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No.CRB (1) 12876/78.          
Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,
            Thiruvananthapuram, 18th April 1978

CIRCULAR No. 10/78

Sub:   Production Oriented system of lending for Agriculture-Inclusion of cost of oil cakes and farm yard manure in the ‘B’ Component of the scale of finance.
Ref:   This office Endt.No. CRB (1) 56387/77 dated 16-12-1977 in Letter   No.ACD.PKA/III/60-77/78 dated, 20-10-1977 of the Reserve Bank of  India.

As per the letter under reference, the Reserve Bank of India has agreed for  inclusion of the cost of solvent extracted Oil Cakes and farm yard manure in the ‘B’ Component of the scale of finance.  However, the Central Co-operative Banks should ensure that necessary safe guards are adopted before including these items in the scale of finance.  For this purpose the Central Co-operative Banks may obtain the required particulars regarding the quantity of organic manure required for area for different crops, including coconuts in coastal areas, according to the local usage its price and its availability and place it before the technical group deciding on the scale of  finance.  The technical group, while approving the scales, should examine all the relevant aspects in detail and arrive at the appropriate scale by adjusting the scale of chemical fertilisers accordingly.  The technical group may further ensure that the componant ‘A’ of the scale is not fixed unduly high and does not include any of these items which are separately provided for under ‘B’ component.  With these safeguards, oil cakes and farm yard manure can be included in the ‘B’ component of the scale of finance by the Central Co-operative Banks.
For Registrar of Co-operative Societies

\¼À C. (3) 11091/78  
klIcWkwLw  cPnk{SmÀ B^okv
                                       Xncph\´]pcw, 1978 tabv 2

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 12/78

hnjbw: klIcW hIp¸vþDtZymKkvY³amcpsS clky ^bepIÄ ssIImcyw sN¿p¶Xp kw_Ôn¨v.
kqN\:   kÀ¡mcnse P\d AUvan\nkvt{Sj³ hn`mK¯n \n¶pw 4þ2þ1978  154123/Fw.1/77Pn.Fw.Un. \¼cmbn ]pds¸Sphn¨n«pff kÀ¡peÀ sat½mdm­w.

ta kqNn¸n¨n«pff kÀ¡mÀ D¯chnsâ Hcp ]IÀ¸v CtXmsSm¸w Ab¡p¶p.  clky ^bepIÄ ssIImcyw sNt¿­Xmb dnt¸mÀ«nwKv/Iu­À ssk\nwKv DtZymKkvYamÀ A\phÀ¯ntí­Xmb Imcy§Ä Sn D¯chn hyIvXam¡nbn«p­v.  CXp kw_Ôn¨v Xmsg ]dbp¶ \nÀt±i§Ä Cu Un¸mÀ«psaânse dnt¸mÀ«nwKv/Iu­À ssk\nwKv DtZymKkvY³amcpsS {]tXyI {i²ímbn \ÂInbncn¡p¶p. 

2.     Cu B^okn \n¶pw CXp kw_Ôambn ]pds¸Sphn¨n«pff ap³ \nÀt±i§Ä A\pkcn¨v Cu Un¸mÀ«psaânse ko\nbÀ C³kvs]IvSÀ /BUnäÀ XpS§n tatem«pff DtZymKkvY³amsc kw_Ôn¨ clky ^bepIfmWv FgpXn kq£nt¡­Xv.  Bscms¡bmWv dnt¸mÀ«nwKv/Iu­À ssk\nwKv DtZymKkvY³ CXp kw_Ôn¨v ap³]v ]ds¸Sphn¨n«pff D¯chpIÄ hyIvXam¡nbn«p­v. 

3.     Hmtcm dnt¸mÀ«nwKv B^okdpw Xsâ \nb{´W¯n 30/6, 31/12 F¶o XobXnIfn Ahkm\n¡p¶ AÀ² hÀj¯n {]hÀ¯n¨ncp¶ DtZymKkvY³amsc kw_Ôn¨mWv clky ^bepIÄ FgptX­Xv.  Hmtcm DtZymKkY\pw Xsâ Iogn F{X ImeamWv {]hÀ¯n¨ncp¶sX¶v hyIvXamt¡­Xpw \njv]£ambn A`n{]mb§Ä tcJs¸Spt¯­XpamWv.  hfsc Npcp§nb Imet¯¡mWv Hcp DtZymKkvY³ tPmen sNbvXncp¶Xv F¦nepw Abmsf kw_Ôn¨pff AÊkvsaân\v kabambn«nà F¦nepw Abmsf kw_Ôn¨ aäp hnhc§Ä tcJs¸Sp¯n Imebfhv Npcp§nbXn\m icnbmb \nKa\¯n F¯phm³ kabambn«nà F¶v tcJs¸Spt¯­XmWv.

4.     ta ]dª AÀ² hmÀjnI Imemh[nIÄ¡nSbn GsX¦nepw dnt¸mÀ«nwKv/Iu­À ssk\nwKv  DtZymKkvY0³amÀ NmÀPp hnSpIbmsW¦nepw AbmfpsS \nb{´W¯nepffXpw clky ^bepIfn _m[Iambn«pffXpamb DtZymKkvY³amÀ NmÀPp hntS­Xmbn hcnIbmsW¦nepw B XobXn hscbpff clky ^bepIÄ IqSn FgptX­XmWv.  dnt¸mÀ«nwKv B^okÀ dnt¸mÀ«v _Ôs¸« DtZymKkvYs\ ImWn¨v km£ys¸Sp¯n Iu­À ssk\nwKv DtZymKkvY\bt¡­Xpw At±lw Xsâ kzX{´hpw \njv]£hpamb A`n{]mb§Ä tcJs¸Sp¯n kq£nt¡­XpamWv. 

5.     dnt¸mÀ«nwKv B^okÀamÀ Xsâ \nb{´W¯n {]hÀ¯n¨ncp¶ DtZymKkvY³amsc kw_Ôn¨ clky ^bepIÄ GXp Imebfhp hscsbms¡ FgpXn¸n¨v krjvSn¨n«ps­¶pw CXp kw_Ôn¨ cPnkvädn ImemIme§fn tcJs¸Sp¯n ht¡­Xpw BbXv Ft§ms«¦nepw Ab¡pItbm atäm sN¿pt¼mÄ CXp kw_Ôn¨ aqhvsaâ {]kvXpX cPnkvädn tcJs¸Spt¯­Xpw BIp¶p.

6.     dnt¸mÀ«nwKv B^okÀ clky ^bepIÄ {]tXyIw Ihdn koep sNbvX Im¬^nU³jy F¶ Hcp te_temSp IqSn Iu­Àssk\nwKv DtZymKkvY\v Ab¨p sImSpt¡­Xpw BbXv Iu­À ssk\nwKv DtZymKkvY³am{Xw Xpdt¡­Xpw Xsâ A`n{]mbw tcJs¸Sp¯n clkyambn Xs¶ kp£nt¡­XpamWv.

7.     dnt¸mÀ«nwKv B^okÀ {]XnIqeambn tcJs¸Sp¯nbn«ps­¦n BbXn\p IqSpX {i² sNep¯n AXn³ta A¸o e`n¡pIbmsW¦n DNnXamb \S]SnIÄ ssIs¡mtff­XmWv. dnt¸mÀ«nwKv B^okÀ {]XnIqeambn FgpXnbn«nsænepw Iu­À ssk\nwKv DtZymKkvY³ {]XnIqem`n{]mbw tcJs¸Sp¯pIbmsW¦n  BbXp _Ôs¸« hyIvXnsb ImWn¨p km£ys¸Spt¯­Xpw AYhm A¸o e`n¨m AX\pkcn¨v ta \S]SnIÄ bpIvXamb hn[¯n ssIs¡mtff­XmWv. 

8.     clky ^bepIÄ Hmtcmcp¯cptSbpw {]tXyIw koÂUv Ihdn kq£nt¡­XmWv.

9.     AXmXp dnt¸mÀ«nwKv Hm^okÀamÀ BcpsSsbms¡bmWv clky ^bepIÄ FgpXn Iu­À ssk\nwKv Hm^okÀ¡v Ab¨n«pffsX¶v ImWn¡p¶ cPnkväÀ kq£nt¡­XmWv.

10.    ap³ D¯chpIÄ A\pkcn¨v AXmXp Iu­À ssk\nwKv DtZymKkvY³amÀ clky ^bepIfpsS ssIhi¡mc³ BbXp {]tXyIw kq£nt¡­Xpw Cu B^okn \n¶pw Bhiys¸Spt¼mÄ am{Xw Ab¨p Xtc­XpamWv.  F¶m Cu B^okn kq£nt¡­Xmb clky ^bepIÄ Cu B^oknte¡v ImemIme§fn Ab¨p Xtc­Xpw hnhcw _Ôs¸« cPnkvädn tcJs¸Sp¯pIbpw thWw.
11.     Hmtcm AÀ² hÀjw Ignªv ASp¯ amkw BZys¯ BgvN (Pqsse P\phcn amk¯n BZys¯ BgvN) X§fpsS Iogn {]hÀ¯n¡p¶ FÃm DtZymKkvY³amtcbpw kw_Ôn¨pff (clky ^bepIÄ  _m[Iambn«pff) clky ^bepIÄ FgpXnbn«ps­¶pff kÀ«n^n¡äv Iu­Àssk\nwKv Hm^okÀ¡pw c­mas¯ BgvNbn _Ôs¸« Iu­Àssk\nwKv DtZymKkvY³ Xsâ Iogn tPmen sN¿p¶Xpw clky ^bepIÄ GÀs¸Sp¯nbn«pffXpamb FÃm DtZymKkvY³amtcbpw kw_Ôn¨ dnt¸mÀ«v hm§n kq£n¨n«ps­¶p ImWn¡p¶ kÀ«n^n¡äv Cu B^oknte¡pw Ab¨p Xtc­XmWv.  {]kvXpX kÀ«n^n¡äv AXmXp DtZymKkvY³amÀ kvYew amdn t]mIpt¼mÄ NmÀPv dnt¸mÀ«nt\msSm¸hpw kaÀ¸n¨ncnt¡­XmIp¶p. 

12.    Cu kÀ¡pedn ]dªn«pff coXnbn FÃm DtZymKkvY³amcpw clky ^bepIÄ FgpXp¶Xn\pw, ssIImcyw sN¿p¶Xn\pw XnIª \njv¡ÀjX ]ment¡­XmsW¶v HmÀ½n¸n¡p¶p.  CXp ssI¸änb hnhcw Adnbnt¡­XmWv.
_m_p tP¡_v
klIcW kwLw cPnkv{SmÀ
No. G (3) 6200/77      
Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies
                                              Thiruvananthapuram, 23rd May 1978
CIRCULAR No. 17/78
Sub:      Co-operative Societies – Employees of Co-operative Societies-Securities to be furnished-Form and Standard prescribed-Clarification issued.
Ref: 1.  Registrar’s Proceedings No. G3-52106/73/D.Dis dated 15-1-1977.
        2.  Government letter No. 58200/C3/77/AD. Dated 20-1-1978.

In the proceedings cited above the form and standard of securities to be furnished by the Employees of Co-operative Societies have been prescribed.  A few Co-operative Institutions have requested the Registrar of Co-operative Societies to issue clarification on certain points. The matter has been examine in detail and the following clarifications are issued in consultation with Government.
1.       Security need generally be given only by those employees as are specified in the proceedings cited above.
2.       Cheques, demand draft, bills, promissory notes will also be treated as those requiring securities.
3.       Peons etc. engaged in clearing house operations will also have to furnish security.
4.       If the Board of Directors of any society is of the opinion that higher amounts are to be prescribed for any particular post the same can be prescribed with the prior sanction of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.  Similarly if the rates of security prescribed in Registrar’s proceedings are higher than that of the rates of security prescribed by the Board of Directors of any society earlier than if the Board is of the view that the rates of security fixed by the Board is to be retained then the same can be permitted in exceptional cases with the prior sanction of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.  In the case of Primary Co-operative Societies the Deputy Registrar (General) of the district concerned is competent to exercise the powers of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies in this regard.
5.       Security allowance which was being paid to the employees on the date of coming into force of the rules issued under rule 80 of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act can be continued to be paid in lieu of interest on security deposit.
Registrar of Co-operative Societies

\¼À Pn.(3) 1482/78.                  
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ B^ok,v
                                        Xncph\´]pcw, 1978 tabv 23

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 19/78

hnjbw:  tIcfm Nn«n BIvSnse \n_Ô\IÄ ]men¡p¶Xp kw_Ôn¨v.
kqN\:   Kh¬saân \n¶papff 4þ1þ1978 se 546/kn 3/78/än.Un.\¼À Un.H.I¯v.

tIcfm Nn«n BIvSnse  hyhkvYIÄ klIcW kwL§Ä IrXyambn ]men¡m¯Xn\m kwL§fn³ta t{]mknIyqj³ tIkpIÄ hnhn[ tImSXnIfn \nehnepffXmbpw, {]kvXpX tIkpIÄ ]n³hen¡p¶Xn\p th­n klIcW kwL§Ä Kh¬saâns\ kao]n¡p¶Xmbpw cPnkv{SmcpsS {i²bnÂs¸«n«p­v.  C¯cw tIkpIÄ cmPnbm¡m\pff \S]Sn ssIs¡mffm³ _Ôs¸« kwL§tfmSv Nn«n cPnkv{SmÀ Bhiys¸«n«pw, kwL§Ä AXn\p k½Xn¡msX t{]mknIyqj³ \S]SnIÄ¡v hnt[bcmhpIbmWv sN¿p¶sX¶pw Adnbp¶p­v. tImSXnIfn kwL§fn³ta t{]mknIyqj³ tIkv ^b sN¿m\pff kmlNcyw krjvSn¡msX H¯pXoÀ¸n\pff kµÀ`§Ä D­mhpIbmsW¦nÂ, BbXnte¡v ASnb´nc \S]SnIÄ FSpt¡­Xpw tIcfm Nn«n BIvSnse \n_Ô\IÄ IÀi\ambpw ]ment¡­XmWv.
_m_p tP¡_v
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

CRP (5) 7538/78                    
Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,
                                             Trivandrum 1st June 1978

CIRCULAR No. 22/78

Sub:      Teekoy Service Co-operative Bank Ltd. No. 3143 - Disqualification of Board of Directors Rule  44 of the Kerala Co-opertive Rules-Default by prized chittal or his surety applicability of Sub-Rule (1) (c) (i)
Ref: 1. Registrar’s Circular No.2/78 CRP (2) 56011/77 dated 10-1-1978 based on G.O.Rt.3358/77/AD dated 24-11-1977.
        2.       G.O.Rt. 3388/77/AD  dated 26-11-1977 (Budget on CRP (5) 56012/77 dated 31-1-1978.
        3.       Judgment in O.P.No.70/78 delivered by the honourable High Court  of Kerala on 24-2-1978.

The Circular No.2/78 dated 10-1-1978 is modified to the extent stated below based on the Judgment of the Honourable High Court on the O.P. cited.  “When the prized subscriber actually commits default in the matter of payment of instalments, as provided by the bond, the position of the defaulter is that of a debtor and the amount due is to the nature of a loan”.
K. Bhargavan Pillai
Joint Registrar, Co-operative Societies

No. CRP (4) 26158/77.          
Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies
                                                Thiruvananthapuram, 17th June 1978
CIRCULAR No. 23/78
Sub:   Guidelines to implement by all Primary Co-operative Bank (Coming under the B.R.Act 1949) seeking permission to open new places of business.
Consequent on the discussion the Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies (Credit) had with the officials of the Agricultural Credit Department of the Reserve Bank of India for giving permission to open new branches of business by the Primary Co-operative Banks, the following guidelines are issued to all Primary Co-operative Banks coming under Banking Regulation Act.
(i)      No branch advisory committee can be constituted for effectively achieving the objectives as envisaged in the letter No. A.CD (T) 4516/ X (b) 76/7 dated 27-5-1977 sent by Reserve Bank of India as the Committee will have no legal validity to take decision.  For this purpose a sub-committee/Committees will be constituted by the Primary Urban Co-operative Bank with a member of the Board elected from the area where the branch/branches are situated.
(ii)     Representative General Body will be constituted by every primary Co-operative Bank.  The area will be divided into definite ward constituencies in such a way that a branch or in case the Bank has more branches  a group or near by branches are situated in such wards or constituencies representation will be given in the board for persons from the ward.
(iii)    Loan Sub-Committee/Committees will be constituted in such a way that one representative from the branch or branches will be represented in the Sub-Committee so constituted.
          The Sub-Committees will be given/delegated with necessary powers to sanction loans, admit members etc.
(iv).  The bye-laws of the Primary/Urban Co-operative Bank will be amended incorporating the above provisions.
(v).  All Primary (Urban) banks are directed to adopt the above amendment within a period of six months or before the conduct of the next elections to the Board of Directors.
For Registrar of Co-operative Societies

No.ADL (2) 57239/76/R.Dis.
Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,
                                                 Thiruvananthapuram, 11th August 1978
CIRCULAR No. 31/78
Sub:   Co-operative Department-Audit-Estimation of bad and doubtful debts and other assets of Primary Societies and Central Banks-Break-up value of shares-Regarding.
Ref:  1. This office letter No. ADL(2) 26588/76 dated 16-6-1976.
         2. This office letter No. ADL (2) 34118/77 dated 19-8-1977.
In the references cited, the guidelines of Reserve Bank of India for the estimation of bad and doubtful debts and other assets at the level of Primary Credit Societies, Primary Non-Credit Societies and Central Banks were communicated for adoption.  In the guidelines, Reserve Bank of India has requested to estimate the bad and doubtful assets of the societies, like Marketing/Processing Societies, Co-operative Sugar  Factories, Co-operative Spinning Mills, Co-operative Printing Presses etc., etc. in which the Central Banks and other primary societies are investing their funds in shares and indicate clearly the estimate in the Audit Report as also the break-up value of the shares as at the end of the year under audit on the basis of assessment of bad and doubtful assets made by the Auditor.  In this connection the norms fixed by the Reserve Bank of India for working out the break-up value of shares is detailed below:
“To determine the break-up value of shares, the real and exchangeable value of the paid up capital of the society may have to be worked out.  It is ordinarily taken as equal to the realizable value of its assets minus outside liabilities.  The real and exchangeable value of shares may be apportioned to arrive at the intrinsic worth of each share which would be its break-up value.  If the book value is more than the break-up value of the shares, the difference will represent the depreciation in their value.  However, the, short fall in the break-up value of shares in relation to the paid-up value may be ignored during the first three years following commencement of business or production of a new Co-operative venture and that the shares of such institutions may be taken as good for the paid up value.  But after the expiry of the first three years, the short fall should be treated as a bad one and the break-up value fixed accordingly.  In case, it is not possible to work-out the break-up value of investment, the entire amount invested in such shares may be considered as bad particularly if the institutions have been put under liquidation or have stopped functioning or have continuously incurred heavy losses over a number of years and no steps taken to revive them.
In spite of issue of necessary instructions in this regard  in the reference cited; it is noted that the Auditors are not making attempts to find out and indicate the break-up value of shares in their Audit Reports. Hence the following instructions are issued for strict compliance.
1.       While finalising the audit of accounts of the society the Auditor should work out the break-up value of the shares of the society as per the norms prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India and indicate the same in the Audit Reports.
2.       The Auditors will intimate the break-up value of the shares of the society so fixed to the Deputy Registrar (Audit) through the Assistant Registrar (Audit) concerned along with the calculations sheets arriving the break-up value and the list of societies/banks which have invested their funds in the shares of the society.
3.       The Deputy Registrar (Audit) in turn after verification will communicate the break-up value of shares to all the Assistant Registrars (Audit) of the District Assistant Registrar/Concurrent Auditors in the District and to other Deputy Registrar (Audit) concerned if the member societies/banks are situated in other Districts, with directions to circulate the details among the Auditors under their control.
4.       The Auditors will create investment depreciation reserve based on the latest available break-up value of shares of societies in which the funds of the society, being audited by them, is invested.
5.       While checking/approving the Audit Reports, the Deputy Registrars (Audit)/Assistant Registrars (Audit) will ensure that the above instructions are adhered to, scrupulously.
6.       The Deputy Registrars (Audit) and Assistant Registrars (Audit) are requested to bring the above instructions to the notice of all Auditors under their control.
A. R. Venkiteswaran
Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies (Audit)

\¼À F.Un.F (2) 3271/78.
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ B^okv,
                                        Xncph\´]pcw, 1978 BKkväv 22

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 33/78

hnjbw:  amÀ¡änwKv klIcW kwL§fpsS em`hn`P\¯n ss{]kv ^vfIvt¨zj³ ^­vþ krjvSn¡p¶Xv kw_Ôn¨v.

kÀ¡mcn \n¶pw kvs]j ss{]kv ^vfIvt¨zj³ ^­v hnlnXw e`n¡p¶Xn\v AÀlXbpff amÀ¡änwKv klIcW kwL§fpw kwkv¡cW klIcW kwL§fpw AhbpsS BUnäv dnt¸mÀ«v e`n¨p, em`hn`P\w \S¯p¶ Ahkc¯n ss{]kv ^vfIvt¨zj³ ^­nte¡v hnlnXw tNÀ¯Xmbn ImWp¶nÃ.  IqSmsX Hmtcm hÀj¯nsâ Bcw`¯nepff hnlnXhpw X³sImÃw Iq«nt¨À¯Xpw hÀjmhkm\apff hnlnX¯ntâbpw IW¡pIÄ icnbmb coXnbn FgpXn kq£n¡p¶nÃ.

AXn\m amÀ¡änwKv klIcW kwL§fpsS BUnäv \S¯p¶ Ahkc¯n Sn kwL§Ä ap³sImçfnse em`hn`P\¯n ss{]kv ^vfIvt¨zj³ ^­v krjvSn¨n«pt­m F¶v ]cntim[nt¡­Xpw AÃm¯ ]£w B hnhcw BUnäv dnt¸mÀ«nt\msSm¸w Dff \yq\Xm kw{Kl¯n kqNn¸nt¡­XpamWv.  XpSÀ¶pff hÀj§fnse em`hn`P\¯n kwL§fnse D]\n_Ô\Ifn DÄs¡mffn¨n«nsæn t]mepw ss{]kv ^vfIvt¨zj³ ^­v Aäem`¯nsâ 10 iXam\w \nÀ_Ôambpw krjvSnt¡­XmWv.

FÃm PnÃm sU]yq«n cPnkv{SmÀamcpw Aknkväâv cPnkv{SmÀamcpw Cu hnhcw _Ôs¸« kwL§fpsSbpw DtZymKkvY³amcpsSbpw {i²bn sIm­phtc­Xpw Sn kwL§fn ss{]kv ^vfIvt¨zj³ ^­nsâ IW¡v {]tXyIw cPnkvädn FgpXn kq£n¡phm³ \nÀt±iw \ÂtI­XpamWv.

Cu kÀ¡peÀ e`n¨ hnhcw tcJmapew Adnbnt¡­XmWv.
_m_p tP¡_v
klIcW kwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,
                                             Trivandrum, 3rd October 1978

CIRCULAR No. 45/78

Sub:   Kerala Co-opertive Societies Rules-Disqualification under Rule 44 (1) (f) Clarification issued.
The disqualification under Rule 44 (1) (f) of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Rules is not attached in the case of Employees Co-operative Society by virtue of the second proviso to the said rule.  So a member of the Employees Co-operative Society is eligible to be elected to the Committee of that society whether he is an employee of that society or any other society.
For Registrar of Co-operative Societies
\¼À Pn.(3) 24291/76          
klIcWkwLw cPnkv{Smdm^okv,
                                           Xncph\´]pcw, 15þ7þ76
kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 49/78
hnjbw: klIcW kvYm]\§Ä AhbpsS C³jzd³kv Bhiy§Ä \nÀhln¡p¶Xv kw_Ôn¨v \nÀt±i§Ä \ÂIp¶Xv.
kqN\:   Cu B^oknse 28þ11þ1973 se 40/73 mw \¼À kÀ¡pedpw 3þ1þ1975 se 2/75 mw \¼À kÀ¡pedpw.
kwkvYm\s¯ an¡hmdpw FÃm klIcW kvYm]\§fpw AwK§fnÂ\n¶pw s]mXpP\§fn \n¶pw \nt£]§fpw aäpw kzoIcn¡p¶p­v.  {]tXyIn¨v Cu ASp¯ Ime¯v \nt£] kamlcW ]²Xn {]Imcw IqSpX XpIIÄ Hmtcm klIcW kwL¯nepw \nt£]ambn e`n¨n«p­v.  ]e \nivNnX Bhiy§Ä¡mbn Cu XpIIÄ hn\ntbmKn¡p¶Xn\p th­n \sÃmcp -`mKw XpI kwL¯n \o¡nbncn¸mbn ht¶¡mw.  AwK§fn \n¶pw s]mXp P\§fn \n¶pw kamlcn¡p¶ XpIIÄ A]lcWw, IhÀ¨ apXembhbn \n¶pw C³jzd³kv ]²Xn aptJ\ Im¯p kq£nt¡­Xv A\nhmcyhpw Hmtcm kwL¯nsâ ISabpamWv.  BbXn\m FÃm klIcW kwL§fpw AhbpsS apX IqSpX ASnb´ncambpw C³jzÀ sNbvXncnt¡­XmWv.
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klIcW kwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

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                                           Xncph\´]pcw, 1978 \h¼À 8

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 51/78

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kqN\:   cPnkv{SmcpsS 15þ9þ1970þse F.Un.FÂ.1/31746/78þmw  \¼À kÀ¡peÀ  sat½mdm­w.

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1.     FÃm I¬Idâv BUnäÀamcpw hogvN hcp¯msX B^okv kab§fn _Ôs¸« (10 aWn apX 5 aWn hsc) kwL¯n lmPcmbncnt¡­XmWv.
2.     Hmtcmcp¯cpw lmPÀ ]pkvXIw kwL¯n kq£nt¡­Xpw Axn X§fpsS lmPÀ tcJs¸Spt¯­XpamWv.
3.     {Kq¸v I¬Idâv BUnäÀamÀ, {Kq¸nÂs¸« Hmtcm kwL¯nepw {]tXyIa {]tXyIw lmPÀ ]pkvXIw  kq£nt¡­XmWv.  Sn lmPÀ ]pkvXI¯n Hmtcm kwL¯nepapff BUnäv t{]m{Kmw FgpXn kq£ntí­XpamWv.
4.     lmPÀ ]pkvXIw, BUnäÀ kwL¯n lmPcnÃm¯ Znhk§fnÂ/kab§fn BUnädpsS tai¸pd¯v kq£nt¡­XmWv.
5.     C³kvs]IvSÀ XkvXnIbnepff I¬Idâv BUnäÀamsc kw_Ôn¨nSt¯mfw _-Ôs¸« BUnäv Aknkväâv cPnkv{SmÀamcpw Aknkväâv cPnkv{SmÀ XkvXnIbnepff BUnäÀamsc kw_Ôn¨nSt¯mfw _-Ôs¸« BUnäv sU]yq«n cPnkv{SmÀamcpw sU]yq«n cPnkv{SmÀ XkvXnIbnepff BUnäÀamsc kw_Ôn¨nSt¯mfw BUnäv tPmbnâv cPnkv{Smcpw IqsS IqsS kwL§Ä kµÀin¨v BUnäÀamcpsS lmPÀ t_m²ys¸Spt¯­XmWv.
6.     lmPÀ tcJs¸Sp¯p¶Xn\pff ^mdw BUnäv sU]yq«n cPnkv{SmÀamÀ BUnäÀamÀ¡p \ÂtI­XmWv.
7.     Cu kÀ¡pednse DffS¡w _Ôs¸« I¬Idâv BUnäÀamsc Adnbnt¡­XmWv.
8.     Cu kÀ¡peÀ \nÀt±i§Ä 15þ11þ1978 apX \S¸n hcp¯p¶XmWv.

Cu kÀ¡peÀ ssI¸änb hnhcw tcJmaqew Cu B^okns\ Adnbnt¡­XmWv.
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