Thursday, 23 December, 2010

Definitions of Co-operation

Co-operation is one way of conducting certain parts of the ordinary business of life.
Co-operation is an association for the purpose of joint trading, originating among the weak and conducted always in an unselfish spirit on such terms that all who are prepared to assume the duties of membership may share its rewards in proportion to the degree in which they make use of the association.
De Soyza
Co-operation is a very adaptable instrument  - and it is the one economic method that applies in all circumstances.
Dr. K.N. Katju
Co-operation is self help as well as mutual help. It is a joint enterprise of those who are not financially strong and cannot stand on their legs and, therefore, come together not with a view to getting profits but to overcome disability arising out of want of adequate financial resources and thus better their economic condition.
Co-operation is a form of organization in which persons voluntarily associate together as human beings on the basis of equality for the promotion of the economic interests of themselves.
Maclagan Committee

The theory of Co-operation is, very briefly, that an isolated and powerless man can, by association with others and by moral development and mutual support, obtain, in his degree, the material advantage available to the wealthy and powerful persons, and thereby develop himself to the fullest extent of his natural abilities.

self-reliance is fostered, and it is from the interaction of these influences that it is hoped to attain the effective realization of the higher and more prosperous standard of life which has been characterized as “better business, better farming and better living.”
Mr. M.T. Herrick
Co-operation is the Act of persons, voluntarily united, utilizing  reciprocally their own forces, resources or both under their arrangement to their common profit or loss.
Co-operation is a system where people work one for all and all for one.
Sir Horace Plunkett
Co-operation is “better farming, better business and better living
Sir M.L. Darling
Co-operation is morality applied to business.
Co-operation is something more than a system. It is a religion applied to business. It is a gospel of self-sufficiency and service.
Vaikunt Lal Mehta
Co-operation is only one aspect of a vast movement which promotes voluntary associations of individuals having common needs who combine towards the achievement of common economic needs.


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