn-sÃ-¦n c­m-as¯ A¸o sk{I-«-dn, kwØm\ hnh-cm-h-Imi I½o-j³, Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw 39F¶ hnem-k-¯n \ÂIp-hm\pw Bh-iy-s¸-S-Ww.

kl-I-cWØm]-\-§-fnse slÍm-^o-knepw Hmtcm {_m©p-I-fnepw ]»nIv C³^Àta-j³ B^o-kÀam-tcbpw Akn-Ìâv ]_vfnIv C³^Àta-j³ B^o-kÀam-scbpw {]tXyIw {]tXyIw \nb-an-t¡­-Xm-Wv. Hcp Øm]-\-¯n\v sam¯-ambn hnh-cm-h-Imi \nbaw hIp¸v 19(1) {]Imcw Hcp A¸eäv AtXm-dnäntbbbpw \nb-an-¡-Ww. C{]-Imcw \nb-an¨ hnh-chpw hnh-cm-h-Imi \nb-a-¯nse hIp¸v 4(1) (_n) {]Im-c-apÅ hni-Zm-i-§fpw kÀ¡mÀ sh_vssk-än DS-\Sn \nÀ_-Ô-ambpw {]kn-²o-I-cn-¨n-cn-¡p-Ibpw thWw. Bb-Xn-\mbn {]kvXpX hnh-c-§Ä C³^Àta-j³ B^o-kÀ (]n Bâv Un), C³^Àta-j³ Bâv ]_vfnIv dnte-j³kv Un¸mÀ«p-saâv, Kh¬saâv sk{I-«-dn-tbäv (A\Ivkv), Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cwþ1F¶ hnem-k-¯n Ab¨p sImSp-¯m aXn-bmIpw. A¸o-en\v {]tXyIw ^okv HSp-t¡­-Xn-Ã. BZys¯ At]£ kw_-Ôn-¨v, At]-£-I³ Zmcn-{Z-tc-Jbv¡v Xmsg hcp¶ Bfmbm sXfnhv lmP-cm-¡p¶ ]£w At]-£-tbm-sSm-¸hpw hnh-c-§Ä \ÂIp-¶-Xn\pw ^okv CuSm-¡p-hm³ ]mSn-Ã. (Pn.H.(-km-[m.) \¼À. 8026/05/s]mXp `cW hIp¸v XobXn 19/10/05)

ta hnh-c-§Ä Cu hIp-¸nse B^o-kÀamcpw kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS `c-W-\n-b-{´-W-¯n hcp¶ FÃm kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§fpw IÀi-\-ambn ]men-t¡­-Xm-Wv. Ch ]men-¡p-¶p-s­¶v _Ô-s¸« PnÃm tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ (BUnäv/P\-dÂ) Dd¸p hcp-t¯­-Xpw kpN\ (1) kÀ¡p-e-dn-sebpw Cu kÀ¡p-e-dnse \nÀtZ-i§fpw FÃm kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§-fp-sSbpw {i²-bn DS-\Sn sIm­p htc­-Xp-am-Wv.



kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ (C³-þ-NmÀPv).

1. FÃm A¸Ivkv kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä¡pw

2. FÃm s^U-dÂ/PnÃm kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä¡pw.

3. FÃm PnÃm kl-I-cW _m¦p-IÄ¡pw.

4. kl-I-c-W-kwLw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) FÃm PnÃ-IÄ¡pw.

5. kl-I-c-W-kwLw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (BUn-äv) FÃm PnÃ-IÄ¡pw.

6. kl-I-c-W-kwLw (Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) FÃm kÀ¡n-fpw.

7. kl-I-c-W-kwLw Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (BUn-äv) FÃm kÀ¡nfpw.

8. FÃm ss{]adn kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä¡pw (Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) aptJ\.

9. cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS ]¡v

10. Cu B^o-knse FÃm B^o-kÀamÀ¡pw.

11. Cu B^o-knse FÃm sk£³ Xe-h-·mÀ¡pw.

12. kl-I-cW hoYn ({]kn-²o-I-c-W-¯n-\v)

13. tÌm¡v/kvs]bÀ.


kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡p th­n.

kn._n (1) 34512/06                                                     kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^o-kv,

Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw, XobXn 20.09.2006

kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 41/06

hnjbw: kl-I-c-W-h-Ip¸v þ kwØm-\s¯ hmbv] kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä/_m¦p-IÄ-þ-Øn-c-\n-t£-]-§Ä¡v ]c-am-h[n ]eni \nc¡v ]pXp¡n \nÝ-bn-¡p-¶Xv kw_-Ôn¨v

kqN\: 1. Cu B^o-knse 22.02.2003se 9/2003 \¼À kÀ¡p-eÀ

2. 24.08.2006 IqSnb kl-I-cW taJ-e-bnse \nt£-]-hmbv] ]eni \nc-¡p-IÄ ]p\À \nÀWbw sN¿p-¶-Xn-\pÅ k_vI-½n-än-bpsS Xocp-am-\-§Ä

 kwØm-\s¯ kl-I-cW hmbv]m kwL-§Ä, _m¦p-IÄ hnh[ Xcw \nt£-]-§Ä¡v \ÂIn hcp¶ ]c-am-h[n ]eni \nc-¡n amäw hcp-¯p¶ Imcyw 24.8.2006 IqSnb kl-I-cW taJ-e-bnse \nt£] hmbv] ]en-i-\n-c-¡p-IÄ ]p\À\nÀWbw sN¿p-¶-Xn-\pÅ k_vI-½nän kqN\ c­v {]Imcw ip]mÀi sN¿p-I-bp­m-bn. AXn-\-\p-kr-X-amb ]pXp-¡nb ]c-am-h[n ]en-i-\n-c-¡p-IÄ iX-am-\-¡-W-¡n NphsS tNÀ¡p-¶p.

<><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><>

{Ia \¼À

Ønc-\n-t£-]-§-fpsS Imem-h[n

kwØm\ kl-I-cW _m¦v (%)

PnÃm kl-I-cW _m¦v (%)

{]mY-anI hmbv]m kl-I-c-W-kw-L-§Ä/_m¦p-IÄ (%)








15 Znhkw apXÂ 45 Znhkw hsc








46 Znhkw apXÂ 90 Znhkw hsc








91 Znhkw apXÂ 179 Znhkw hsc








180 Znhkw apXÂ 364 Znhkw hsc








1 hÀjw apXÂ 3 hÀjw hsc








3 hÀjw apXÂ 5 hÀjw hsc








5 hÀjhpw AXn\p apI-fnepw







ta ]d-bp¶ \nt£-]-§-fpsS ]pXp-¡nb ]eni \nc¡v 20.09.2006 apX {]m_-ey-¯n hcp-¶-Xm-Wv.


kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ (C³NmÀPv)

1. amt\-PnwKv Ub-d-IvSÀ, kwØm\ kl-I-cW _m¦v, ]mf-bw, Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw

2. No^v P\-d amt\-PÀ, \_mÀUv, Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw

3. P\-d amt\-PÀ, kwØm\ kl-I-cW ImÀjnI {Kma hnI-k-\-_m¦v, Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw

4. P\-d amt\-PÀ, FÃm PnÃm kl-I-cW _m¦p-Ifpw

5. FÃm kl-I-cWkwLw tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ


6. FÃm kl-I-cWkwLw Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ


7. FÃm {]mY-anI hmbv] kl-I-cW kwL-§Ä/_m¦p-IÄ¡pw

(tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ) apJm-´ncw

8. sk{I-«-dn, kwØm\ kl-I-cW bqWn-b³

9. Ub-d-IvSÀ, ]_vfnIv dnte-j³kv (D]-cn-]{Xw kln-Xw)

10. kÀ¡p-eÀ _p¡v

11. FÃm kl-I-cW {]kn-²o-I-c-W-§Ä¡pw

12. Cu B^o-knse FÃm B^o-kÀamÀ¡pw

13. FUn-äÀ, kl-I-cW hoYn

14. Ccn¸v ^bÂ/kvs]bÀ


kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡v th­n

\¼À:kn.]n.(3)46190/06.                                                 kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^okv

Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, 17.11.2006

kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 52/06

hnjbw: kl-I-c-W-h-Ip-¸v-þ-{]m-Y-anI hmbv]m kl-I-cW kwL-§-fnse Pnh-\-¡m-cpsS `h\ \nÀamW hmbv]m ]cn[n DbÀ¯p-¶Xv kw_-Ôn-¨v.

kqN\: 1. Cu B^o-knse 2.11.1999 se 43/99þmw \¼À kÀ¡p-eÀ.

2. kÀ¡m-cnsâ 8.8.01 se 12464/kn3/2000/kl. \¼À I¯v.

3. tIcf tImþ-Hm-¸-td-äohv Fwt¹m-bokv bqWn-bsâ 18.10.2006se \nth-Z-\w.

{]mY-anI kl-I-cW kwL-§-fnse Poh-\-¡m-cpsS `h\ \nÀamW hmbv]-bpsS ]cn[n ASn-Øm\ i¼-f-¯nsâ 50 Cc-«ntbm AsÃ-¦n 2,50,000/þ cq]tbm Bbn \nP-s¸-Sp-¯n-sIm­v kqN\ (2) kÀ¡mÀ I¯v {]Imcw D¯-c-hm-bn-cp¶p. F¶m Cu I¯v kml-N-cy-¯n sI«nS \nÀamW km[\ kma-{Kn-I-fpsS h³ tXmXn-epÅ hne hÀ²-\hv, A\p-h-Z-\o-b-amb hmbv] XpI sIm­v `h\ \nÀamWv Akm-²y-am¡n XoÀ¯n-cn-¡p¶p F¶pw AXn-\m \ne-hn-epÅ hmbv]m ]cn[n hÀ²n-¸n-¡-W-sa¶pw Poh-\-¡m-cpsS kwL-S\ At]-£n-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p.

kqN\ (3) \nth-Z-\-¯nsâ ASn-Øm-\-¯nepw C¡mcyw ]cn-tim-[n-¨-Xnepw {]mY-anI kwL-§-fnse Poh-\-¡m-cpsS `h\ \nÀamW hmbv]m ]cn[n ASn-Øm\ i¼-f-¯nsâ 50 Cc-«ntbm 3,50,000/þ cq]tbm CXn-te-XmtWm Ipdhv {]kvX-pX XpI-bmbn ]pXp¡n \nÝ-bn-¡p-¶p. Hcp kwL-¯n\v Poh-\-¡mÀ¡v Sn C\-¯n BsI \evIm-hp¶ hmbv]-bpsS ]cn[n AXm-bXv kwL-¯nsâ kz´w ^­nsâ 15% F¶XmbnXs¶ XpS-cp-¶-Xm-Wv.

Poh-\-¡mÀ¡v `h\ \nÀamW hmbv] A\p-h-Zn-¡p-¶-Xn\v Bh-iy-amb k_v dqÄ X¿m-dm¡n/\ne-hn-epÅ k_v dqfn Bh-iy-amb t`Z-K-Xn-IÄ hcp¯n AXmXv tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ P\-dÂam-cpsS AwKo-Im-c-t¯m-Sp-IqSn \S-¸n hcp-t¯­-Xm-Wv. \ne-hn-epff `h\ hmbv]m \n_-Ô-\-I-fnse aäv FÃm hyh-Ø-Ifpw AtX t]mse XpS-cp-¶-XmWv.



kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ (C³-þ-NmÀPv)


1. FÃm {]mY-anI hmbv]m kwL-§Ä¡pw

(tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ aptJ-\)

2. FÃm tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀamÀ¡pw (P\-dÂ/BUnäv)

3. FÃm Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀamÀ¡pw (P\-dÂ/BUnäv)

4. FUn-äÀ. kl-I-cW hoYn/kl-I-cW tPÀWÂ

5. Cu B^o-knse FÃm sk£³ Xe-h-·mÀ¡pw

6. cPn-kv{Sm-dp-sSbpw/AUo-j-WÂ cPn-kv{SmÀam-cp-sSbpw tai-¸p-d¯v

7. P\-d sk£³

8. tÌm¡v ^bÂ/kvs]bÀ


kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡p th­n

 \¼À. Pn (1)47866/2006.                                               kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ B^o-kv,

Xncp-h-\-´-]p-cw, 13.11.2006.

kÀ¡p-eÀ \¼À 56/2006

hnjbw: kl-I-cW hIp¸v þ kl-I-cW I¬kÄ«³kn kÀhokv Øm]-\-§-fpsS {]hÀ¯\w þ kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§-fpsS tPmen-IÄ \nÀh-ln-¡p-¶Xpw kwLw ^­v ZpÀhn-\n-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶Xpw \nb-{´n-¡p-¶Xv þ kw-_-Ôn¨v

kl-I-c-W-h-Ip¸v DÄs¸-S-bpÅ CXc kÀ¡mÀ hIp-¸p-I-fn \n¶pw, aäv Øm]-\-§-fn \n¶pw, kÀho-kn \n¶pw hnc-an¨ Nne DtZym-K-Ø-·mÀ kl-I-cW I¬kÄ«³kn kÀhokv F¶ t]cnepw AÃm-sXbpw kwØm-\¯v Nne-bn-S-§-fn Øm]-\-§Ä \S-¯p-¶-Xmbpw Ah kl-I-cW hIp-¸nsâ A\p-a-Xn-tbm-sS-bmWv {]hÀ¯n-¡p-¶-sX¶v kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§sf sXämbn hniz-kn-¸n-¨p-sIm­pw, A{]-Imcw [z\n-bpÅ ]c-ky-§Ä \ÂInbpw GP³kn-I-fmbn {]hÀ¯n-¡p-¶-Xm-bpw, kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§-fnse Poh-\-¡mÀ sNt¿­-Xmb tPmen-IÄ Sn GP³kn-I-sf-s¡m­v sN¿n-¸n-¡p-¶-Xmbpw kl-I-cW hIp-¸nse B^o-kp-I-fp-ambn kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä t\cn«v _Ô-s¸-Sp-¶-Xn\v ]Icw C¯cw GP³kn-Isf \ntbm-Kn-¡p-¶-Xmbpw, CXn-\mbn kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§-fpsS ^­v ZpÀhn-\n-tbmKw sN¿-s¸-Sp-¶-Xmbpw kl-I-cW hIp-¸nsâ {i²-bnÂs¸-«n-cn-¡p-¶p. C¯cw GP³kn-IÄ \ÂIp¶ sXäm-bXpw B[n-Im-cnIaÃm-¯-Xp-amb hnh-c-§-fpsS ASn-Øm-\-¯n kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§-fpsS {]hÀ¯-\-§Ä \S-¯-s¸-Sp-¶-Xmbpw BbXv kl-I-cW kwLw Poh-\-¡m-cpsS Imcy-ti-jn-sbbpw D¯-c-hm-Zn-Xz-§Ä Gsä-Sp-¡m-\pÅ Ign-hn-t\bpw kwL-¯nsâ bYmÀ° {]iv\-§Ä a\-Ên-em-¡m\pw, Ah {Kln-¡m-\p-apÅ Ignhv \jvS-s¸-Sp-¶-Xpw, BbXv Øm]-\-§Ä¡v `qj-W-a-söv Icp-Xp-¶-Xn-\mepw NphsS ]cm-aÀin-¡p¶ hni-Zmw-i-§fpw \nÀtZi-§fpw ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-bv¡p-¶p.

1. kl-I-cW hIpt¸m, kÀ¡mtcm bmsXmcp Øm]-\-§Ät¡m, hyàn-IÄt¡m kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§-fp-sSbpw kl-I-cW hIp-¸n-sâbpw Npa-X-e-bn hcp¶ GsX-¦nepw {]hÀ¯-\-§Ä Gsä-Sp¯v \S-¯p-hm³ A\p-aXn \ÂIn-bn-«n-Ã.

2. ta ]cm-aÀin¨ Xcw GP³kn-IÄ \ÂIp¶ D]-tZ-i-§fpw \nÀtZ-i-§fpw A[n-Im-cn-I-a-Ãm-¯-Xn-\mepw ]e-t¸mgpw sXän-²m-c-W-P-\-I-hp-am-b-Xn-\mepw Dt±-i-§Ä¡pw, \nÀtZ-i-§Ä¡p-ambn kl-I-cW hIp-¸nse DtZym-K-Ø-cp-ambn _Ô-s¸-tS­-Xm-Wv.

3. kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä \nb-am-\p-krXw sNt¿­p¶ bmsXmcp {]hÀ¯-\hpw ]pd-ta-bpÅ GP³kn-I-sf-s¡m­v sN¿n-¡p-hm³ ]mSp-Å-X-Ã.

4. kwLw hI cPn-Ì-dp-IÄ, dn¡mÀUp-IÄ, Poh-\-¡m-cpsS tkh-\-]p-kvXIw apX-em-bh bmsXmcp Imc-W-h-imepw C¯cw ]pd-sa-bpÅ GP³kn-Isf kwL-¯n hcp-¯n-tbm, ]pdsa sIm­p-t]mtbm C¯cw GP³kn-IÄ hgn ssIImcyw sN¿p-hm-t\m, ]cn-tim-[n-¡p-hmt\m Fs´-¦n-epw tcJ-s¸-Sp-¯Â \S-¯p-hmt\m ]mSn-Ã. CXn-s\-Xnsc {]hÀ¯n-¡p¶ ]£w X·q-e-ap­m-Ip¶ FÃm `hn-jp-¯p-IÄ¡pw kwLw dn¡mÀUp-I-fpsS ItÌm-Un-b-\mb Øm]-\-¯nsâ apJy \nÀh-lW DtZym-K-Ø-\p-w `cW kan-Xnbpw D¯-c-hm-Zn-I-fm-Ip-¶-Xm-Wv.

5. kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§Ä \nb-am-\p-krXw kl-I-cW hIp-¸n kaÀ¸n-t¡­ At]-£-IÄ, ^b sNt¿­ dnt«-Wp-IÄ, tÌävsaâp-IÄ F¶nh kwLw Poh-\-¡mÀ Xs¶ X¿m-dm¡n kaÀ¸n-t¡­-Xm-Wv. CXn-\mbn ]pd-ta-bpÅ GP³kn-Isf Npa-X-e-s¸-Sp-¯m-hp-¶-X-Ã. kwLw Ab-bvt¡­-Xmb t\m«o-kp-Ifpw aäpw ]pd-ta-bpÅ GP³kn-IÄ apJm-´ncw \ÂIm³ ]mSn-Ã.

6. kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§-fnse Poh-\-¡m-cpsS tPmen hn`-P\w `c-W-k-anXn \nÀ_-Ô-ambpw \S-¸n-em-t¡­-Xm-Wv.

ta \nÀtZ-i-§Ä FÃm kl-I-cW Øm]-\-§fpw IÀi-\-ambn ]men-t¡­Xpw BbXv Cu hIp-¸nse DtZym-K-ØÀ Dd¸v hcp-t¯­-Xp-am-Wv.


kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ (C³þNmÀPv)

1. FÃm kl-I-cW kwL-§Ä¡pw

(tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ)amÀ aptJ\)

2. tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ/BUnäv)amÀ¡v.

3. tPmbnâv cPn-kv{SmÀ/I¬I-dâv BUn-äÀ, PnÃm kl-I-cW _m¦p-IÄ.

4. FÃm Akn-Ìâv cPn-kv{SmÀ (P\-dÂ/BUnäv)amÀ¡pw.

5. cPn-kv{Sm-dpsS tai-¸p-d¯v.

6. Cu B^n-knse FÃm B^o-kÀamÀ¡pw, sk£-\p-IÄ¡pw.

7. FUn-äÀ, kl-I-cW hoYn/kl-I-cW tPÀWÂ

]IÀ¸v tÌm¡v ^bÂ




kl-I-c-W-kwLw cPn-kv{SmÀ¡p-th­n


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