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No.CB (1) 65108/84  
Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies
                                              Trivandrum, 19-1-1985


Sub:   Sanction of loans to nonmembers and loans for periods longer than 5 years by Co-operatives-Instructions issued.

1.       Section 59 (1) of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act (Act 21 of 1969) prohibits co-operative societies from making loan to any person or society who is not a member.  It has also been provided that loans to another society can be made with the general or special sanction of the Registrar.  As per Rule 56 (1) of the Kerala Co-op. Societies Rules, the Kerala State Co-op. Bank, District Co-op.Banks and the Primary Agrl. Credit Societies shall not grant loans for periods exceeding 5 years.  Government have exempted the Kerala State Co-op. Bank, District Co-op. Banks and Primary Agrl. Credit Societies from the operation of Rule 56 (1) of the K.C.S. Rules to grant loans for periods exceeding five years for financing schemes approved by SADU under Kerala Agricultural Development Project and I.D.B.I., N.C.D.C. and NABARD.  Some of the banks have been permitted by Government to advance loans to individuals for the specific purpose of premises loans under section 59 of the Act, after examining each case individually.

2.       These restrictions on long-term lending are insisted upon to maintain financial discipline in Co-operatives.  The need for such discipline needs no emphasis.  However it has been brought to the notice of the Registrar of Co-op. Societies that some financing banks are advancing loans to nonmembers and for period exceeding 5 years without observing the statutory provisions. In certain compelling situations which should be rare, where such advances may be necessitated, prior exemption from Government will have to be obtained.  Such Special loans can only be few and will not be necessary as a matter of course.  Often the banks/societies come up with request for ex-post-facto exemption after the loans are issued.  This is improper.

3.       The financing banks and Primary Agrl. Credit Societies are informed that they should not sanction loans to nonmembers in anticipation of sanction.  Application for ex-post facto sanction will not be entertained in future.

4.       Loans for periods longer than five years may not also be advanced without obtaining prior exemption from Government.  Long-term loans other than those refinanced by the NABARD, I.D.B.I. KADP and other financing agencies for which specific exemption has been  issued, shall not be advanced in anticipation of sanction.  Application for ratification of advances for periods beyond five years made without prior sanction will not also be entertained.
M. Vijayanunni
Registrar of Co-operative Societies

No.CB(2) 22977/84   
Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies
                                              Trivandrum, 25th January, 1985


Sub:    Primary Agricultural Credit Societies-Maximum Borrowing Power-Enhancement of limit-Order issued.
Read: Circular No. 8/77 dated 1-1-1977.

In the circular read above the Maximum Borrowing Power of the Primary Agricultural Credit Societies was fixed as 20 times the total of the paid up share capital plus Reserve Fund.

A review of the above limit has now become essential in view of various factors indicated below.  Relaxation in the ratio of share linking has been allowed to those members of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies who are small/marginal farmers and to those belonging to weaker sections.  In the case of such members the share capital of the societies does not increase in proportion to the loans sanctioned to them.  As part of the national policy and social objectives the societies are making special efforts to sanction loans to the weaker sections on the increasingly larger scale.  This will further reduce the ratio of share capital to advances.  Due to intensive deposit mobilisation campaigns the deposit position of the societies has improved considerably reducing the reserve borrowing power.  The outstanding borrowings in several societies have exceeded the limit of Maximum Borrowing Power thereby prohibiting them from further borrowing from the District Co-operative Banks for continued loaning operations.  In view of these circumstances several representations have been received requesting for enhancement of the Maximum Borrowing Power of the Primary Agricultural Credit Societies.

The matter has been examined in detail.  It is found that the Primary Agricultural Credit Societies should have a higher Maximum Borrowing Power even at the present level of loaning operations.
The Primary Agricultural Credit Societies are therefore permitted to enhance their Maximum borrowing Power to 35 times the total of their paid up share capital plus Reserve Fund. Necessary amendments to this effect may be made by the societies to their bye-laws.
M. Vijayanunni
Registrar of Co-operative Societies

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,
                                             Trivandrum,  25-2-1985

CIRCULAR No. 10/85

Sub:  Management of Co-operative Societies-Constitution of Adhoc Committees-Instructions issued.

The duties and functions to be performed, powers exercised and the responsibilities undertaken by the General Body, the Managing Committee or  the Chief  Executive as the case may be, are clearly defined in the bye-laws of every Society.  Each of the above should be able to function within its respective jurisdiction unfettered by the other and be accountable for their actions.  The duties and functions intended for the different authorities once allocated should not be encroached upon by the others.   But several instances have come to the notice of the Registrar where the functions specifically reserved or the powers expressly conferred on the Chief Executive are often performed or exercised by the managing Committee or the president.  Similarly delegation of powers and duties is seen resorted to so excessively as to result in a complete abdication of the powers vested in the General Body or the Committee under the provisions of the bye-laws.  The General Body or the Board of Directors instead of confining themselves to broad policy matters often engage themselves in routine matters which are to be taken care of by the Chief Executive. Arrogation of such powers and duties of a petty nature by the General Body or Committees necessitate  meetings of General Body and Committees too frequently to transact business which are well within the competence of the Chief Executive, causing, avoidable expenditure and delay.

2.       It is also noticed that Sub-Committees of an adhoc nature are constituted for performing the functions specifically earmarked for the Board of Directors.  Instances are also not rare where such Sub-Committees formed for undertaking specific functions are allowed to continue indefinitely even after the purpose for which they are constituted has been duly served.  This should not happen in the interests of healthy administration of the society.

3.       It should also be ensured that the powers/duties expressly demarcated to the specified authorities, viz the General Body, Board of Directors or the Chief Executive as the case may be should be exercised/performed by the concerned authorities themselves and these powers/duties should not be delegated to or transgressed by other authorities. The Joint Registrars and Assistant Registrars (General) will see that these instructions are adhered to by the Societies strictly.
M. Vijayanunni
Registrar of Co- operative Societies

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,
                                             Trivandrum, 4-3-1985
CIRCULAR No. 12/85

Sub:   Prohibition of dual membership in Credit/Housing Societies instructions issued.

Rule 27 (1) of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Rules prohibits a person from being admitted as a member of a Credit Society or a Housing Society, without the previous sanction of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies if in the date of such application, such a person is a member of any other such credit society or housing society.  Sub Rule 2 of Rule 27 stipulates that where a person has become a member of any such credit or housing society in contravention of the above provision in the Rules, such society shall remove him from membership upon a written requisition from the Registrar.

(2)     The need for an administratively efficient, financially strong and economically viable primary credit society at village level has already been stressed.  Steps are also under way for removing the overlapping of jurisdiction of the primary agricultural credit societies and the elimination of dual membership in such societies either by amalgamating the potentially viable societies or by liquidating the dormant ones.  Reorganisation of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies by amalgamation or liquidation is a time consuming process requiring several formalities to be undergone.  But dual membership resulting in  multiple borrowing from more than one credit society at the same time should not be allowed to continue.

(3)     All Joint Registrars are requested to initiate action to eliminate such dual memberships.  They will take immediate steps to ensure that no person is allowed to continue as a member of more than one credit society or Housing society, if he is already a member of any other such Credit or housing society.  A list of such persons having dual  membership in each society should be got drawn up and immediate steps taken to remove him from dual membership after giving such member an option to choose the Credit/Housing Society in which he intends to continue his membership.

(4)     All Joint Registrars will take immediate steps in this regard so as to ensure that all cases of dual membership are removed by 30-6-1985 and a report in the matter furnished to the Registrar by 31-7-1985.
M. Vijayanunni
Registrar of Co-operative Societies

No.ADL (1) 4144/85.
Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies
                                              Trivandrum, 22-4-1985

CIRCULAR No. 17/85

Sub:   Co-operative Department-Audit-Finalisation of summary of defects-Further instructions issued.
Ref:   Registrar’s Circular No. 65/82 Dated: 26-11-82.

According to the instructions contained in the Circular cited, the Auditors before finalisation of audit have to arrange to meet the Committee of Management of the Society / Bank and discuss with them the defects noticed and offer their suggestions to improve the affairs and take remedial action. It has come to notice that this procedure is not being followed by many of the Auditors.  In order to enable the committees to get their doubts if any cleared and also to avoid future complaints, the Auditors will ensure that the above instructions are strictly followed.

2.       While the audit reports should necessarily contain a clear and factual narration of the defect, it should be couched in language which is courteous and impartial.

3.       The Joint Registrars, Assistant Registrars and other officers in charge of audit will follow the above instructions scrupulously in future.
K.V.Harikrishnan Nair
Registrar of Co-operative Societies

\¼À F¨v.Pn.(4) 11322/85     
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ B^okv,
                                        Xncph\´]pcw, 1985 tabv 10

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 22/85

hnjbw:  lcnP³/KncnP³ klIcW kwL§fpsS `cW kanXnIfnte¡v lcnP\/KncnP\ hn`mK§fn \n¶papffhsc \ma\nÀt±iw sN¿p¶Xp kw_Ôn¨v.
kqN\:   Cu B^oknse 30-þ9þ1982þse F¨v Pn. (4) 46388/82 \¼À I¯v.
lcnP³/KncnP³ klIcWkwL§fpsS \nbamhen 19þ BZy `cWkanXnbnse {]knUâpÄs¸sS H³]XwK§fpw cPnkv{SmÀ t\mant\äp sN¿p¶hcmbncn¡Wsa¶pw Ahcn \mept]À _Ôs¸« kÀ¡mÀ hIp¸nse DtZymKkvY³amcmbncn¡Wsa¶pw hyhkvY sNbvXn«p­v. _Ôs¸«  hIp¸pIfnse DtZymKkvY³amÀ¡v ]et¸mgpw kwL§fpsS `cWkanXntbmK§fn kw_Ôn¡m³ IgnbmsX hcp¶XpsIm­v tbmKw IqSp¶Xn\pff tImdw XnIbmsX hcp¶ AhkvY D­mIp¶ps­¶pw AXns\mcp ]cnlmcw ImtW­Xps­¶pw C¡gnª s^{_phcn amk¯n IqSnb tbmK¯n PnÃm tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀamÀ A`n{]mbs¸SpIbp­mbn.  BbXn\m C¡mcy¯n Xmsg ]dbp¶ \nÀt-±i§Ä ]pds¸Sphn¡p¶p.
lcnP³/KncnP³ klIcW kwL§fnse BZy`cWkanXnbnse {]knUâpÄs¸sS H³]XwK§sfbpw tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀ t\mant\äp sN¿p¶Xmbncn¡pw.  F¶mÂ,  Ahcn c­pt]À _Ôs¸« kÀ¡mÀ hIp¸pIfnse DtZymKkvY³amcmbncn¡pw (`cWkanXnIfn IgnhpffnSt¯mfw klIcW hIp¸nse DtZymKkvY³amsc \ma\nÀt-±iw sN¿mXncn¡phm³ tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀamÀ {i²nt¡­XmWv).
lcnP³/KncnP³ klIcW kwL§fpsS ss_embn Bhiyamb t`ZKXnIÄ hcp¯p¶Xn\pff \S]SnIÄ tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀamÀ kzoIcnt¡­XmWv.
sI. hn. lcnIrjvW³ \mbÀ
klIcW kwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

NO. CP (4)-16414/85.           
Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies
                                              Trivandrum, 6-6-1985

CIRCULAR No. 26/85

Sub:   Co-operative Societies-Construction of buildings-Guidelines issued
Ref: 1. Letter No.B.7. (KTM.P.E.20/83)  21163/83-2 dated 8-1-85. From the Director of Vigilance Investigation.
        2. Letter No. 17993/CCI/85/AD  Dt. 15-3-85 from the Government of Kerala Agriculture (Co-operation) Department.

There has been allegations of malpractices in the purchase of land and construction of building by Co-operatives.  While most of the allegations have proved to be not true others have been found to be so.  Such malpractices have to be checked. Irregular practices giving room for allegations have to be avoided.  The following guidelines for the construction of buildings by the Co-operative Institutions are issued.
1.       Construction of buildings by Co-operative Societies shall be done normally by competent contractors so as to ensure construction at the estimated costs and professional management of constructions.  The Board of Directors shall not take up the construction as far as possible.  In unavoidable situation the Board of Directors may have to directly take up construction. Such instances will be rare.  Prior approval of the Joint Registrar will be obtained by Societies before undertaking construction directly.  If they do so it shall be at the risk and responsibility of the members of the Board.  In case the construction cost exceeds the approved estimates the members of the Board of Directors shall be personally liable to make good the excess amount spent on the building.
2.       No building shall be constructed without a plan and estimate approved by a competent Engineer.
3.       On the completion of construction a final valuation certificate will be obtained from a qualified Engineer.  Expenditure, if any incurred in excess of such valuation will not be admitted in audit. 
4.       Construction shall be commenced only on clearance from the Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies.  Purchase of land and building investing general funds shall be done only after obtaining the permission of the Joint Registrar under Rule.
5.       The Joint Registrar should get satisfied of the competency of the Contractor who undertakes the work, the Engineer for preparing the plan and estimate and issuing the valuation Certificate.

The Joint Registrars will bring the contents of this circular to the notice of the societies under their control.
K. V. Harikrishnan Nair
Registrar of Co-operative Societies

No.CP(4) 44141/85    
Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,
                                             Trivandrum,  20-8-1985

CIRCULAR No. 33/85

Sub:   Disqualification of a member of a Credit Society under Rule 27 on account of dual membership-Disqualification of a member of a committee under Rule 44 of the Rules-expeditious action-instructions issued
While considering a petition from a member of a Credit Society alleging delay in proceeding against members of the committee of a credit society on account of dual membership the petitions committee of the Legislature observed that there has been instances of undue delay in disposal of cases relating to disqualification of members of committee of societies on account of disqualification under Rule 27 and 44. While in certain cases quick action is taken others are delayed.  The District Officers do not appear to follow any time schedule in this regard.

The Joint Registrars are informed that in disposing of cases of disqualification of members of a society or committee uniform procedure has to be adopted so that such cases are dealt with in a manner which does not give room for allegation of bias.  Impartial and just disposal of such cases within the shortest possible time has to be ensured.  The Joint Registrars should not only be impartial and just but also appear to be so.  The following instructions are issued for guidance and strict compliance.

No person shall be a member of two Credit/Housing Societies under Rule 27 (1).  If any person has become a member, in contravention of Rule 27 (1), of another credit/Housing Society the Joint Registrar will direct the latter society to remove such person from the membership of the society.  The Joint Registrar may have to enquire into such cases to satisfy himself of the facts of the case before issuing a direction under Rule 27 (2).  Such enquiry shall be made quickly and the direction issued within two months of the date on which dual membership is noticed by the Joint Registrar.

If on the date of issue of direction, as mentioned above, the person concerned happens to be a member of the committee of the society he will cease to be so.  The Joint Registrars will, in such cases, issue notice under section 44 (3) to the member of the committee inviting objections, if any against declaring him as disqualified to be a member of the committee simultaneously with the directions to the society under Rule 27 (2).

Proceedings under Rule 44 of the Rules shall also be completed expeditiously.  The notice to the member of the committee inviting objection, if any, against the proposed declaration of disqualification shall be issued within 15 days of receipt of intimation of alleged disqualification from the subordinate officer or a member of the society or the financing Bank.  The member of the committee will be given notice to state his objections, if any, within 15 days of issue of the notice.  If the member desires to be heard he shall be given the opportunity within seven days of receipt of his written statement of objections by the Joint Registrar.  The final orders disposing of the case shall be passed within 15 days of receipt of the written statement of objections or the date of personal hearing as the case may be.

The receipt of this Circular will be acknowledged.
K. V. Harikrishnan Nair
Registrar of Co-operative Societies

\¼À kn.Pn.(1) 59736/84      
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{Smdm^okv
                                            Xncph\´]pcw, 7þ10þ1985

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 35/85

hnjbw:  klIcW _m¦nse Poh\¡mÀ i¼f ]«nIbn dh\yq kväm¼v ]Xn¡msX thX\w ]äp¶Xns\Xncmbn \nÀt±iw
kqN\:   2þ9þ1985 mw XobXnbnse kn.26943/C.2/84/Sn.Un.\¼À kÀ¡mÀ I¯v

Cu B^okn \n¶pw \S¯nb ]cntim[\Ifn ]e PnÃm klIcW _m¦pIfntebpw AÀ_³ klIcW _m¦pIfntebpw Poh\¡mÀ i¼fw, bm{X¸Sn, t_mWÊv XpS§n hnhn[ C\w {]Xn^ew ]äpt¼mÄ i¼f ]«nIbn (AIznä³kv tdmÄ) \nba{]Imcapff dh\} kväm¼v ]Xn¨v H¸nSp¶nà F¶ \}\X I­p ]nSn¡pIbpw BbXv _m¦pIfpsS {i²bn s]Sp¯nbt¸mÄ thX\ XpIIÄ Poh\¡mcpsS \nÀt±im\pkcWw AhcpsS tkhnMvkv _m¦v A¡u­n \nt£]ambn hIbncp¯pIbm- C´y³ kväm¼v BIväv BÀ«n¡nÄ 53 (F¨v) 1 mw sjU}Ä {]Imcw kväm¼v \nIpXnbn \n¶pw hnapIvXam¡s¸«n«p­v F¶ hniZoIcWamWv e`n¨Xv.  {]kvXpX hniZoIcWw Xr]vXnIcaÃ.  Poh\¡mcpsS i¼fhpw aäpw ssI¸äpt¼mÄ AhÀ CSp¶ H¸v kväm¼v BIväv sk£³ 23 (kn) {]Imcapff ckoXv Bbn ]cnKWnís¸Spw.  BIbm BÀ«n¡nÄ 53 (F¨v) H¶mw sjU}fnse Hgnhm¡Â C¡mcy¯n _m[IamhpIbnÃ.

Cu kmlNcy¯n- FÃm klIcW _m¦ntebpw Poh\¡mÀ i¼fhpw t_mWÊpw XpS§nbpff aäp {]Xn^e§fpw ssI¸äpt¼mÄ BbXp \nt£] A¡u­n s{IUnäv sNbvXmepw icn, scm¡w ]Wambn kzoIcn¨mepw icn \nbam\pkrXambn dh\} kväm¼v H«n¨p i¼f ]«nIbn H¸ntS­Xp \nÀ_ÔamsW¶p CXn\m \nÀt±in¡p¶p.

Cu \nÀt±iw IrXyambn ]men¡p¶ps­¶v _m¦p `cWm[nImcnIfpw BUnäÀamcpw Dd¸p hcpt¯­XmWv.

sI. hn. lcnIrjvW³\mbÀ
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

\¼À Pn.29216/85.                        
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{Smdm^okv,
                                           Xncph\´]pcw, 27þ9þ1985

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 36/85

hnjbw: klIcWwþP]vXn \S]SnIÄ¡p t]mIp¶ skbnem^okd³amÀ Bhiyamb tIkpIfn t]meokv kwc£Ww Dd¸phcp¯Â kw_Ôn¨v.
1969þse tIcf klIcWkwLw \nba¯nse 76 (kn) 78 F¶o hIp¸pIf\pkcn¨v P]vXn \S]SnIÄ kzoIcn¡p¶Xnte¡mbn A[nImcs¸Sp¯nbncn¡p¶ klIcW hIp¸nse Nne skbnem^okd³amÀ X¡Xmb tIkpIfn t]meokv kwc£Ww Dd¸p hcp¯msX  apJy IS¡mcpsSbpw Pmay¡mcptSbpw kvYmhc PwKa hkvXp¡Ä P]vXn sN¿p¶Xnte¡mbn AhcpsS hmkkvYe§fnepw aäpw t]mbt¸mÄ Nne kmaqly hncp² iIvXnIfn \n¶pw Ak`y hnfnIÄ tIÄ¡m\nSbmIpIbpw, aÀ±\taÂt¡­Xmbn hcp¶Xmbpw {i²bnÂs¸«ncn¡p¶p.  klIcW \nba¯nse 108 mw hIp¸nse hyhkvYb\pkcn¨v skbnem^okd³amÀ¡v t]meoknsâ klmbw tXSmhp¶Xpw, t]meokv klmbt¯msS P]vXn \S]SnIÄ¡v t]mImhp¶XpamWv.  F¶m Nne skbnem^okd³amÀ DNnXsa¶p tXm¶p¶ tIkpIfn t]meokv kwc£Ww Dd¸p hcp¯msX P]vXn \S]SnIÄ¡p t]mIpIbpw A§ns\ Nne Ahkc§fn aÀ±\taÂt¡­Xmbpw h¶Xmbn a\Ênem¡p¶p.  aäp tIkpIfn skbnem^okd³amÀ t]meoknsâ klmbw Bhiys¸«p F¦nepw t]meokpImsc {]kvXpX Uyq«n¡v \ntbmKn¡msX h¶ kmlNcy§fn t]meokpImsc IqSmsX P]vXn \S]SnIÄ¡v t]mIpIbpw kmaqly hncp²iIvXnIfpsS aÀ±\taÂt¡­Xmbn h¶Xmbpw ImWp¶p. 

ta¸dª kmlNcy¯n C¯cw kw`h§Ä IgnhXpw Hgnhm¡p¶Xn\p th­n Xmsg ]dªncn¡p¶ \nÀt±i§`Ä ]pds¸Sphníp¶p.
1.     P]vXn \S]SnIÄ kzoIcn¡m³ XpS§p¶Xn\p ap³]mbn skbnem^okd³amÀ Hmtcm tIknsebpw apJy IS¡mtcbpw Pmay¡mtcbpw Ipdn¨v AhcpsS Npäp]mSpItfbpw AhcpsS ap³ s]cpamä coXnItfbpw Ipdn¨v AXmXp kwLw sk{I«dn, {]knUâv, `cWkanXn AwK§Ä, apXemb `mchmlnIfnÂ\n¶v kw£n]vX hnhcw tiJcn¡pIbpw BbXnsâ ASnkvYm\¯n A\mimky kw`h§-Ä D­mIm\nSbnsöv Dd¸pff tIkpIfn am{Xta t]meokv klmbw IpSmsX Xs¶ A[nImcs¸Sp¯nbncn¡p¶ kwL¯nse DtZymKkvY³amtcmsSm¸w am{Xw P]vXn \S]SnIÄ¡v t]mImhq.
2.     t]meokv klmbw Dd¸phcp¯nbXn\p tijw am{Xta P]vXn \S]Sn-íp t]mImhq F¶p ImWp¶ tIkpIfn P]vXn \S]SnIsf kzoIcn¡m³ t]mIp¶ kvYe¯v A[nImc ]cn[nbnepff t]meokv Hm^okÀ¡v ap³Iq«n tcJmaqew t]meokv klmb¯n\v At]£n¡mhp¶XmWv.  CX\pkcn¨v t]meokv klmbw e`ním¯ ]£w A¯cw tIkpIfn AXmXp Xmeq¡nse Aknkväâp cPnkv{SmÀ apJm´ncw {]iv\w PnÃm tPmbnâp cPnkv{SmdpsS {i²bnÂsIm­phtc­Xpw C{]Imcw dnt¸mÀ«p e`n¡pt¼mÄ tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀ Hmtcm tIkpw AÀ² HutZymKnI I¯pIÄ apJm´ncw AXmXp t]meokv kq{]­nsâ {i²bn sIm­phtc­Xpw Hmtcm tIknepw t]meokv klmbw skbnem^okd³amÀ¡v e`n¡p¶p F¶v Dd¸p hcpt¯­XpamWv.
3.     P]vXn \S]SnIÄ¡v t]mIp¶ skbnem^okd³amÀ _Ôs¸« I£nItfmSpw s]mXp P\§tfmSpw kwba\t¯mSpw BXva \nb{´Wt¯mSpw IqSn am{Xta kwkmcn¡pIbpw CSs]SpIbpw sN¿m³ ]mSpffq.  HutZymKnI IrXy \nÀhlW kab¯v \nbam\pkrXaÃm¯ bmsXmcp {]hÀ¯nbnepw kw`mjW¯nepw GÀs¸«v hn[n     \S¯pambn _Ôs¸«htcm AÃm¯htcm Bb Btcbpw skbnem^okdpw ]mÀ«nbpw {]tIm]n¡m³ ]mSpffXÃ.
4.     sshcmKy _p²ntbmSpIqSn P]vXn \S]SnIÄ kzoIcnt¨ AS§pIbpffpsb¶v aäpffhÀ¡p tXm¶¯¡ \ne]mSv skbn \S]SnbpsS XpS¡¯n Xs¶ skbnem^okÀamÀ kzoIcn¡m³ ]mSnÃ.  A\p\bt¯mSpIqSn scm¡w ]WaS¨v XoÀ¡mhp¶ tIkpIfn _Ôs¸« I£nIfn \n¶v XpI H¶p IqSn hm¡m-  Bhiys¸SpIbpw A{]Imcw Bhiys¸«v e`n¡pIbnsöp ImWp¶ ]£w am{Xw P]vXn \S]SnIÄ kzoIcn¡m³ apXncpIbpw sNt¿­XmWv.

ta ]dªncn¡p¶ \nÀt±i§Ä FÃm tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀamcpw FÃm skbnem^okÀamcpsSbpw Aknkväâv cPnkv{SmÀamcptSbpw kwLw `mchmlnIfpsSbpw {i²bn sIm­p htc­XmWv. 
F. hn. lcnIrjvW³ \mbÀ
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

No.ADL (2) 69025/84
            Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,
                                             Trivandrum, 3-12-1985
CIRCULAR No. 38/85
Sub:   Audit-Audit of Primary Urban Co-op. Banks-improvement of quality-conducting of test audits-instructions issued.
Ref:   This office circular No.37/85 dt. 2-11-1985
Attention of all Deputy Registrars (Audit) and Assistant Registrars (Audit) is invited to this office  circular cited as per which revised standards/norms for audit classification of Primary Urban Co-operative Banks (Salary Earners Co-operative Societies) have been prescribed.  In order to improve the quality of audit of these institutions the Deputy Registrars are instructed that Audit report of the Co-operative Urban Banks coming under the purview of Banking Regulations Act (as  applicable to Co-operative Societies) shall be approved only after having a test Audit by the concerned Deputy Registrar.
K. N. Surendran
Additional Registrar of Co-operative Societies (Audit)

\¼À C.F.4/29291/85.
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{Smdm^okv
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kwL§-Ä¡v sU]}t«j³ hyhkvYbn DtZymKkvY³amsc BhiyanÃmsX hcpt¼mÄ Ahsc ]n³hen¡Wsa¶pff At]£I-Ä t]mepw ImteIq«n In«m¯XpsIm­v A¯cw DtZymKkvY³amsc kwkvYm\ kÀhokn XncnsI {]thin¸ním³ X¡ kab¯p km[n¡msX h¶n«p­v. 

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5.     sU]}t«j³ \ndp¯em¡Wsa¶v kwLw Bhiys¸Spt¼mÄ th­ I½nän Xocpam\t¯mSpIqSn ta hnhcn¨ Imebfhn\pffn Cu B^okn In«¯¡ hn[¯n s{]mt¸mk Abt¡­XWv.  XncnsI kwkvYm\ kÀhokn {]thin¸n¡phm³ iq]mÀi sN¿pt¼mÄ C³kvs]IvSdptStbm Aknkväâp cPnkv{SmdptStbm HgnhpIÄ PnÃbn Dt­m F¶ hnhcw IqSn kqNn¸nt¡­XmWv. 
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7.     sU]}t«j\n Abíp¶hcpsS F^v.Fkv.A¡u­p \¼À kab¯p In«m³ th­ \S]Sn kzoIcnt¡­Xpw Ah[n, i¼fw, s]³j³ hnlnXw, s{]mhnUâv ^­v apXembh X¡ kab¯pXs¶ ASbv¡p¶pt­m F¶v Dd¸p hcpt¯­XpamWv.  Hcp km¼¯nI hÀjw Ignª DSs\ _Ôs¸« DtZymKkvY³amcn \n¶v s]³j³ hnlnXw t{]mhnU­v ^­v F¶nh AS¨Xnsâ hnhcw tiJcn¨v Ah bYmImew AS¨n«pt­m F¶p ]cntim[nt¡­XmWv.
8.     sU]}t«j\nte¡v Ab¡p¶hcpw, XncnsI kvtääv kÀhoknte¡v \nban¡p¶hcpw tPmenbn {]thiníp¶Xpw, tPmenbn \n¶p hnSpX sN¿p¶Xpamb XobXnIÄ DSs\ Adnbn¡Wsa¶v \nÀt±iw \ÂInbn«ps­¦nepw ]e HmÀ½¡pdn¸pIÄ Ab¨mepw hnhcw In«mdnÃ.  {]kvXpX hnhcw ImeXmakw IqSmsX Adnbnt¡­XmWv.
ta ]dªncn¡p¶ \nÀt±i§Ä FÃm Aknkväâv cPnkv{SmÀamcptSbpw {i²bn sIm­p htc­Xpw kÀ¡pedn ]dªncn¡p¶ coXnbn¯s¶ {]hÀ¯n¡m³ tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀamÀ {i²nt¡­XpamWv.  apIfn \memaXmbn ]dªncn¡p¶ Imcy¯n Bhiyamb \nÀt±i§Ä _Ôs¸« kwL§Ä¡v tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀ \ÂtI­XmWv.
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sI. hn. lcnIrjvW³ \mbÀ
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

\¼À kn.]n.(1) 56776/85              
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{Smdm^okv,
                                           Xncph\´]pcw, 11þ12þ85
kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 40/85
hnjbw: {]mYanI hmbv]m klIcW kwL§ÄþXcf[\w(^vfqbnUv dntkmgvkv) kq£n¡p¶Xp kw_Ôn¨v
kwkvYm\s¯ `qcn]£w hmbv]m kwL§fpw, AhbpsS {]hÀ¯\ aqe[\w hÀ²n¸n¡p¶Xnte¡v \nt£]§Ä kzoIcn¨n«p­v.  C{]Imcapff klIcW kvYm]\§Ä \nt£]IcpsS Xm¸cyw {]tXyIw {i²nt¡­Xpw AXnte¡v km¼¯nI A¨S¡w ]ment¡­Xpap­v.  Xcf[\w kq£n¡p¶Xn GXm\pw kwL§Ä hogvN hcp¯p¶Xmbn {i²bnÂs¸«ncn¡p¶p. 
_m¦nwKv sdKptejsâ ]cn[nbn hcp¶ klIcW kvYm]\§Ä F{Xt¯mfw Xcf[\w kq£n¡Wsa¶v dnkÀhv _m¦v \nÀt±in¨n«p­v.  C{]Imcw sN¿m¯ klIcW kvYm]\§sf, {]kvXpX hogvN¡v Sn BIvSnse hyhkvYIÄ {]Imcw in£¡v hnt[bcm¡phm³ dnkÀhv _m¦n\v A[nImcap­v.. _m¦nwKv sdKptejsâ ]cn[nbn hcp¶ klIcW kvYm]\§Ä dnkÀhv _m¦v \nÀt±in¨n«pff coXnbn Xcf[\w(^vfqbnUv dntkmgvkv) kq£nt¡­XmWv. 
_m¦nwKv sdKptej³ BIvSnsâ ]cn[nbn hcm¯, \nt£]§Ä kzoIcn¡p¶ klIcW kwL§Ä Xcf [\w kq£nt¡­ hn[w klIcW dqÄ 63  hyIvXam¡nbn«p­v.  C¯cw kwL§Ä dqfn hyIvXam¡nbn«pff \nc¡n Xcf [\w kq£nt¡­Xv \nt£]IcpsS Xm¸cy¯n\v AXymhiyhpw CXn hogvN hcp¯p¶Xv IpäIchpamWv.
ta kqNn¸n¨n«pff Imcy§Ä tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀamÀ {]mYanI hmbv]m kwL§fpsS {]tXyI {i²bn sIm­p htc­Xpw Ah \nivNnX \nc¡nepff Xcf[\w (^vfqbnUv dntkmgvkv) kq£n¡p¶ps­¶v Dd¸p hcpt¯­XpamWv.
hogvN hcp¯p¶ kwL§fpsS ta \nba{]Imcamb \S]SnIÄ kzoIcnt¡­XmWv. \nt£]§Ä kzoIcn¡p¶ klIcW kvYm]\§Ä km¼¯nI A¨S¡w ]men¡p¶pt­sb¶v ]cntim[\m thfbn {]tXyIw {i²nt¡­XmsW¶v FÃm ]cntim[\m DtZymKkvY³amÀ¡pw \nÀt±iw \ÂtI­XmWv.
sI. hn. lcnIrjvW³ \mbÀ
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

Private Colleges-teachers elected as Presidents of Service Co-op: Banks-special casual leave-for attending Board meetings/Conferences connected with banks orders issued
G.O.(MS) No.178/85/H.Edn.            Trivandrum, 1-8-1985

Read: 1. G.O.M.S. 139/84/G.Edn.  dt. 19-7-84.
          2. Letter Nos.Estt. D3-32658/85 Coll.Edn. dt.9-5-85 and Estt. D1-78130/84/Coll. Edn.dt.22-6-85 from the Director of Collegiate  Education, Trivandrum.
          3.  Letter No. G-23743/85/L.Dis.  dt. 18-6-85 from the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.

Government are pleased to order that private college teachers elected as Presidents of Service Co-operative Banks will be granted special casual leave at the rate of one per month for attending Board meetings/conferences and other urgent matters connected with the Banks.  Since there will be no necessity for granting such special casual leave during vacation periods, the maximum number of special casual leave that can be granted for the purpose in an year will be limited to ten.
By order of the Governor
G. Vibhukumar
Under Secretary to Government

tIcf kÀ¡mÀ

\¼À 2959/kn._n.2/84/Irjn                
Irjn (klIcW _n) hIp¸v
                                                  Xncph\´]pcw 31þ8þ1985
Kh¬saâ sk{I«dn
kÀ¡nÄ tIm þHm¸tdäohv bqWnb³

hnjbw:   klIcW I¬kyqaÀ kvtämdpIÄ \S¯m\pff ssek³kn\v At]£n¡pt¼mÄ tImÀ«v  ^okv ap{Z ]Xn¡p¶Xn \n¶v Hgnhm¡sa¶ Bhiyw
]cmaÀiw: Xm¦fpsS 25þ4þ83 se I¯v

ta kqNn¸n¨ hnjbw kw_Ôn¨v I®qÀ kÀ¡nÄ tImþHm¸tdäohv bqWnb³ 13þ4þ83  ]mÊm¡nb {]tabw kw_Ôn¨v adp]Sn Xmsg Ipdn¡p¶p. 

1984 s^{_phcn 14þmw XobXnbnse Pn.H.(]n) 1þmw \¼À Kh¬saâv D¯chnse (Hgnhm¡Â) F¶ Xes¡«nse 11þmw JÞnI {]Imcw {]kvXpX JÞnIbnse (F) apX (F¨v) hsc JÞ§fn ]dbp¶ kwKXnIÄs¡mgnsI kwkvYm\s¯ klIcW kwL§Ä kwkvYm\ Kh¬saânsâ GsX¦nepw Hm^okpIfn kaÀ¸n¡s¸Sp¶ At]£Itfbpw lÀPnItfbpw tIcf tImÀ«v ^okv hyhlmc kebpw BIvSv 2þmw ]«nI 10þmw BÀ«n¡nÄ {]Imcw hkqem¡mhp¶ ^okn \n¶v Hgnhm¡s¸«n«p­v.  BbXn\m kwkvYm\s¯ klIcW kwL§Ä I¬k}aÀ kvtämdpIÄ \S¯m\pff ssek³kn\mbn kaÀ¸n¡s¸Sp¶ At]£Ifn³ta tImÀ«v ^okv kväm¼v ]Xnt¡­XnÃ.
                                                  Xm¦fpsS hnizkvX³
                                                  A­À sk{I«dn


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