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No.G(3) 60919/76.     

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,

                                             Trivandrum, 1st January 1977


Sub:   Co-operatives-Government nominees on the Board of Directors of Co-operative Societies Duties and Responsibilities-Instructions issued.

Ref:   This Office circular No.  16/76 dated 24-3-1976.

In the circular cited instructions were issued for the guidance of the nominees appointed under section 31 of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act, 1969.

It is hereby ordered that the instructions contained in the Circular No.16/76 dated 24-3-1976 will apply also to the nominees under section 28 of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act, 1969.

V.  K. Joseph

For Registrar of Co-operative Societies

\¼À.F.Un.FÂ.(2) 65986/76.          

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{Smdm^okv,

                                           Xncph\´]pcw,    1977 P\phcn 17

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 5/77

hnjbw:  BUnävvþsI.Fkv.BÀ.1þmw `mKw 156þmw hIp¸\pkcn¨v \nban¨n«pff BUnäÀamcpsS BkvYm\w  \nivNbn¡p¶Xp kw_Ôn¨v.

kqN\: 1. Cu B^okn \n¶pw 52/75þmw \¼cmbn 21þ7þ1975 ]pds¸Sphn¨ kÀ¡peÀ.

        2. tIcf kvtääv tImhm]tdäohv  C³kvs]IvtSgvkv Bâv BUntägvkv Atkmkntbj³ P\d sk{I«dn 6þ10þ1975  kaÀ¸n¨ sat½mdm­hpw, 7þ12þ1976 Ab¨ I¯pw.

sI. Fkv. BÀ. 5þmw `mKw 156þmw hIp¸\pkcn¨v \nban¨n«pff BUnäÀamcpsS BkvYm\w Xmsg ]dªncn¡p¶ coXnbn XpStc­XmsW¶v kqN\ (1) se kÀ¡peÀ {]Imcw \nÀt±in¨ncn¡p¶p.

(1)    Aknkväâv  cPnkv{SmÀ/I¬Idâv BUnäÀamÀ, aäp knwKnÄ I¬Idâv BUnäÀamÀ F¶nhcpsS BkvYm\w BUnäp sN¿p¶ kwL¯nsâ BkvYm\w Xs¶bmbncn¡pw.

(2)    aäp {Kq¸p I¬Idâv BUnäÀamcpsS BkvYm\w AXmXp {Kq¸nse Gähpw henb kwL¯nsâ BkvYm\w Xs¶bmbncn¡pw.

F¶m {Kq¸p I¬Idâv BUnäÀamcpsS Imcy¯n ta¸dª GÀ¸mSv `cW]cambpw {]mtbmKnIambpw Nne _p²nap«pIÄ krjvSn¡p¶ps­¶v ImWp¶XpsIm­v AhcpsS BkvYm\w _Ôs¸« BUnäp Aknkväâv cPnkv{SmÀamcpsS B^okmbn amän \nivNbn¨ncn¡p¶p.

Aknkväâv  cPnkv{SmÀ/I¬Idâv BUnäÀamÀ aäp knwKnÄ I¬Idâv BUnäÀamÀ F¶nhcpsS Imcy¯n kqN\ (1) se kÀ¡peÀ \nÀt±i§Ä  XpScp¶XmWv. 

Sn. F³. PbN{µ³

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

No.ADL (2) 67318/76.          

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies

                                                  Thiruvananthapuram, 19th January 1977


Sub:   Audit-Audit classification of Co-operative Societies-Instructions issued.

At present, audit classification of Co-operative Societies is done by awarding marks on the various aspects of the working of the Societies during the year of audit concerned.  There may be societies which may be giving undue importance to the subsidiary or secondary activities contemplated in their bye-laws by side passing or even ignoring the main objectives for which they are started. An industrial Co-operative Society started with the main object of helping the artisans by  marketing their products or a Service Co-operative Society started with the main object of assisting the agriculturists by advancing loans for agricultural purposes; concentrating  its main attention in conducting Chitties/Kuries or consumer activities could be cited as examples of the above said category.  Apparently, these societies will give a look of good working institutions eligible for classification as ‘A’ or ‘B’ as per the existing audit classification procedures.  In the circumstances the following further instructions are issued in regard to the audit classification of Co-operative Societies.

“A  Co-operative Society, which is not fulfilling the main objective for which it is started should not be classified as ‘A’ or ‘B’.             

D. Anandavally Amma

Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies, (Audit)

No.PL & C (4)-31348/76     

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies

            Thiruvananthapuram, 4th February 1977


Sub:   Overdues in Co-operative Credit Institutions-measures for reducing-Reviewing the position in the monthly conferences-Insisted.

The mounting overdues in Co-operative Credit Institutions at all levels has been causing concern to the State and Central Governments for quite a long time.  In spite of the issue of a series of directions aimed at bringing down the overdues in Co-operatives, nothing substantial could be achieved in this regard, possibly owing to slackness on the part of a section of the field staff who are not quite alive to the situation and the lack of control and supervision exercised by the controlling officers over the field staff.  The review of work done by the departmental staff in this regard continues to be ineffective and sporadic.

It is high time that this tendency is curbed and vigorous attempts made by drawing up time-bound programmes and fixing specific targets followed by critical review on the implementation thereof at periodical intervals. With a view to ensuring that further growth of overdues is arrested and the quantum thereof brought down  substantially all the Deputy Registrars (General) are requested to review the position of overdues with special emphasis on the work turned out by the field staff.  This should unfailingly be done in all the monthly conferences.  Accurate date on overdues including the position of demand, outstanding and percentage thereof to overdues in respect of each type of credit institution viz. Central Banks, Urban Banks, Primary Land Mortgage Banks and Primary Agricultural Credit Societies, as at the close of the previous month should be collected and the same reviewed in the conference.  A copy of the review and the compiled statement should be forwarded to this office within 5 days after the conferences.  The Deputy Registrars will follow the above procedures from this month onwards.


For Registrar of Co-operative Societies

No. 46138/76-G (3).  

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies

                                              Thiruvananthapuram, 10th February 1977

CIRCULAR No. 10/77

Sub:   Employees of Co-operative Societies-Accumulation of leave prior to 1-1-1974 - Carrying over-Clarifications issued.

Ref:   This Office Circular No. G3/9526/76 dated 24-6-1976 (35/76).

The provisions of the Kerala Service Rules regarding leave rules were made applicable to the Employees of Co-operative Societies by virtue of the provisions of sub-rule (8) of rule 190 of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Rules, 1969.  The rules 182 to 200 of the said rules were made applicable to the Employees of District Co-operative Banks only with effect from 1-10-1974 in view of the exemption granted to the said banks.  Till then the said employees were enjoying such leave on the basis of the leave rules of the respective banks. The leave so accrued or enjoyed during the period from 1-1-1974 to 30-9-1974 cannot be regularised or adjusted under Kerala Service Rules.

Hence in partial modification of the circular read above the instructions issued in respect of the carrying over of leave accrued to the employees would take effect only with effect from 1-10-1974 in so far the employees of District Co-operative Banks are concerned.


Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies, (General)

No.ADL (3) 263/77.  

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,

                                               Thiruvananthapuram, 18th February 1977

CIRCULAR No. 11/77

Sub:   Co-operative Department-Disposal of arbitration cases pending for want of records-Procedure to be adopted-Regarding.

Ref:   Letter No.D. 12880/76 dated 26-11-1976 from the Deputy Registrar (General), Kottayam.

The Deputy Registrar (General), Kottayam in the letter cited has informed that a major portion of the long pending arbitration cases are pending for want of production of relevant records which are reported to be before the criminal courts in connection with the prosecution cases launched against the officers of the societies.  If a strict view is taken the Arbitrators are not bound to keep the case files pending for years together for the  production of documents and that they can dispose of the case with the available records or dismiss the case for default.  But as the Department is bound to protect the interest of the societies, such an action is not advisable always.  Hence, he has sought for clarification as to whether it may not be in order to dispose of such cases permitting the societies to file fresh arbitration case as and when the records are received back form the criminal courts.

The matter has been examined in detail.  It is clarified that there is no objection is disposing an arbitration reference pending for want of production of all or any of the records required, but in dismissing such cases specific mention should be made that the disposal is without prejudice to the right of the parties to prefer fresh petition for arbitration so as to avoid a plea of res-judicata later.

M. G. K. Murthy

Registrar of Co-operative Societies-in-charge

\¼À Pn (3) 64389/75         

klIcWkwLw  cPnkv{SmÀ B^okv,

                                       Xncph\´]pcw,  1977 amÀ¨ 15

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 16/77

hnjbw:  klIcW kvYm]\§fn {]thi\ ^okv Hcp {]mhiy¯ne[nIw hkqem¡p¶Xp kw_Ôn¨v.

]e klIcW  kvYm]\§fpw AXnse AwK§fn  \n¶pw               A[nI HmlcnIÄ  ]ncn¡p¶tXmsSm¸w ho­pw  {]thi\ ^okv CuSm¡n hcp¶Xmbn cPnkv{SmdpsS {i²bnÂs¸«ncn¡¶p. 1969þse klIcW N«§fnse 20þmw N«{]Imcw HcmÄ {]thi\^okv, Hmlcn aqe[\¯nte¡pff kw`mh\ \n_Ô\IÄ {]Imcw sImSpt¡­Xmb atäsX¦nepw XpIIÄ F¶nh sImSp¡p¶tXmSpIqSn kwL¯nse AwKXzmhImiw  k¼mZn¡p¶p.  A{]Imcw klIcW kvYm]\§fn AwKambn XoÀ¶m {]kvXpX AwK¯n \n¶pw ho­pw {]thi\ ^okv CuSm¡p¶Xp \ymboIcn¡phm³ \nÀhmlanÃ.  hmbv]¡v At]£n¡pt¼mÄ IqSpX HmlcnIÄ hmt§­nhcpsa¦nepw B kµÀ`§fn ho­pw {]thi\ ^okv hkqem¡p¶ \S]Sn icnbÃ. A{]Imcw ho­pw {]thi\ ^okv CuSm¡p¶Xn\v GsX¦nepw kwL¯nsâ \n_Ô\ A\phZn¡p¶ps­¦n {]kvXpX \n_Ô\ DS³Xs¶ t`ZKXn sNt¿­XmIp¶p.

Fw. Pn. sI. aqÀ¯n

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ


Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies

                                                  Thiruvananthapuram, 11th May 1977

CIRCULAR No. 27/77

Sub:   Co-operative Training-Deputation of candidates by Co-operative Institutions for various training courses conducted by the various Co-operative Training Colleges under N. C. C. T. difference in the T.A. and D.A. rates-Allowing of.

For the training courses conducted by the Co-operative Training College, Trivandrum and other similar colleges run under the auspices of the N. C. C. T., the candidates deputed by the co-operative societies are eligible for to and fro Railway fare/State Transport bus fares by the shortest route for their journeys in connection with the joining and leaving the course from the Training College.  For their tours connected with the training a D.A. of Rs.4.50 is allowed to them in addition to the actual train or tours fare.  It has been represented by the various trainees that the rates allowed by the training college is very low and that they are entitled to higher rates of T.A., D.A. as per the service conditions applicable to them.  The Training Colleges are not in a position to allow a higher rates over the pattern fixed by the N.C.C.T.  In the circumstances, the sponsoring Co-operative Institution may allow to the candidate the difference in the rates of T.A. and D.A. adopted by the Co-operative Colleges and the Co-operative Institutions concerned as applicable to the candidates as per the rules in force.  The exact amount paid to the Institutional candidates by the Training Colleges under T.A. and D.A. should be ascertained from College before sanctioning the claims preferred by the candidates.


Registrar of Co-operative Societies

No. ADL (2) 28316/77.    

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies

                                              Thiruvananthapuram, 12th July 1977

CIRCULAR No. 38/77

Sub :  Co-operative Department-Audit-Audit of accounts of Societies under liquidation-Issue of audit certificates-Regarding.

Ref : This Office circular No. 89/76 dated 26-11-1976.

It was ordered  in the reference cited that the Audit Reports of the Societies in respect of arrear audits prior to the date of liquidation should be prepared in the prescribed form in vogue separately for each Co-operative Year and that the audit certificates issued separately for each year.  In this connection, it has been brought to the notice of the undersigned that many societies have gone into liquidation after the same was left defunct for years and that in those cases.  Only two or three entries are seen made in the Day Book for each such year of dormancy.  Thus in such cases, preparation of audit notes and certificates separately for each year will result in merely copying of previous year’s audit notes and certificates for each year.  As this will cause considerable loss of stationery and will lead to waste of time of the Auditor for Arbitration, Execution and Liquidation Accounts, the following instructions, modifying the circular No. 89/76 dated 26-11-1976, are issued for strict compliance.

1.       The Arbitration Execution Liquidation Auditor shall prepare the Audit Report of the societies treating the whole of the unaudited period up to the date of liquidation as a single year, if adjustment entries only are seen made in the Day Book for each such year of dormancy.

2.       He shall however prepare the audit reports separately for each year, if the society had made cash transactions even if they were of nominal in nature.

3.       The Deputy Registrars (General) shall ensure that the Arbitration, Execution, Liquidation Auditors comply with the above instructions strictly and shall issue audit certificates as per the norms detailed as item 1 and 2 above.

4.       Other instructions issued in the circular No. 89/76 dated 26-11-1976 will stand as such without any modification.

V.  K. Joseph

Joint Registrar (General)

In-charge of Joint Registrar (Audit)

No.CRB (1) 16293/77

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,

            Thiruvananthapuram, 15th July 1977

CIRCULAR No. 40/77

Sub:           Financing Housing Schemes-For the economically weaker sections of the community by Co-operatives exemption from share Linking-orders issued.

Ref: 1.  Letter No.ACD/Plan/781/PR. 338/76/7 dated 24-8-1976 from the Reserve Bank of India.

        2.  Letter No. G.333/111/10665/76-77 dated 11-4-1977 from the Kerala State Co-operative Bank.

As per the letter read as item 1 above the Reserve Bank of India has issued  guide-lines for financing the housing schemes for the economically weaker sections of the community.  The conference of the Central Co-operative Banks held on 5-2-1977 had discussed this item and decided to take up this scheme, relaxing the share linking for this type of advance at all levels.  The conference has also resolved to exclude such advances from the individual maximum borrowing power of the borrower members.  The said decisions have been examined and are found to be necessary for the successful functioning of the scheme aimed at the improvement of the interest of the weaker sections of the community.

In the circumstances sanction is accorded to relax the norms regarding share qualification for the advances under housing scheme for economically  weaker sections of the community, at all levels and to exclude such advances from the individual Maximum borrowing power of the borrower members.


For Registrar of Co-operative Societies

\¼À kn.BÀ.]n.(4) 31685/77 

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ B^ok,v

                                        Xncph\´]pcw, 1977 HIvtSm_À 10

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 45/77

hnjbw:  klIckwL§Ä \S¯p¶ Nn«nIÄ cPnkväÀ- sNt¿­Xv kw_Ôn¨v.

kqN\:   cPnkvt{Sj³ hIp¸nse C³kvs]IvSÀ P\densâ 15þ6þ1977 se kn.(5) 2847/77 \¼À I¯v. 

kqN\bnse I¯n³ {]Imcw Nne klIcW kwL§Ä \S¯p¶ Nn«nIÄ tIcf Nn«n \nba¯n³ Iogn \njv¡Àjn¨n«pff {]Imcw Nn«n XpS§p¶Xn\pw ap³]v cPnkväÀ sNbvXp hcp¶nsöpw BbXv 1975 se tIcf Nn«n \nba{]Imcw t{]mknIyqj³ \S]SnIÄ¡v hnt[bamsW¶pw Adnbn¨ncn¡p¶p.  klIcW kwL§-Ä \S¯p¶ Nn«nIÄ tIcf Nn«n \nba{]Imcw cPnkväÀ sNt¿­XmIp¶p.  BIbm klIcW kwL§-Ä \S¯p¶ FÃm Nn«nIfpw tIcf Nn«n \nba¯n A\pimkn¡p¶ coXnbn Nn«nIÄ XpS§p¶Xn\p ap³]p Xs¶ cPnkväÀ sNt¿­XmIp¶p.  Sn Imcy¯n hogvN hcp¯p¶Xv in£mÀlamsW¶p IqSn kqNn¸n¡p¶p.

klIcW kwLw cPnkv{SmÀ¡pth­n



Office of the Registrar of CooperativeSocieties

                                                Trivandrum, 10th September 1977

CIRCULAR No. 48/77

Sub:   Civil Supplies-A.R.Ds. and by Co-operative Societies-Actions against the licensees-Instructions issued.

Ref:   Circular No. 28/77 of the Director of Civil Supplies, Trivandrum.

It is very much distressing to note that the functioning of ration depots by the Co-operatives has invited severe strictures from the Civil Supplies Department.  In the Circular referred to the Director of Civil Supplies has observed that  about 25% of the A.R.Ds in the State are run by the Co-operatives, which are functioning both as A.W.Ds and A.R.Ds. also.  In cases of detection of serious irregularities including misappropriation of rationed articles, the present practice followed by the Civil Supplies Department is to impose punishment or to cancel the authorisation.  The explanations offered in such cases invariably show that the entire blame is cast upon the Salesman/Manager of the Depot.  The usual practice adopted by the concerned bank/societies is to realise the amount from the delinquent employees and some times substitute the Salesman  by another.  Albeit the misappropriation and other irregularities continue unabated, is a disappointing phenomena.

In the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act, 1969 there is provision to prosecute a member or any officer of the society who commits misappropriation or unauthorisedly or illegally keeps money belonging to the society.  Therefore, it is necessary that serious cases of misappropriation of rationed articles or other irregularities which causes avoidable run to the society should be brought to the notice of the Co-operative Department for taking steps for the prosecution of the delinquents.  But the prosecution steps should be initiated only after finalising proceedings under the provisions contemplated in the Kerala Rationing order.

Under the circumstances, all the Co-operative Societies/Banks running A.R.Ds. and A.W.Ds. are hereby requested to be more vigilant and to show maximum assiduity in the proper running of A.R.Ds.and A.W.Ds., so that the fair names of the Co-operatives are not tarnished in future.  In case any misappropriation and such other irregularities occur in the societies, Criminal Prosecution proceedings will be initiated against the delinquent employees and other office bearers.

K. Kesavan Nair

Additional Secretary of Co-operative Societies

\¼À kn.Fkv.(3) 25026/76.          

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ B^ok,v

                                        Xncph\´]pcw, 1977 \hw_À 30

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 61/77

hnjbw:  sam¯ hym]mc klIcW kvtämdpIfpsS hmÀjnI kvtäms¡Sp¸n Ipdhp I­ kvtäm¡v XpSÀ¶pff kvtäms¡Sp¸n ImWp¶ A[nI kvtäm¡mbn X«n¡gn¡p¶Xv kw_Ôn¨v.

sam¯ hym]mc D]t`mIvXr klIcW kvtämdpIfpsS hmÀjnI kvtäms¡Sp¡pt¼mÄ an¡hmdpw FÃm kvtämdpIfpsSbpw kvtäm¡n Ipdhp hcp¶Xmbn ImWp¶p­v.  C{]Imcw Ipdhpff kvtäm¡nsâ hne _Ôs¸«hcn \n¶pw CuSm¡m³ FÃm kvtämdnsâbpw amt\PnwKv UbdIvSÀamsc ]e BhÀ¯n \nÀt±in¨n«p­v. XpI CuSm¡p¶Xn\v ]e kvtämdpIfpsSbpw amt\PnwKv UbdIvSÀamÀ ^e{]Zambn \S]SnIÄ kzoIcn¨n«pffXmbn ImWp¶nÃ.   GXm\pw kvtämdpIfpsS amt\PnwKv UbdIvSÀamÀ C{]Imcw Ipdhp I­ kvtäm¡v ]n¶oSv B kvtämdn kvtäm¡v Xn«s¸Sp¯pt¼mÄ A[nIw I­ kvtäm¡pambn X«n¡ngn¡p¶Xmbpw ImWm³ Ignªn«p­v.  Cu \S]Sn BUnäp \b§Ä¡v hn]coXamWv.  kXykÔambn hym]mcw \S¯pIbpw IrXyambn IW¡pIÄ IW¡pIÄ kq£n¡pIbpw sN¿p¶ Hcp kvYm]\¯n km[\§fpsS \o¡nbncp¸n IW¡n ImWp¶Xn Ipdhmtbm IqSpXemtbm hcphm³ ]mSpffXÃ.  N«§Ä A\pkcn¨v DW¡p aqehpw Afhv hyXymkw apJm´nchpw hcmhp¶ IpdhpIÄ¡v ]cn[n \nivNbn¨n«p­v.  F¶m Cu ]cn[nbn- IqSpX kvtäm¡n Ipdhp hcp¶Xv A{i² aqehpw, Ir{Xnaw ImWn¡p¶Xp aqehpw am{XamImt\ Xcapffp.  BbXn\m kvtäm¡n Ipdhp I­m BbXnsâ hne _Ôs¸«hcn \n¶pw CuSmt¡­XmWv. Ipdhp I­ kvtäm¡nsâ hne bmsXmcp ImcWhimepw IqSpXembn ImWp¶ kvtäm¡pambn X«n¡ngn¡phm³ ]mSpffXsöpw CXn\m \njv¡Àjn¡p¶p.

sI. tIih³ \mbÀ

AUojWÂ cPnkv{SmÀ

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