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No.ADL (1) 5096/82.

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies

                                              Trivandrum, 11-2-1982


Sub:     Calculation of annual demand by Central Co-operative Banks Regarding.

Ref: 1. Letter No. ACD (T) No. Insp./3480E (Gen.)-81/2 dated 27-1-1982 of Reserve Bank of India, Trivandrum.

        2. Circular No.51/81 in file No.ADL (1) 49659/81 dated 17-11-1981.

It is observed that some of the District Co-operative Banks are including advance collections against the demand falling due during the next year also while calculating the demand for the year.

It is, therefore, directed that all District Co-operative Banks should invariably exclude the advance collection pertaining to the demand for the ensuring year while calculating the actual demand for the current year.

E. V. Radhakrishnan

Additional Registrar of Co-operative Societies (Audit)

No.V (I)19819/82.     

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies

            Trivandrum, 17-4-1982

CIRCULAR No. 12/1982

It has come to the notice of the Registrar that Officers of the Department who are appointed as enquiry officers in disciplinary cases do not complete the enquiry in time.  If the enquiry officers do their work in right earnestness there is no reason why the enquiry could not be completed in time.

It has also been notice that one of the reasons, for the non-completion of enquiries is due to the transfer of the officers who happen to be enquiry officers.  In such cases it is hereby instructed that the Enquiry Officers who have initiated the enquiry should proceed with the enquiry even after their transfer from the post under intimation to Registrar of Co-operative Societies.

This is not applicable to Officers who are transferred on deputation to other officers or organisations.

M. S. Joseph

Registrar of Co-operative Societies

No.CP(2) 8063/82/K.Dis.      

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,

            Trivandrum, 20-4-1982

CIRCULAR No. 14/82

Sub:       Investments of funds by Panchayats in approved Co-operative Banks and Societies-regarding.

Read: 1.  This office Circular No. 29/80 dt.9-5-1980.

          2. Letter No. L.Dis.77299/81/G2 dt. 10-2-1982 of Director of Panchayats.

1.       As per the Circular read as 1st paper above the Co-op: Societies/Banks

classified in audit as not below C were allowed to accept deposit from Panchayats.

2.       As per the reference read as 2nd paper above the Director of Panchayats has informed that as per rule 4 of Kerala Panchayat Rules 1963, surplus funds of Panchayats can be invested only in Co-operative Banks/Societies whose audit classification is not below ‘B’.  As such Panchayats are not free to invest their funds in societies/Banks classified in audit as ‘C’.

3.       In the circumstance, all Co-operative Societies/Banks classified in audit not below ‘B’ need only be approved to accept deposits from Panchayts.

4.       However societies which continue to be classified as ‘C’ as per audit report of previous years pending audit of accounts of upto date shall not suffer of this account alone.  If in the opinion of the Joint Registrar a society/Bank has subsequently satisfied the condition necessary to satisfy for classification as ‘A’ or ‘B’ even though audit has not been completed, such societies may also be permitted to accept deposits from Panchayats.  The Circular No. 29/80 is modified to this extent.  The other conditions stipulated in the circular will be strictly adhered.


Registrar of Co-operative societies

No CB (4) 40015/80. 

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies

                                              Trivandrum, 30-4-1982

CIRCULAR No. 19/82

Sub:      Urban Co-op: Banks-Investment of surplus funds-Instructions issued-regarding.

Ref: 1. Letter No. SCD.Plan (Cub) 47/B8-80-81 dated 8-8-1980 from the Reserve Bank of India.

         2. Registrar’s circulars No.62/81 dated 19-12-1981

Please refer to para I of the circular referred to as item (2) above.  The last sentence of paragraph I of the circular should read as under.

“The committee has also recommended that if the Urban Co-operative Banks are to keep call deposits with the commercial banks for a period exceeding 3 months, the permission of the Registrar should be obtained”.

K.  P.  Sreenivasan

Additional Registrar of Co-op:Societies, (Credit)

\¼À  49288/91                        

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ B^okv,

                                        Xncph\´]pcw, 7þ7þ1982

kÀ¡peÀ 29/82

hnjbw:  klIcW kvYm]\§fnse `cW kanXnIfnte¡v sXcsªSp¸n\pth­n hcp¶ sNehpIÄ hln¡p¶Xns\ kw_Ôn¨v.

klIcW kvYm]\§fnse `cW kanXnIfnte¡v \S¡p¶ sXcsªSp¸n\v \nb{´WclnXambn sNehpIÄ \S¯nhcp¶Xmbn GXm\pw ZrjvSm´§Ä {i²bnÂs¸«ncn¡p¶p.  t]mfnwKv DtZymKkvY³amsc hoSpIfnÂ\n¶pw sIm­phcp¶Xn\pw XncnsI sIm­m¡p¶Xn\papff SmIvkn¡qen, t]mfnwKv Hm^okÀamÀ¡v A\[nIrXambn \ÂIp¶ Aeh³kv XpS§n hnhn[ C\§fnembn `oaamb XpIIÄ Nne kwL§Ä sNehp hcp¯p¶p­v.  sNehpIÄ A\[nIrXamsW¶pffXn\p ]pdsa C¯c¯nepff sNehpIÄ¡v bYmÀ°¯nepff hu¨dpIÄt]mepw kq£n¡phm³ kwL§Ä¡p Ignªn«nÃ. C¯c¯nepff sNehpIfpsS XpIIÄ FÃmw IqSn sXcsªSp¸p sNehp F¶v ImWn¨v sk{I«dn H¸n« AtX hu¨dmWv kwL§fn ]et¸mgpw kq£n¨p ImWp¶Xv.

apIfn ]dª Xc¯nepff A\mhiyamb sNehpIfpw hogvNIfpw bmsXmcp ImcWhimepw A\phZn¡p¶XÃ.  C¡mcy¯n Xmsg ]dbp¶ \nÀt±i§Ä IÀi\ambpw \S¸n hcpt¯­XmWv.

1.     sXcsªSp¸n\p \ntbmKn¡p¶ dnt«WnwKv Hm^okÀ¡v \nbam\pkcWw A\phZ\obamb {]Xn^ew am{Xta \evImhq.  t]mfnwKv Hm^okÀamcmtbm atäm \nban¡s¸Sp¶ Un¸mÀ«psaâ DtZymKkvY³amÀ kwL¯nÂ\n¶v bmsXmcp {]Xn^ehpw kzoIcn¡phm³ ]mSnÃm¯XmIp¶p

2.     sXcsªSp¸nt\mSv A\p_Ôn¨v bm{XIÄ¡v dnt«WnwKv Hm^okÀamÀt¡m aäp Un¸mÀ«psaâv DtZymKkvY³amÀt¡m  kwL¯nsâ sNehn SmIvkn GÀs¸Sp¯ns¡mSp¡m³ ]mSnÃm¯XmWv. DtZymKkvY ³amÀ¡v \nbam\pkcWw e`n¡p¶ bm{X¸Sn¡p am{Xta AhImiap ­mbncn¡pIbpffp.

3.     sXcsªSp¸ns\ kw_Ôn¨pff FÃm sNehpIfpw sXcsªSp¸v sNehv F¶ slUvUn Xs¶ ImWnt¡­Xpw I­nPâv FIvkvs]³Un¨À, ]ehI sNehpIÄ, {]nânwKv Bâv kvtäj\dn XpS§n hnhn[ slUpIfnembn sXcsªSp¸v kw_Ôamb sNehpIÄ ImWn¡p¶ \S]Sn Ahkm\n¸nt¡­XmWv.

4.     asäÃm hu¨dpIsfbpw t]mse sXcsªSp¸v kw_Ôamb hu¨dpIfpw bYmÀ°¯n ]Ww ]äp¶ BÄ Xs¶ H¸n«n«pffh bmbncn¡Ww.  A{]ImcaÃmsX hcp¯p¶ sNehpIÄ¡v kwL¯nsâ No^v FIvknIyq«ohv hyIvXn]cambn D¯chmZnIfmbncnípw.

5.     kwLw ]cntim[\¡pw BUnänse NpaXes¸« DtZymKkvY³amÀ sXcsªSp¸v sNehpIÄ IÀi\ambpw ]cntim[n¡pIbpw Fs´¦nepw A]mIXIÄ Ds­¶p ImWpIbmsW¦n AXns\ kw_Ôn¨v Hcp {]tXyI dnt¸mÀ«v tae[nImcn¡v DS³  Xs¶ \evtI­Xpw AXn³ta DNnXamb \S]SnIÄ tae[nImcnIÄ kzoIcnt¡­XpamWv.

6.     Cu \nÀt±i§Ä ]men¡phm³ FÃm Un¸mÀ«psaâv DtZymKkvY³amcpw {i²nt¡­XmWv.  Ch ewLn¡p¶hcpsS t]cn IÀi\amb in£W \S]SnIÄ kzoIcn¡p¶Xmbncn¡pw.

sI. Fw. _meIrjvW³

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

No.CLT (3) 39191/82.           

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,

                                             Trivandrum, 24-7-1982

CIRCULAR No. 34/82

Sub:   Disbursement of Long-Term loans-simplification of procedures-modification issued-

Ref:   Circular No.89/80 Dt. 30-12-80

In the circular cited instructions have been issued simplifying the procedure for the disbursement of Long Term Loans.  As per the circular instructions the loanees have to sign affidavits before the Secretary of Primary Land Mortgage Banks.

The existing procedure of signing the affidavits by the loanees before the Secretaries of Primary Land Mortgage Banks is dispensed with.  The Loanees are permitted to sign the affidavits before Agricultural Officers and Assistant Registrar/Valuation Officers attached to the Primary Land Mortgage Banks.


Additional Registrar (Credit)

No. CLT(3)32081/82 

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,

            Trivandrum dt. 28-8-82

CIRCULAR No. 41/82

Sub:   Disbursement of L.T. Loans-Simplification of procedures-modification issued.

Ref:   Circular No.89/80 dated 30-12-1980

            Circular No. 34/82 dated 24-7-1982

The instruction issued as per Circular 2nd cited is modified as follows :-“The loanees may sign the affidavits before the Secretary or before the Agricultural Officer or Assistant Registrar/Valuation Officer attached to the Primary Land Mortgage Banks”.

K. M. Balakrishnan

Registrar of Co-operative Societies

No.CLT (3) 35219/82.           

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies

                                              Trivandrum, 19-8-1982


Sub:   Investment of funds of Primary Agriculture Co-op:Societies/Banks in commercial banks Instructions issued.

Ref:   Registrar’s circular No.80/80 dated, 17-11-1980.

In continuation of the instructions given in the circular cited Joint Registrars are permitted to dispose of applications for opening/reviewing/continuing the accounts of PACS/Banks with commercial banks.

They will note that sanction need be given only if they are convinced that the opening of account with commercial banks is inevitable for carrying out the normal business transaction of the societies/banks. Where the purpose will be served by the local branch of District Co-operative Bank permission will not be granted for opening accounts with commercial banks.  Renewal of accounts already opened may be done after review of the need for such continuance.  The limit allowed earliest may not be enhanced in the normal course.

In other cases the society / bank will be directed not to open the account in commercial banks and instructed to deposit the amount in the district co-operative banks.  Under no circumstances will Societies / Banks be permitted to open accounts with commercial banks for purposes of depositing surplus funds.  Requests for permission to open accounts with commercial banks will be granted in consultation with the district co-operative banks.

K. P. Sreenivasan

Additional Registrar of Co-operative Societies

\¼À C.Fw. 46963/82

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{Smdm^okv,

                                           Xncph\´]pcw, 28þ9þ82

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 44/82

hnjbw:  ss{]adn klIcW kwL§fn in]mbn, Aä³UÀ XpS§nbhcpsS {]tamj³ kw_Ôn¨v t]mjI hn`mKw D]\n_Ô\bn hyhkvY DÄs¡mffníp¶Xv \nÀt±iw.

ss{]adn klIcW kwL§fn in]mbn, Aä³UÀ XkvXnIIfn tPmen t\m¡p¶ \nivNnX tbmKyXbpffhÀ¡v {]tamj³ km²yXbnÃm¯ Hcp AhkvYbmWv Ct¸mÄ \nehnepffsX¶pw BbXnteív Hcp ]cnlmcw D­m¡Wsa¶pw Bhiyw D¶bn¡s¸«ncp¶p.  C¡mcyw hniZambn ]cntim[n¨Xn icnbmsW¶v t_m²yw h¶Xn\m Xmsg ]dbp¶ \nÀt±iw FÃm tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀamÀ¡pw \ÂIp¶p.

FÃm ss{]adn klIcW kwL§fpw klIcW N«w 185 (1)  hyhkvY sNbvXncn¡pw {]Imcw, kwLw Poh\¡mcpsS {]tamj\p th­n t]mjI hn`mK D]\n_Ô\ \nÀ½nípt¼mÄ, 186þmw N«¯n \nivNbn¨n«pff FÃm hnZym`ymk tbmKyXIfpw kw¼mZn¨n«pffhcpw B kwL¯n IpdªXv ap¶p hÀjw XpSÀ¨bmbn kÀhokv Dffhcpw Bb in]mbnamtcbpw Aä³UÀamscbpw, ¢mÀ¡v XkvXnIbnte¡pff {]tamj\p th­n t]mjI hn`mKambn DÄs¸Sp¯mhp¶XmWv.

ta \nÀt±iw FÃm kwL§fptSbpw {i²bnÂs¸Spt¯­XmWv.

sI. Fw. _meIrjvW³

klIcW kwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

No. O & M/61076/82.

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies

                                              Trivandrum, 28-10-1982

CIRCULAR No. 46/82

Sub:   Duties to be performed by Assistant Registrars-District Joint Registrar’s Offices-Instructions-Regarding.

In order to facilitate the smooth and effective functioning of the District Joint Registrar’s Offices, and to bring out uniformity in the duties to be performed by the Assistant Registrar’s attached to the Joint Registrar’s Offices, the following instructions are issued.

1.       The Tappal received in the office should be opened in the presence of the Assistant Registrar (Administration) and before distributing the tappal to the sections, it should be seen by the Assistant Registrar  (Planning) also, besides sending the important tappals for perusal by the Joint Registrar.  If Joint Registrar is on camp or leave, the tappals received should be distributed to the sections after being seen by the Assistant Registrar’s and action taken on all routine matters without waiting for the return of the Joint Registrar.  Important and urgent matters should be brought to the notice of the Joint Registrar on his return.

2.       T. P. Messages and other important tappals which require immediate attention should be attended by the Assistant Registrar’s concerned, without waiting for the Joint Registrar, if Joint Registrar is on camp or leave.  In such circumstances, ratification of the action taken may be obtained on return of the Joint Registrar.  T. P. Message should be recorded  in a register showing the details of date and time of receipt.  Acknowledgement should be obtained in the concerned register.

3.       Drafts of a routine nature to the subordinate offices, and reminders to other offices may be approved by Assistant Registrars.  First D. O. letter may also  be sent to them by the Assistant Registrar unless the matter is important and has to be seen by the Joint Registrar.  Second D.O. letter may be issued by the Joint Registrars.

4.       Casual leave applications of all N. G. O.s in office may be sanctioned by the Assistant Registrar (Administration).  Casual Leave application of Assistant Registrars only need be sent to the Joint Registrar for sanction.

5.       The Assistant Registrars will examine the Personal Registers of the Clerks/Inspectors under the control once in every month.  They should certify in the Distribution Register, every day, that the currents have been registered in the Personal Register.

6.       The Assistant Registrars are not touring officers.  Only in exceptional cases they may undertake journeys, with the prior sanction of the Joint Registrar.

This order will come into force with immediate effect.  The receipt of this Circular may be acknowledged.

K. M. Balakrishnan

Registrar of Co-operative Societies

\¼À. F¨v. Pn. (1) 60810/82.  

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ B^okv,

                                        Xncph\´]pcw, 4þ11þ1982

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 49/82

hnjbw: lcnP\/KncnP\ klIcWkwL§ÄþsI«nS \nÀ½mW¯n\v hkvXp hm§ÂþAUzm³kv XpI \ÂIp¶Xp kw_Ôn¨v.

lcnP\/KncnP\ klIcWkwL§Ä¡v B^okv aµncw ]Wnbm³ hkvXp hm§p¶Xn\v ]camh[n 25000 cq] hsc {Kmâmbn Kh¬saân \n¶pw \ÂInhcp¶p­v.  {]kvXpX {Kmâv A\phZn¡p¶Xn\pff At]£tbmsSm¸w Bcn \n¶mtWm kwLw hkvXp hm§m³ Dt±in¨ncn¡p¶Xv B hkvXp DSabnÂ\n¶pw hkvXp kwL¯n\v hn¡m³ X¿mdmsW¶pff IcmÀ]{Xw IqSn hm§n Abt¡­Xp­v.  C{]Imcw Icmdn GÀs¸Spt¼mÄ Hcp XpI ap³Iqdmbn hkvXp DSa¡v sImSp¯phcp¶ ]Xnhp­v.  C§s\ Nne kwL§Ä hkvXp hm§p¶Xn\mbn hkvXp DSa¡v AUzm³kv \ÂIpIbpw Kh¬saân \n¶pw \nba{]Imcw AÀlamb {Kmân\v At]£ kaÀ¸n¡mXncn¡pIbpw sN¿pIbpw IcmÀ {]Imcapff Imemh[n Ahkm\n¸n¨Xns\¯pSÀ¶v ap³IqÀ \ÂInb XpIIÄ \jvSs¸Sm³ CShcnIbpw sNbvXXmbn ImWp¶p.  At]£ \nivNnX kab¯v kaÀ¸n¨mÂt]mepw _UvPänepff XpI ]cnanXambXn\m FÃm At]£Ifpw ]cnKWn¡m³ IgnbpIbnÃ.  Cu ]cnX:kvYnXnbn hkvXp hm§m³ DSabpambn Icmdn GÀs¸Spt¼mÄ bmsXmcp XpIbpw ap³Iqdmbn \ÂIm³ ]mSnsöv FÃm lcnP\/KncnP\ kwL§tfbpw Adnbn¡p¶p.

Cu \nÀt±i§Ä DS\Sn {]m_ey¯n hcp¶Xpw CX\pkcn¨v kwL§Ä {]hÀ¯nt¡­XpamWv.  CXn\v hn]coXambn {]hÀ¯n¡p¶ kwL§fpsS sk{I«dnamcpw {]knUâpamcpw kz´\nebn \jvtSm¯chmZnXzw hlnt¡­XpamWv.

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ¡pth­n

No. V2-63440/82                               

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, 

                                             Trivandrum,  Dated 16-11-1982.


Sub:   Amendments to Bye-laws of Co-operative Societies-Rejection there of-observing provisions laid down in sub section(4) of section 12 of KCS Act regarding.

Ref:   HG(2)37801/82 dated, 22-10-1982.

An instance has come to the notice of the Registrar  of Co-operative Societies a Joint  Registrar while registering the amendment to the bye-laws of a society  rejected certain amendment without assigning any reason.  This is irregular.  The attention of all the Joint Registrars is drawn to sub  section (4) of section 12 of the Co-operative Society Act in which it is laid down that where the Registrar refuses to register an amendment of the bye-laws of a society, he shall communicate the order of refusal, together with the reasons therefore, within seven days of the order to the society.

Joint Registrars are requested to strictly adhere to the above provision while rejecting the amendments.

The receipt of this circular shall be acknowledged.

K. M. Balakrishnan

Registrar of Co-operative Societies

\¼À C.Fw.39088/82 

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{Smdm^okv

                                            Xncph\´]pcw 26þ11þ1982

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 54/82

hnjbw: klIcW kwL§Ä 182 mw N«¯nse A\p_Ôw 3 ]dbp¶ {]Imcw ¢mÊv amäw hcpt¼mÄ hnZym`ymk tbmKyXsb kw_Ôn¨vþhniZoIcWw

tIcf klIcW N«w 182 sâ A\p_Ôw 3 ]dbpw {]Imcw klIcW kvYm]\§fpsS {]hÀ¯\ ]ptcmKXn¡v A\pkcWambn  ¢mÊv amäw kw`hn¡pt¼mÄ Nne XkvXnIIfpsS i¼f kvsIbnepIÄ¡pw amäw kw`hn¡p¶p.  C{]Imcw amäw kw`hnípt¼mÄ Nne XkvXnIIfpsS XpS¡w i¼fw 250 cq]¡v ta hcp¶p.  CtX N«¯nse 186 mw N«{]Imcw 250 cq]tbm AXn\p tatetbm XpS¡ i¼fapff, kmt¦XnI tbmKyX BhiyapffsXmgnsIbpff FÃm XkvXnIIÄ¡pw Hcp AwKoIrX kÀhIemimebpsS _ncpZhpw klIcW ]cnioe\hpw hnZym`ymk tbmKyXbmbn \nivNbn¨n«p­tÃm.  CtXmsSm¸w 186þmw N«¯nse t\m«v 1 \nehnepff Poh\¡mÀ¡v {]kvXpX N«¯n \nivNbn¨n«pff hnZym`ymk tbmKyXIÄ H¶pw Xs¶ AhÀ At¸mÄ hln¡p¶ XkvXnIbn XpScphm³ _m[Iamt¡­XnÃm F¶pw hyhkvY sNbvXn«p­v.

F¶m ¢mÊv amäw kw`hn¡pt¼mÄ Nne XkvXnIbpsS XpS¡ i¼f¯n hcp¶ hyXymkw IW¡nseSp¯psIm­v {]kvXpX XkvXnI hln¡phm³ Nne Poh\¡mÀ¡v hnZym`ymk tbmKyX Csöpw AXp sIm­v DS³ Xs¶ \nivNnX tbmKyX k¼mZnt¡­XmsW¶pw Asæn- {]kvXpX  XkvXnIbn \n¶pw Xcw Xmgv¯pItbm ]ncn¨p hnSpItbm sNt¿­XmsW¶pw Nne tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmÀamÀ AhcpsS A[nImc ]cn[nbnepff kwL§sf \nÀt±in¡mdps­¶v {i²bn s]«ncn¡p¶p.

klIcW N«w 186  \nivNbn¨ncn¡p¶ tbmKyXIÄ _m[Iam¡p¶Xv GsX¦nepw Xc¯nepff \nba\w (t\cnt«m, DtZymK¡bäw aqetam) \S¯pt¼mÄ am{XamWv {]kvXpX N«¯nse t\m«v 1 se hyhkvY {]Imcw \nehnepff Poh\¡mÀ¡v AhÀ hln¡p¶ XkvXnIIfn XpScphm³ \nivNnX tbmKyXIÄ _m[Iamt¡­XnÃ.  ¢mÊv amäw aqew Poh\¡mcpsS i¼f¯n hÀ²\ D­mIpsa¶pffXp sIm­v Ahsc ]pXpXmbn \nban¡pIbmsW¶p ]dbphm³ IgnbpIbnÃ.  AXpsIm­v ¢mÊv amdp¶Xp aqew t\ct¯ D­mbncp¶ Poh\¡mÀ N«w 186  \nivNbn¨ncn¡p¶ tbmKyX Csö ImcW¯mÂ, XXvkvYm\¯p XpScphm³ AtbmKycmbn Xocp¶nÃ.  F¶m ¢mÊv amäw aqew D­mIp¶ ]pXnb XkvXnIIÄ \nI¯pt¼mÄ 186 mw N«¯n ]dbp¶ tbmKyXIÄ _m[Iamt¡­XmWv.

sI. Fw. _meIrjvW³

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

No.CB (1) 61892/82. 

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies

             Trivandrum, 26-11-1982

CIRCULAR No. 55/82

Sub:   ST loans for agriculture-Insistence of drawal of B component-Instructions issued.

1.       The ST agricultural loan is sanctioned in cash (A component) and in kind (B component). The kind component has been insisted upon to ensure utilisation, as otherwise it is likely to be misused.  The cash component represents the cost of cultivation by the traditional method.  The kind component will be available to those who are prepared to take up progressive methods of cultivation.  Strict instructions have already been issued that the B component should not be made compulsory.  A cultivator who continues to cultivate his holdings in the traditional manner may lift the A component only.  Those who wish may lift the B component according to the scale of finance or less according to his own estimates.  Thus even where a cultivator does not propose to lift the B component or decide to lift only a part of it he should be allowed the freedom.  The B component should also be available in instalments as and when the seasonal agricultural operation demand it.

          Instances have come to the notice of the Registrar that some societies insist upon their members to lift the B component, if they are to avail of the cash component.  These societies also insist that members lift the B component in one lot.  This compulsion is not desirable. Such compulsion should be avoided.

          In spite of this compulsion the offtake of B component has been very poor.  Compared to the A component the offtake of B component has been nominal.  The Joint Registrars will examine this and ascertain why cultivators are shy of lifting the B component.  The cases of a few PACS will be studied and the Joint Registrar will report the remedial action that is necessary to improve the offtake of B component.

2.       Some societies have been indulging in the non-agricultural lending ignoring the agricultural sector.  The percentage of members who borrow short term agricultural loan in many of the societies is low.  Evidently there has been little attention to agricultural advances. Even the nominal amounts advanced have been in cash.  However the sale of fertilisers in cash and carry basis was several fold of the B component.  It is quite possible that the portion of A component as per the scale of finance is much in excess of the actual need.  So that the cultivator finds the money to purchase fertilisers from out of the A component.  It can also be on account of compulsion by the societies to lift the fertiliser in one lot.  The  cultivator probably purchases fertilisers in cash and carry basis in several instalments as and when he requires.  It is also possible that other types of loan taken by members are also utilised for purchasing fertilisers.  The following instructions are therefore issued for immediate action without waiting for the study suggested above.  Agricultural credit societies will permit the members to lift the B component in as many instalments as are desired by them.  The Joint Registrars will ensure this.


          All the societies will have to stock the fertilisers of the varieties that are necessary for the type of crops cultivated in the area so that the member do not have to approach other agencies for fertilisers.  Each society should set apart at least 50%  of the loanable funds for short term agricultural loans.  It may not be possible to achieve this immediately.  A programme for achieving this level of operation will be given with a date line so that in the course of the next say two years it will be possible to reorient the loaning portfolio of each society properly.

Targets for purpose-wise advance by each society will be discussed in the monthly conference of PACS and a time bound programme will be given.  The Joint Registrar will review the action taken, every quarter if not at shorter intervals.

The Joint Registrars will issue suitable instructions in this regard to the societies and field staff.  The lending programme for each society will be discussed and finalised in the next monthly conference of PACs.  The programme will indicate the ratio of short term agriculture loan, A component and B component, M.T. agriculture loan for self employment Village Industries and non-agricultural loans.

Receipt of the circular may be acknowledged.

K. M. Balakrishnan

Registrar of Co-operative Societies

No. PG (2) 43699/81.

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies

                                              Trivandrum, 25-11-1982

CIRCULAR No. 60/82

Sub:   Contribution-Donations by Co-operative Institutions-Instructions-Issued.

It has come to the notice of the undersigned that the co-operative institutions are making contributions/donations to various purposes from their funds without the prior permission of the competent authorities.

The contributions/donations made by the co-operative institutions for the purposes which does not involve public interest such as farewell parties, presentation to Departmental and other officers and officers and Employees of co-operative Institutions on transfer/retirement etc. are highly irregular.

Therefore it is hereby directed that co-operative institutions should not make any contributions/donations from their funds for the above mentioned purposes and the like.  Before making donations/contributions the societies should obtain prior permission of the Registrar of co-operative societies/Joint Registrar of co-operative societies of the Districts concerned for the purpose.

Joint Registrars of the Districts are requested to see that such things should not happen.  If any society fails to comply with the instructions, the amounts thus paid as contribution/donation should be recovered from the persons responsible by initiating appropriate action.

K. M. Balakrishnan

Registrar of Co-operative Societies

\¼À kn._n.(5) 69112/82      

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{Smdm^okv,

        Xncph\´]pcw, 22þ12þ1982

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 69/82

hnjbw:   _m¦nwKv dKptej³ BIvSnsâ ]cn[nbn hcm¯ kwL§Ä \nt£]§Ä¡p \ÂIp¶ ]eni \nc¡v kw_Ôn¨ \nÀt±i§Ä

kqN\: 1. cPnkv{SmdpsS 31þ3þ1981 se 13/81 mw \¼À kÀ¡peÀ

         2. cPnkv{SmdpsS 16þ11þ1982 se 82/82 mw \¼À kÀ¡peÀ

_m¦nwKv dKptej³ BIvSnsâ ]cn[nbn hcm¯ {]mYanI klIcW kwL§`Ä AhÀ kzoIcn¡p¶ \nt£]§Ä¡v \ÂImhp¶ ]camh[n ]eni \nc¡v \nivNbn¨psIm­pff \nÀt±i§Ä ta kqN\bnse kÀ¡pedpIÄ {]Imcw \ÂInbncp¶p.  F¶m ta \nÀt±i§Ä¡p hn]coXambn ]e kwL§fpw \nt£]§Ä¡v DbÀ¶ \nc¡nepff ]eni \ÂIn hcp¶Xmbn hnhcw e`n¨ncn¡p¶p.  Cu \S]Sn A\phZ\obaÃ.  BbXn\m _m¦nKv dKptej³ BIvSnsâ ]cn[nbn hcm¯ {]mYanI klIcW kwL§Ä AhÀ kzoIcn¡p¶ \nt£]§Ä¡v cPnkv{SmÀ \nivNbn¨n«pff \nc¡n IqSpX ]eni taem \ÂIm³ ]mSnsöv \nÀt±in¡p¶p. 

sI. Fw. _meIrjvW³

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

\¼À hn.(2) 67681/82.         

klIcW kwLw cPnkv{SmÀ B^okv,

                                       Xncph\´]pcw, 1983 P\phcn, 3

kÀ¡peÀ \¼À 71/82

hnjbw:  tIm¬^d³kpIÄ¡pw ]T\bm{XIÄ¡pw aäpw {]Xn\n[nIsf Ab¡p¶Xp kw_Ôn¨v.

hnhn[ Xc¯nepff tIm¬^d³kpIÄ¡pw ]T\bm{XIÄ¡pw aäpambn ]e kwL§fpw kwL§fpsS sNehn {]Xn\n[nIsf Ab¨phcp¶Xmbn ImWp¶p.  ]et¸mgpw CXv kwkvYm\¯n\p ]pdt¯¡pw Npcp¡w Ahkc¯n hntZicmPy§fnte¡pw Bbncn¡pw.klIcW {]kvYm\hpambn bmsXmcp _ÔhpanÃm¯ kt½f\§Ä¡p t]mepw {]Xn\n[nIsf Ab¡pI Hcp ]Xnhmbn XoÀ¶ncn¡p¶p.  C§s\ {]Xn\n[nIsf Ab¡p¶XpsIm­v kwL§Ä¡v bmsXmcp hn[ KpWhpw kn²n¨phcp¶Xmbpw ImWp¶nÃ.  Imemh[n Ahkm\n¡mdmb `cWkanXn AwK§Ä H¶mbn ]T\bm{Xsb¶ t]cn  ]cyS\w \S¯p¶Xv kwL§Ä¡v Aev]w t]mepw KpW{]Zambncn¡pIbnsöv am{XaÃ, kwL¯nsâ apX Zpcp]tbmKw sN¿pIIqSnbmbncn¡pw.  sNehn\v X¯peyamb KpWw kwL¯n\v kn²n¡p¶pt­m F¶ Imcyw ]et¸mgpw ]cnKWn¡p¶pt]mepanÃ.  Cu kmlNcy¯n C¡mcy¯n ASnb´ncambn Nne \nb{´W§Ä GÀs¸Sp¯ntb aXnbmhq F¶v t_m²yambncn¡p¶p.  Cu hnjb¯nsâ \m\mhi§fpw ]cnKWn¨tijw Xmsg¸dbp¶ \nÀt±i§Ä \ÂIp¶p.

1.     klIcW{]kvYm\hpambn _ÔanÃm¯ kt½f\§Ä¡v kwL§Ä bmsXmcp ImcWhimepw kwL¯nsâ sNehn {]Xn\n[nIsf Ab¡cpXv.

2.     {]mYanI klIcWkwL§Ä hntZi cmPy§fnte¡v {]Xn\n[nItftbm ]T\kwLt¯tbm Ab¡phm³ ]mSnÃm¯XmWv.

3.     {]Xn\n[nIsf/]T\kwLs¯  Abt¡­nhcpt¼mÄ Ignbp¶Xpw Hcmfn IqSm³ ]mSnÃm¯XmWv. bmsXmcp ImcWhimepw aq¶n IqSpX {]Xn\n[nIsf Hcp kwLhpw Ab¡phm³ ]mSnÃm¯XmWv

4.     kwkvYm\¯nsâ ]pd¯v {]Xn\n[nIsf Ab¡p¶Xn\v klIcW kwLw cPnkv{SmdptStbm _Ôs¸« tPmbnâv cPnkv{SmdptStbm ap³Iq«nbpff A\phmZw hm§nbncnt¡­XmWv.

5.     ]T\bm{XIÄ¡mbn kµÀi\w \S¯p¶Xv klIcWhpambn _Ôs¸« kvYm]\§fn am{Xambncn¡Ww.  ap³IqÀ ]cn]mSn X¿mdm¡n kµÀin¡phm³ Dt±in¡p¶ kvYm]\§sf Bhiyapff{X t\cs¯ Adnbn¨ncnt¡­XmWv.

6.     kwkvYm\¯n\v ]pd¯vh¨p \S¡p¶ kt½f\§fnepw ]T\bm{XIfnepw ]s¦Sp¡p¶  {]Xn\n[nIÄ kt½f\w/]T\w Ignªp aS§nsb¯nbmepSs\ Xs¶ kt½f\s¯/]T\s¯¸än hniZamb Hcp dnt¸À«v X¿mdm¡n I½nän ap¼msI kaÀ¸nt¡­XmWv.hntZi cmPy§fn t]mIp¶ {]Xn\n[nIÄ kaÀ¸n¡p¶ dnt¸mÀ«nsâ Hcp {]Xn klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ¡pw _Ôs¸« kwLw hgn kaÀ¸nt¡­XmWv.

FÃm kwL§fpw Cu \nÀt±i§Ä IrXyambpw ]men¨ncnt¡­XmWv Cu \nÀt±i§Ä FÃm kwL§fpsSbpw {i²bn sIm­phtc­Xpw \nÀt±i§Ä IÀi\ambn ]men¡p¶pt­msb¶p Dd¸phcpt¯­XpamWv

sI. Fw. _meIrjvW³

klIcWkwLw cPnkv{SmÀ

No. E M (1).1062/82.          

Office of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies



The Registrar of Co-operative Societies,



All Joint Registrars of Co-op.Societies.


Sub:   Qualification under Rule 186- promotion to the posts carrying scale of pay Rs. 250/- and above as per the revision of Pay Scales-clarification issued.

The scales of pay of various categories of posts in Appendix III to KCS Rules 1969 have been revised as per different executive orders of Government in respect of certain categories of Co-op. Institutions such as Kerala State Co-op. Bank, Kerala Co-op. Central Land Mortgage Bank, Central Co-op. Banks, Primary Land Mortgage Banks and Primary Agricultural Credit Societies etc.  The different Govt. orders as per which the scale of pay have been thus revised have no effect of amending the relevant rules (appendix III to KCS Rules).  Steps are being taken to get the rules suitably amended.

It is therefore clarified that, pending amendment of the Rules, the qualification under Rules 186 of K.C.S. Rules for different categories of posts, have to be decided based on the pre-revision scales of pay which is prescribed in appendix III to the KCS Rules 1969.


For Registrar of Co-operative Societies

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